Cashback Bonus

Cashback Bonus

There’s no denying that cashback bonuses are one of the mostCashback Bonus appealing offers at any online casino. After all, bonuses are a way for online operators to thank you for playing at their site and being a loyal player when you reload funds and carry on playing.

Of course, these types of promotional offers come in an array of shapes and sizes depending on the casino, the software, the players and the make-up of the bonus.

One particularly attractive offer is the cashback bonus. They’re not particularly easy to find, but they’re certainly sought after by avid gamblers due to their lucrative nature.

A cashback bonus is exactly what its name says. The bonus gives you cashback. In other words, money is awarded back to you if you’ve lost during your online casino gambling session. The bonus is usually awarded in the form of credits or cash to play with at the casino. As for how much cash you get back, the percentage can vary, as can the time period in which you have to play with your funds.

A Closer Look at Online Casino Cashback Bonuses

In essence, the cashback system is a bonus available at online casinos. At land-based casinos, these rewards may come in the form of VIP services, comp points or even game clubs. Or, you might earn yourself a free room upgrade, goodies or meals as opposed to actual cash.

However, at online casinos, the cashback bonus differs from your typical welcome bonus in that the bonus is granted to the most loyal players. A cashback bonus is usually awarded once or twice a week or even every few weeks, paid out as cash into your real money player account.

On average, the amount of cashback you’ll get is a percentage of your losses, so it can differ greatly from one online casino to the next. To put things simply, if you spend a lot of money a month at your favourite online casino, you put yourself in a position to earn more cashback than your average player. The rage of casino cashback tends to extend anywhere from 5% up to 20%. So, the more money you play, the more cashback you might well receive.

Getting Your Hands on a Cashback Bonus

The way in which cashback works depends on the casino you play at, just as the way the amount you need to wager to be eligible for one, the amount can differ from one promotional period to the next. As a rule of thumb, you need to spend large sums of cash before you can claim a cashback bonus. What’s more, in some casinos a cashback programme is automatic, whereas at others you will need to ask the casino cashier for your cashback bonus.

A cashback bonus may be granted daily, weekly or monthly. Your favourite online casino may even make them valid only on specific days. Either way, once you have an understanding of how your casino’s cashback bonuses work, you can head over to the PC or mobile casino, enter a bonus code, if needed, and have fun getting your hands on the funds.

Cashback Bonus Wagering Requirements

Cashback bonuses are fantastic compensation for your online gambling losses. But there is another important characteristic that makes cashback bonuses so attractive, particularly for fans of online slots. That is, it’s pretty common for cashback bonuses not to have wagering requirements. So, taking advantage is a whole lot easier!

Qualifying for a Cashback Bonus at an Online Casino

If you take part in an online casino’s Loyalty or VIP programme, chances are you’re eligible for “real money” cashback bonuses. But, the most common types of online casino cashback bonuses, where bonus money is funded to your player account, can usually be claimed by any player who opts-in for the bonus. For example, there are some NetEnt casinos that have a standard cashback programme that they either run on a weekly or a monthly basis.

Know the Cashback Bonus Rules

When claiming any kind of online casino bonus, reading the terms and conditions is important. Carefully read the amount you need to wager to be eligible for a bonus (often there are no wagering requirements for cashback bonuses, but always double-check). Also, make sure you know which games count towards the cashback offers. For example, it’s common for blackjack not to be one of them!

What’s more, you should find out if there is a cap on the offer. You’ll usually find all this information under the terms and conditions since each casino has its own sets of rules. Some casinos, for example, place the cap as low as $100 per month, yet there are other online casinos that allow you to make more money through their cashback bonus.

Another way of earning cashback bonuses is through a rebate programme, usually offered to a casino’s most elite gamblers who are required to always have a certain amount of money in their accounts in order to earn the bonus. The only way you’ll find any of these things out is by reading the terms and conditions. It’s a tedious task, we know, but it can save you time, money and hassle!

Before you accept any cashback bonus at an online casino or sign up to be part of the site’s reward system for cashback, make sure the promotion will indeed benefit you or that it won’t affect your eligibility for other online casino bonuses.

It’s worth keeping in mind that you may need to play a lot, and possibly lose a fair amount of cash, in order to cash in on a cashback bonus. If you don’t plan on re-depositing too often, it’s actually the ideal offer as it can help expand your bankroll while you carry on having fun on the slots or the tables.

Also, ensure that you get your cashback often. Some casinos only often such bonuses on a one-time basis, but others offer them every couple of weeks or months. The trick, really, is to go for what feels best for you and your gaming needs.

Think of cashback bonuses as a reward for the cash you spend at your favourite casino. It’s a great way to recover from losses and helps keep your bankroll afloat. But, they’re also not the be-all and end-all when it comes to picking an online casino to play at.

Picking the Right Cashback Deal for You

Online casinos have all kinds of rules and regulations when it comes to governing cashback payments. That’s why it’s always a good idea to do your homework and shop around before taking the first juicy offer you come across. Our detailed online casino reviews are a great place to start!

There are a few common things you ought to look for when it comes to evaluating a casino’s cashback deals, such as:

How often does the casino pay the cashback bonus?

Some online casinos pay their cashback bonuses on a daily schedule, based on the day before’s play. Others do so monthly or even weekly. So, if you like to have a daily dose of online gambling time, a daily cashback is probably your best bet. But, if you’re more of a weekend dabbler, then a weekly deal will be good enough for your bankroll and gaming needs.

What are the wagering requirements?

Unlike just about all kinds of percentage match bonuses, the best cashback bonuses either have none or very minimal, wagering requirements. This means you can withdraw the cash without having to play any more if you don’t feel like it, or you can just “free-roll” without being locked in if you are lucky enough to hit a big win.

Does the cashback have any limits?

Some online casinos offer a rather high percentage cashback, even as much as 100%, but then limit just how much you can claim to as little as, perhaps, €20. Alternatively, you can indeed find low percentage deals with either no limits or higher limits attached that can seriously boost your payback percentage.

Is the cashback bonus a permanent fixture at your favourite online casino?

Some online casinos have gone the extra mile by integrating the cashback feature as something that’s central to their site. Others, though, have opted to make it available for just a few days a month. Also, remember to watch out for the games to which the cashback bonus applies. If you’re just after a regular cashback bonus, it’s better to steer clear of temporary programs and online casinos that only offer cashback bonuses a few times a year. It all comes down to carefully going over the terms and conditions and remember, if you’re unsure of anything, you can always reach out to the casino’s customer service agents.

Is there anything else to look out for?

We’ve come across cashback deals where the online casino will only pay if you’ve lost your entire deposit. For instance, if you deposited €300 and withdrew €150, you won’t be paid cashback on the €150 you lost. As always, make sure you are familiar with the terms and conditions, so you don’t encounter unpleasant surprises!

It Really Does Pay to Play at Cashback Casinos!

All in all, cashback bonus programmes are a fantastic way for you to recover at least a percentage of your losses. Use them properly, and they can really boost your bankroll, or at the very least, cushion it from devastating losses. A cashback bonus can also give you more incentive to play your favourite casino games more often.

Check out our online casino reviews to find the perfect cashback casino for your gaming needs.

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