Are Online Casino Games Safer Than Their Land-Based Cousins?

Since the introduction of online casino games, gaming experts have been at odds over whether it is safer to play online or at land-based casinos. Naturally, fans of land-based casinos have tried to convince players that online operations do everything in the book to cheat players out of their money. But, that is just a bizarre accusation when we look at how online casinos actually operate and just how regulated they are.

To prove a point, let’s look at a few reasons why online casinos are a safer gaming environment for avid players.

ID Checks for Online Casino Gaming

All casinos – whether they’re online or on land have to be careful of underage players. In brick-and-mortar casinos, players only have to show one form of ID unless they hit a big jackpot. Often, they’re not asked to prove anything before sitting down at a table or pulling that one-arm-bandit. Online, however, players must provide documents to prove their age, their ID and may even have to issue a utility bill to confirm their residence. Any attempt to withdraw winnings also required additional forms of ID.

Self-Exclusion Options

Problem players need to protect themselves from themselves. In physical casinos, it’s almost impossible for staff to pick out players who have been asked to be excluded from the establishment. What’s more, an exclusion agreement with a land-based casino only applies to that casino. Online, players may ask to be self-excluded from a site on a permanent basis. That exclusion is then enforced across all casinos in the same jurisdiction.

Controlling Gaming Behaviour

In a brick-and-mortar casino, players are hardly ever asked to provide proof of ID. He or she can just sit down in front of a table or slot, order alcohol and start playing. If a player runs out of money, they simply head off to the nearest ATM to draw more. At home, though, you do have easy access to online casino sites, but they are heavily regulated. The wagering and deposit limits are far more stringent, and the operators put a lot of effort into making sure players don’t fall into traits that are common amongst problem players.

Game Information

Most physical casinos prefer not to share game odds with players. When a player sits down at a table or steps up to a slot machine, they have no idea what their chances are of winning. Online casinos are just the opposite. They give you a Return to Player percentage with every game summary.

Looking at the above four points, it’s easy to see that online casinos have a great deal of safeguards in place to protect their players. They also use the latest and greatest technology to ensure all your personal information and banking data are safe, so you can carry on playing with complete peace of mind.

Remember to always play at reputable online casinos that offer self-exclusion periods, flexible and varied banking options and are regulated by a known body.

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