How to Write into Chumba Casino’s Sweepstakes Department for Free SC

This guide aims to provide a step-by-step walkthrough for those wanting to write to Chumba Casino’s Sweepstakes Department to earn free SC. From understanding the basics to addressing common queries, we have got you covered.

Mail in to Chumba Casino

The Basics of Writing In

Chumba Sweepstakes Casino is currently available in 49 States in the US and Canada. Moreover, the casino allows you to play using two virtual currencies – Gold Coins and Sweeps Coins. Gold Coins are for playing for fun, while Sweeps Coins can be redeemed for gift cards and cash prizes. Whether you are from the US or Canada, you can request free Sweepstakes Coins by mail, wager them at least once, and redeem them for cash.

However, the process of requesting free SC by mail is very sensitive. In other words, you need to pay attention to details when writing in, as any single mistake could result in the rejection of your request. The email address, full name, postal code, and the format must be correct. The materials used to write in must also be the ones prescribed by the casino.

Chumba Casino ss1

Essential Materials and Preparation

Before you request free Sweepstakes Coins (SC) by mail, you need to create an account with Chumba Sweepstakes Casino. Once you open an account, you can procure the following essential materials:

  • 4x6in notecards – The first item you need to have is 4×6 in notecards, which must be unlined, unfolded, blank, and plain white. These notecards are readily available in most retail stores, including Walmart. You can also buy as many as you can, depending on the number of requests you want to send.
  • 10 envelopes – You will also need to procure #10 envelopes with no security window. The envelopes must be blank and with seals.
  • Stamps – Every envelope must be stamped, meaning you will need to purchase one. Some stamps are expensive, but you can source a cheaper one from online stores.
  • Pens – All request cards must be handwritten. To this end, you will need to have blue or black pens.

Crafting your Entry

At this point, you have all the materials ready. You can now begin crafting your entry using the following simple steps:

Step 1:

To begin, you need to take a notecard and pen and write the following:

  • Unique postal request code – This is a 12digit code that you generate from your Chumba Casino account. Every notecard should have a unique postal code.
  • Full name
  • Email address similar to the one registered with your Chumba Casino account
  • Your return address – This should be similar to the one listed on your driver’s license.

The above information should go into the top-left corner of the notecard. Below this information, you should write the following phrase:

“I wish to receive SC Coins to participate in the sweepstakes promotions offered by Chumba Casino. By submitting this request, I hereby declare that I have read, understood, and agree to be bound by Chumba Casino’s Terms and Conditions and Sweep rules.”

The above phrase should be written exactly the way it is. Don’t make simple spelling mistakes such as writing “recieve” instead of ‘receive’. You should also avoid cursive writing or a style of writing where letters in a word are connected. And finally, your handwriting should be legible so that the Chumba Casino’s sweepstakes department can have an easy time reading.

Step 2:

Now that the notecard is ready, you can move to the envelope. Take an envelope and write your address in the top-right corner. This address should be similar to the one you wrote in the notecard. After that, write the following address in the middle of the envelope.

  • VGW Games Limited
  • Chumba Casino Sweepstakes Department
  • Po Box: #8486
  • Portsmouth, NH 03801

The above address is for social casino players residing in the US. If you are from Canada, you should write the following:

  • VGW Games Limited
  • Chumba Casino Sweepstakes Department
  • Po Box: #990
  • 135 West Beaver Creek Road
  • Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 4R7

Once you have written the address, you can head to the bottom-left corner of the envelope and write the phrase “Sweepstakes Credits.” One important thing you need to note is that Chumba Casino is very specific about this. If you write Sweepstake Credits or Sweepstakes Credit, your request will be rejected. The last thing you need to do is to head to the top-right corner of the envelope and put the stamp there. Don’t put the stamp on the left side or in the middle of the envelope.

Step 3:

Both the request card and the envelope are ready. It is now the time to place the request card inside the envelope and seal it. Be sure to seal the envelope correctly to avoid losing the request card along the way.

Step 4:

You can now send the envelope to the Chumba Casino Sweepstakes Department and wait for your free Sweepstakes Coins.

Common Questions Answered

Where do I get the 12-digit code to write on the index card?

Every card must have a unique 12 digit code, and you must generate it from your Chumba Casino account. If you use codes generated from other accounts, your request will be rejected.

Eligibility for Canadian residents

Canadian residents can request free Sweeps Coins the same way as US players. However, the address for Canadians is different and includes the following:

  • VGW Games Limited
  • Chumba Casino Sweepstakes Department
  • Po Box: #990
  • 135 West Beaver Creek Road
  • Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 4R7

How do I format my Address?

Your address should be the same as the one listed on your driver’s license. For example, if your driver’s license reads 4534 Forest Rd Arizona, AZ 45346, the format should be 4534 Forest Rd Arizona, AZ 45346.

How do I correct mistakes in the request card?

Chumba Casino doesn’t accept request cards with mistakes. So, if you misspell any word, you must correct it using a white-out.

Can I put more than one request card in one envelope?

No. Chumba Casino requires you to send one request card per envelope.

How do I track my sent envelopes and received credits?

The best way to track your credited envelopes is to have a note app where you will record the number of envelopes sent and the number of credits received.

What is the best way to roll over my free Sweeps Coins?

The best way to use your SC is to play two blackjack hands with the help of the blackjack chart.

Additional Tips and Tricks

Chumba Casino Tips

The process of writing to Chumba Sweepstakes casino is simple but very sensitive. To make sure your request cards don’t end up in the trash, you need to pay attention to every detail. You also need to stay organized to make sure you don’t mess-up. For instance, you can keep your unused codes in a spreadsheet and use them later. Moreover, you can track your sent envelopes and received Sweep Coins with the help of a note app.

Patience is also key. It can take 6-8 weeks for Chumba Casino to receive your requests. But you don’t have to wait this long to receive your free Sweeps Coins. You can send more requests until you reach a point where you will receive SC every two weeks. As of now, the casino is dropping credits once or twice every two weeks.

Other Ways to Get Free Sweep SC Coins

Apart from claiming free Sweepstakes Coins by mail, Chumba Casino has other ways that you can use to get sweepstakes coins. The most popular one is through purchasing more Gold Coins. Every time you purchase Gold Coins, your account will be credited with free Sweeps Coins. The casino will also give you free SC when you log in to your account daily. To make sure you don’t miss out on any free SC, you need to check the ongoing promotions from time to time.


Claiming free Sweepstakes Coins by mail is indeed one of the easiest ways to earn extra Sweepstakes Coins at Chumba Casino. However, you need to follow guidelines meticulously to maximize your chances of earning free SC. Any single mistake you make in the notecard or envelope could lead to the rejection of your request. That said, you can share your experiences or any additional tips you might have. You can join Chumba Casino today for a chance to win amazing cash prizes and gift cards. And if you have questions or clarifications, don’t hesitate to reach out.