PokerStars release updated version of Jackpot Poker on Steam

Poker Stars have released a new game on the popular online gaming platform Steam, which gives gamers the ability to play a selection of games casino games on desktop.

Jackpot Poker was released on steam March 20 to mixed reviews from players, gambling zines and online casino websites alike. Gamers complained of a few technical problems like crashes and glitches during gameplay

PokerStars have now updated the software for their free-to-play poker game which they say will fix any problems that players have been experiencing.

A representative for PokerStars and Steam Portal announced that anyone who experienced difficulties playing the new game should try out the newly rejigged software to experience glitch-free gameplay.

Jackpot Poker

Jackpot Poker gives players the option to compete in Omaha gaming or hold’em or with multi-player and single-player modes. The game is available 12 languages and can be played free. But players also have the option to build their bankroll or purchase chips in-game, much like social casinos.

Since Jackpot Poker was launched by PokerStars on March 20th, criticisms have been aimed at their decision to launch it on a PC environment using a mobile port. According to reports from CalvinAyre, the touch-screen capabilities don’t fully translate to PC.

Players can also enjoy popular offerings like Spin & Go and casino-style slot gaming, via the Steam platform. PokerStars decision to launch games on Steam has been called into question as they already have an established, glitch-free site offering the same games for free.

At Minimum Deposit casinos we believe the decision might have something to do with the 125 million audience that Steam targets. Reaching this many active users on the steam Platform could grow Poker Stars user base buy a staggering 40%

Whether the improvements made to PokerStar Games offered on the Steam Platform impresses users, remains to be seen.