Tried, tested and Trustworthy Kiwi $1 Minimum Deposit Casinos

Going out to the casino can be a fantastic way to spend an evening. Not only is one of the best places to spend some time with your friends, but it’s one of the few places where you can make money whilst enjoying yourself.

When you think of a grown-ups night out, many will think of the casino.

However, there are times when going to a casino isn’t an option. This could be that you simply don’t want to. You don’t feel like getting all dressed up and going out to a casino, you just want to spend an evening inside, but you still want to play all of the games.

There will be other times when you do want to go to a casino, but you can’t. Perhaps because there’s a global lockdown which is preventing you from going outside. Or maybe you live somewhere remote where there are no casinos close by.

Whatever your reason, if you want to play casino games without having to go to one, you can use an online casino.

The one slight issue with most of the online casinos is that there is a minimum deposit that you need to pay. This is usually around $10. This might be ideal for people who plan on taking significant risks. Still, for those of us who just want to have fun with a few dollars, we need something with a lower minimum deposit.

The three casinos we’ll be looking at today have a $1 minimum deposit. This is going to be ideal for people who wish to gamble but prefer to be a little more conscious about how much money they’re spending in one go. Each of these online casinos will have their own little quirks and their own things that separate them from the rest. But what each will have in common is that you can play from as little as $1.


1xSlots is the first on the list.

When it comes to casino themes, two themes which have proved to be popular in modern times are modern and edgy. 1XSlots manages to combine these two themes in a way which has not been seen before.

It gives you the impression that it’s clearly with the times, but also a bit unconventional.

To play, you will need to make your $1 minimum deposit. This can be paid using a bank card, cryptocurrency, vouchers, or even a prepaid card. Paying with a prepaid card might be ideal for people who are worried about overspending.

At 1xSlots, you get not one but three welcome bonuses. It’s not just your first deposit that you get freebies on, but the next two afterwards too.

Your welcome bonus is a 100% deposit match up to $300 plus 30 free spins on certain games. After your second deposit, they will match it 50% up to $350 plus 35 free spins. And finally, on your third deposit, there will be a 25% deposit match up to $400 plus 40 free spins.

You could say that they don’t just have a “welcome bonus”, they have a “welcome, welcome, welcome bonus”.

The other bonuses they offer may require a unique code. These can be found on a variety of different websites. Each code will give you a different bonus, so that could be free spins, matched deposit, or increased winnings.

As you can probably guess from the name, 1xSlots focuses on slot games. These are the kinds of games that don’t require much skill or knowledge, all you need to do is push a button and hope for the best. These types of games are suitable for people who don’t know too much about table games.


BitStarz likes to present itself as a Bitcoin-friendly online casino. And if you’re into Bitcoin, I would certainly recommend it.

But even if you would rather play with NZD, you can still play on their games with as little as $1. By accommodating both dollars and bitcoin, BitStarz has allowed themselves to be open to a broader market.

Playing in this casino makes you feel like you’ve stepped into the future with their modern design and easy to use the website. Such an arrangement makes it great for the younger gamblers.

If you wish to play on any of their games, you can put down as little as $1. This would be ideal for people who don’t plan on spending a lot of money, but just wish to kill a few hours at the weekend. However, if you want to receive the welcome bonus, you will need to deposit at least $20.

The payment options at BitStarz are what you would probably expect. Debit/Credit Card, PayPal or bank transfer. Most people who are old enough to gamble are going to have one of these options available to play with.

Unlike the previous 1xSlots, at BitStarz, there are 4 welcome bonuses instead of just three. You could call it a “welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome bonus”.

On the first deposit, they will match it 100%, up to $400 and give you 180 free spins. With the second deposit, it will be a 50% match up to $400. The third one is the same, 50% match up to $400. And the third one is a 100% match up to $400.

  • As well as their welcome bonuses, they also have the following promotions.
  • Pirate Gold: Level Up Adventure- A slot game that allows you to move up in levels, winning each money with each level.
  • Welcome, Freeroll. A lottery type concept where newbies can win by just playing
  • Last Man Standing. Spend $20 on the same slot every day until you’re the last one doing so.
  • Other promotions of theirs include Table Wars, Slot Wars, Reload Monday, and Wednesday Free Spins.

King Billy

Fantasy games are always a brilliant way to kill a bit of extra time. But what if I told you that you no longer need to choose between playing a fantasy game and playing a casino game. Thanks to King Billy, you can win money on the slot machines whilst it feels like you’re just playing a video game.

Despite being so fun, King Billy also has an incredibly professional look to it. And you can always be sure you’re in safe hands.

To play at this casino, you won’t need to deposit more than $1 and there’s plenty of payment options to choose from. You can pay with a card, e-wallet, or even crypto-currency. Just pay with whatever method works best for you.

Upon signing up, you’ll be given a welcome bonus of a 100% match, up to $200, and 200 free spins!

At your second deposit, they’ll match it by 50%, and the third and fourth deposit will be matched by 25%.

After signing up, there are also plenty of brilliant deals for you to take part in. As the name will suggest the “deal of the month” changes every month. But at the moment, the deal is that when you pay $20 on certain games, you get 61 free spins.

So if you enjoy playing casino games that feel like fantasy games on a safe platform, all you need is $1 to play on King Billy

Casino Z

Casino Z is the final one on our list today.

The best way to describe their vibe is “does the job”. For some, this might make them come across as uninteresting, whereas for others, it could be seen that they don’t pretend to be something they are not. I respect that this kind of style might not appeal to everyone. But there is undoubtedly a gap in the market for them.

They have standard payment methods, Cards, PayPal, Bank Transfer. But they also give you the option of paying with Apple Pay. This could work well for people who like to make payments quick and simple.

Much like 1xSlots, they have a “welcome, welcome, welcome bonus” as opposed to just a welcome bonus. Although you can play with only $1, if you want to get the welcome bonus, you will need to deposit at least $10.

The first deposit will be matched 100%, up to $300 as well as giving you 30 free spins. The second one will be matched 50% up to $350 with 35 free spins. And the third deposit will be matched 25%, up to $400 and give you 40 free spins.

But they also have a lovely selection of bonuses for their long term customers, rather than just the new ones.

Every 10th deposit you put down will give you a 50% deposit match, and a 35x wager. You will also be given bonuses if you have a losing streak, and you can also sign up for their “VIP Cashback scheme”.

Their “losing streak bonus” is a work of genius in my view as it prevents people from wanting to leave just because they’re not doing so well.