No Deposit Free Spins and New Laws in the UK


Today, more players than ever before are logging into online casinos to play everything from blackjack and poker to the most exciting online progressive slots. But, all that could change as new UK regulations could potentially stifle millions of players from a much-loved past time. The convenience of online casino games from home or via a mobile device might also not be so convenient as the government makes moves to clamp down. And now, regulations are being put in place with regards to no deposit free spins.

No Deposit Free Spins – Regulation Far-Fetched or Necessary?

New regulations on advertising for casino operators now has UK players up in arms. Once, no deposit online casino offers where the hottest thing. But, the new regulations stipulate that online casinos are no longer permitted to promote any slot machines as offering free spins.
It used to be that no deposit free spins allowed players the chance to try out a casino before depositing real money. The latest advertising crackdown has gotten many players riled up with the decision, especially as the feel they can’t try a casino before signing up.
The new regulations have been imposed in an attempt to stop online casino operators targeting vulnerable players. The law to protect such players has seen many crying foul over the impact of the regulations. In fact, the new rules are affecting UK player’s opportunity to enjoy free spins and try out slot games without spending their own Sterling. Now, casinos are using different terms in the advertising and marketing efforts, such as “bonus spins.”

Are We Headed the Same Way as Australia?

Recently, the country down under was hit with a curveball. Australia’s bustling online casino and poker community no longer exists since the government imposed laws forbidding Aussies to enjoy online casino gaming. And Australia isn’t the only country affected by such bans. German and French citizens are also prohibited from online casino gaming.

Bye-Bye to Freedom?

So, where will it all end? As the noose continues to tight on the UK’s casino industry, players and operators alike are fighting for the right to host and play casinos. The bigger operators have already been hit the hardest with the threat of hefty fines for advertising no deposit free spins.
Many players prefer to test a casino operator first with free spins so that they don’t have to put down their own money on a slot. Some even win on the free spins. But, all that is no more.
Most people who play online casino games do it for fun, with many citing that problem gamblers will still find a way to play and it shouldn’t affect other’s ability to enjoy their favourite casino games.
The future of online casinos remains unpredictable, with what seems like more regulations being imposed on players and operators. Watch this space to see what comes next.

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