Top Online Casino Trends 2017

The best Online Casino TechnologyConstant, fast-paced development of modern technology over the last decade have advanced online gaming exponentially.

Advances in hardware, 3D graphics, live streaming, HTML5, and more all make possible a smooth, fun, and interactive online gaming experience.

We’ve listed some of the best developments that are set to be huge in 2017 in the online casino industry.


Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Encryption Technology has added safety and protection to online financial transactions. It establishes a link between the web server and browser which encrypts information making it theoretically impossible to hack. This technology has turned online casinos gambling on its head. Playing online casino is no longer the slightly sketchy practice it used to be. It’s much more safe and secure to share your banking details with reputable online casinos.

But why is 2017 the Year of HTTPS and SSL? Both these technologies have been around a couple of years. And many online casinos already employ these technologies, or at least they say they do. However, in 2016 Google announced that they would begin displaying the security of a connection in the address bar of Chrome version 56 and up. Specifically on pages that display a password and/or a credit card field from January 2017 onwards.


Despite the advancement of SSL technology provides, some casino players still don’t want to share their identity or account details with online casinos. Enter Bitcoin and it’s going mainstream. There’s even a new Bitcoin café in Prague.

The cryptocurrency has been around a while, but the revolution in online payments methods is finally gaining traction. The online currency has no central controller and is not affiliated with any country. It only has the value that users attribute to it. Many online casinos accept Bitcoin and more casinos will undoubtedly follow. It’s the only option if you want to pay online completely anonymously.

Mobile Casino and Apps

Originally, the HTML5 gaming platform was introduced to offer mobile gaming compatible with iPhones and iPads. It’s used in the same way Flash is used for PCs and other mobile devices. Apple users found it difficult to get mobile casino apps compatible with their devices before the advent of HTML5 technology.

However, there’s been a shift away from Flash technology towards using HTML5 technology that’s compatible with every single mobile platform.

Mobile devices are fast replacing any other type of device for casino players and HTML5 technology has the highest quality gameplay and graphics for mobile devices right now.

Virtual Reality

We know that virtual reality will be massive. Big tech names like Sony, Playstation, Oculus, Google, and hundreds more are putting millions into developing virtual reality products

Virtual reality will have a huge impact on online casinos, making them a much more interactive environment. Live Dealer Games have already proved extremely popular and are changing the face of online casino gaming.