online casinos and Facial recognition

Facial recognition software and the gambling industry

The world is becoming increasingly tech-driven, with security systems and facial recognition software becoming ever-more present. From ring cameras at your door, to security cameras at every street corner, to facial recognition technology at pop concerts, it’s becoming pervasive, and some may say, invasive. But what if facial recognition could be used to benefit people, instead? That’s the route the online casinos industry is taking – with certain land-based casinos in New Zealand making use of this technology, the benefits of which we’ll outline shortly.

But while it may be a relatively common practice in certain land-based casinos such as Sky City Casino, it’s not necessarily the norm at online casinos, with many theorizing that this hesitancy of adoption in the online realm is to cater to the nature of online play. Online gamblers enjoy the privacy that is awarded to them when it comes to playing online, and facial recognition technology may be seen as a breach to this privacy. But is it truly a privacy breach, and can online casinos in NZ benefit from this tech when it comes to protecting their players funds and avoiding fraudulent transactions? Let’s explore further.

Benefits of Facial recognition Software being used at casinos

There are certainly advantages to casinos implementing facial recognition software. It can be used to identify players who may suffer from a gambling addiction, prevent them from accessing the casino, and could potentially provide an avenue of assistance to these players should they request it.

It also adds a layer of protection. If a player’s casino account details were hacked, facial recognition technology would prevent any fraudulent transactions from taking place as their funds would not be able to be withdrawn without a successful completion of the facial recognition process. This is a huge win in the argument of whether or not this type of technology should be implemented – as one of the most crucial elements of any online transaction, gambling included, is security.

Will this software impact your privacy?

There are, of course, concerns around the implementation of facial recognition technology. While it will hopefully never get to the level that we see in action movies where the bad guy gouges out someone’s eye to use it to gain access to a super-protected vault, or a Mission Impossible-esque situation where a secret agents wears a mask to gain entry to top-security places (crazier things have happened!). But it does pose the risk of someone with similar facial features erroneously being granted access – which could pose a massive privacy and security risk if the person accessing your data has nefarious intentions. Additionally, many people are not comfortable with the idea of their faces being recorded and stored on a database, without knowing exactly how that data may be used in the future.

How this software could be used at online casinos in the future

Facial recognition software is very likely going to be implemented into the online casino realm in the future, with casinos using their downloadable apps to require facial sign in from registered users. Mobile apps currently have the features required to capture faces (just think about those Snapchat and Instagram filters), and the adoption of this technology will see a revolution in how we use our phones not just in the online casino space, but everywhere. This biometric technology is already available on mobile devices, and will certainly be used in mobile casino apps that are considering this method.

The implementation of facial recognition software at Sky City Casinos

Sky City Casino is one of the early adopters when it comes to implementing facial recognition at their land-based casinos in New Zealand. This software has made the real-world experience of their casino product easier, seamless, and safer. Fewer touchpoints and human interaction, and greater protection against fraud and theft, are just some of the driving factors behind their decision to use this software. But if you’d prefer a more private experience and are not fully sold on the idea just yet, you are able to play at Sky City Casino online, in full privacy. When you play online, you will not be required to scan your face to access the casino, and will be able to play at your leisure, from wherever you are. Even better, you’ll be able to claim their welcome bonus of a 100% match and 10 free spins every day for the first 7 days after sign up, something that is not available to you at their land-based counterpart. There are also a range of thrilling online games to indulge in, including video slots, table games, progressive jackpots and esport titles. For more on the particulars of this online casino, and to explore the benefits that you can expect when you sign up, read this Sky City Casino Review.

Summary of facial recognition software at online casinos

The implementation of facial recognition technology is still a contentious topic. There are pros and cons to this software, with the advantages being increased safety measures that ensure the protection of both the player and the casino, as well as the ability to quickly identify and prevent a problem gambler from accessing the casino. Of course, with any collection of data, there are always concerns around how this technology will be used in the future, and the tech is not always perfect, either – someone with similar features may be able to access your account, for example.

Frequently Asked Questions

Facial recognition software is a technology that identifies and verifies users by measuring facial features against its existing database of users.
This technology is still relatively new in the online casino sphere, and has not seen the same level of adoption as land-based casinos have. However, there appears to be a drive towards implementing this technology due to the security advantages, with PokerStars using facial recognition tech through its mobile app as an added layer of security for its players.
Yes, online casinos in NZ are safe, and they offer the same level of privacy that any reputable online casino would. If you are playing at a licensed and accredited online casino in New Zealand, you know that your personal and financial information is in good hands.
Right here on the Minimum Deposit Casinos site! We’ve made sure to include a list of the best online casinos that offer you incredible bonuses, immersive casino games, and excellent customer support.
 Yes, Sky City Casino is legit. They’re fully licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, which cements their status as a valid casino that adheres to strict and safe gaming practices.

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