Use Bitcoin casino deposits now

Why now is the best time to get into playing with Bitcoin

Today, bitcoin is over a decade old, and regardless of the recent tides, the virtual payment option remains a global sensation. Many industries are reaping the rewards of adopting the coin, and online casinos are not left out. Anyone looking for fiat currency alternatives cannot overlook the ease and reach of BTC.

Several online gaming sites have stepped up to become Bitcoin casinos, bringing the perks of the coin to players. Punters with the virtual currency can place wagers on their favourite games and even sports. They no longer have to turn to fiat options when playing in an online casino.

Playing with Bitcoin on online gaming sites brings many benefits and will only get better. While ease is one of them, the gameplay and bets become less demanding with the coin. We will look at how much value Bitcoin casinos offer and the trend we will see going forward.

Bitcoin has become cheaper in these recent weeks

A while back, few firms had the structure and resources to make Bitcoin transfers. As a result, we witnessed higher transaction fees as crypto continued its bullish run in the market. You might wonder what has changed in that regard since then.

As more and more firms enter the crypto space, the transaction fees for moving Bitcoin around are at an all-time low. Also, getting your first BTCs is easier now than ever before. There is no reason to face the hassles of fiat payments when you can game in the comfort of Blockchain technology.

Bitcoin casinos do not have high entry fees as some might unknowingly perceive. Even as low as 0.0005BTC (an alternative to $/€10) can get you started in some online casinos. There are several ways to get the crypto safely into your wallet without breaking a sweat.

A look into the crypto market will reveal a downward trend for Bitcoin. At this moment, the coin is cheaper to get hold of than it was a month ago. This time might be the best to grab some BTCs for online gaming, coupled with the low transaction fees.

You can enjoy easy deposits and withdrawals from and to your crypto wallets, game at your leisure and win prizes. While you need fiat currencies to purchase the coin, many online casinos accept a direct transfer of BTCs.

What is holding you back from embracing this opportunity? While you don’t have to jump straight away into making a Bitcoin purchase, you shouldn’t let this opportunity slide by you. Asides from the convenience, security, and instant casino payouts, bet value has also dropped when playing with Bitcoin.

Coin Value has become cheaper when using bitcoin

Betting sites make their proceeds through the house edge they offer in casino games. Depending on your preferred game, these sites could go as high as 5% or even 10%. It is understandable as they have to incorporate all their expenses, including transaction fees, into the gameplay.

In situations like this, players place higher bets for substantial payouts. The evolution of Blockchain has led to a decentralized system. Bitcoin casinos have no control over the game and odds, and the cheap transaction fees bring a lower house edge.

The coin value in games is no longer on the high side, following the turn of events for Bitcoin. The lower prices of the crypto mean players can now enjoy cheaper bet values when gaming. Penny bettors can take advantage of this opportunity to stake on the pay lines of internet based slot machines.

The betting range is expanding, but it might not last long. While the recent weeks have seen Bitcoin becoming cheaper, the coming days might tell a different story. Hence, delay in a case like this could become unrewarding in the long run.

More Casinos are accepting bitcoin deposits

The use of cryptos is gaining ground, especially Bitcoin. This increase in adoption is due to several merits Blockchain has over the fiat system. On this account, players in online casinos are turning to Bitcoin deposits more than ever before.

The lure of instant payments is one many cannot overlook. Players want to get their funds into their accounts as quickly as possible. On the other hand, casinos race to provide a well-grounded structure to guarantee instant deposits.

Bitcoin came in as a solution to the downsides of fiat payments like intermediaries and long verification processes. These practices led to longer wait times before deposits landed in accounts. Online casinos and punters alike found an escape route with bitcoin deposits.

Today, online casinos that have not incorporated crypto payments into their system risk losing players. Although the games offered are exciting, the limitations of the traditional currencies will hold them back. Of course, no one wants to be the last in the cue.

Many online gaming sites adopt Blockchain payments to put themselves forward for crypto enthusiasts. As a result, punters can easily find a gaming site that supports Bitcoin with a few clicks. They can get started on their favourite games with a quick sign-up process and deposits.

In 2020, a blockchain analytics company, Chainalysis, numbered over seventy crypto casinos in the United States. We and many others expect this number to grow to the hundreds as the industry adds more Bitcoin games.

Different E wallets are beginning to support Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies

While online casinos are rolling out support for Bitcoin and other cryptos, e-wallets are not taking a back seat. Even PayPal casinos are pursuing advancements in their own platform to ensure they stay relevant in the blockchain culture. You have more options now than ever before.

Once focused on fiat transactions, e-wallets are now looking to reap the benefits of the booming Bitcoin gaming. Some even allow conversions between crypto and fiat currencies, while others focus solely on crypto. No matter your choice, you will still enjoy the blazing speed and security of Blockchain.

Popular e-wallets that allow BTC payments include Skrill, ecoPayz, and even PayPal. Yes, you can purchase four crypto coins on your PayPal app. Can this trend get any better?

You have the best of both worlds: enjoying the simplicity of making transactions on your mobile and the security of Blockchain. Make your deposits and withdrawals without hassles on e-wallets. Skip the bureaucracy of fiat transactions and get your funds to and from your accounts.

While some e-wallets allow bitcoin and fiat transactions, others only move BTCs and other cryptos. They could come in handy if you play bitcoin games on the Blockchain as they eliminate the conversion process.

While some online casinos may accept Bitcoin deposits, they will convert it to the primary currency. Now, you can see the crucial role e-wallets play in making these conversions swift and easy.

Summary of why you should play with Bitcoin

Do you want to stay with deposits and withdrawals in fiat currency, or are you ready to embrace Bitcoin? Now, the coin has become even cheaper to purchase into your account. You can enjoy lower and nearly neglectable transaction fees when you move your BTCs.

Online casinos have moved from only accepting Bitcoin deposits to BTC wagers, eliminating the need for conversions. Despite that, you can use hybrid e-wallets that accept bitcoin and fiat payments to get your coins moving.

Skrill and ecoPayz are some of the e-wallets accepting Bitcoin transactions. Even PayPal users can now enjoy the freedom and simplicity of BTC on the platform. Bitcoin casinos will continue to increase, and you will be doing yourself a favour by adopting the payment solution.

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