The software that casinos use is one of the most important factors in there success. In the past twenty years, online casino software has reached a level of sophistication that lends players practically authentic casino experiences. Great software and gameplay has made casino a multi-million dollar industry that encourages players to spend huge amounts of money. But you no longer have to spend big to play high tech games and win real money. You can access fantastic game software at minimum deposit casinos.

There are about three top-tier, international gaming brands who take the lead in the casino industry. There are also about four more second-level software brands who are steadily closing the gap between tier one and tier two. If you’re a new casino player you’ll start to hear names like, Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt and possibly Betsoft, RTG and Aristocrats. All the most reputable casinos will use these providers to run their games. And you can access these fantastic games and win real money without breaking the bank-online casinos are starting to see the value in letting people make minimum deposits.We’ll tell you a little more about four of the most famous software brands below and we’ll also explain why casino software is pivotal to your ultimate online casino experience.


Microgaming’s position as a trailblazer in game development was cemented when they first introduced online casino software twenty years ago. They are one of the leading software providers and one of the founding members of Ecogra, the international online casino industry regulatory body.

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NetEnt, also known as Net Entertainment, pride themselves on delivering flexible digital casino solutions. Their customers, and operators provide unique, ahead of the curve graphics and features. And in a short space of time they have become one of the leading providers of the world’s most innovative games.

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Close your eyes and imagine the feeling of a real casino; the whirring sounds of the slot machines, the well-lit surroundings, and the sheer variety of entertainment and games around you. Well, you don’t have to go to Vegas, just play Playtech. Playtech are famous for that authentic Vegas experience in their games.

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Betsoft is a legendary gaming company that provides cosmic casino platforms and games but they’re most famous for their cinematic feel graphics. Because they’re such a powerhouse in the online gaming industry you won’t be dissapointed with any of their offerings.

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Why is Software so important?

Never underestimate the importance of software to your online casino experience. It affects everything and we rank it on four important factors below. Just because you prefer to play minimum deposit casinos and have some casino fun with less financial risk, does not mean you have to forgo fantastic software and games. the most trusted online casinos that we recommend, use only the best casino software from leading software providers.

Gameplay and Ease of Use

Gameplay must be smooth, lag free and easy to use. Any software must follow a logical and familiar pattern that people understand. The structure of good software almost follows a language pattern with familiar terms like Play Now or End Game so you can clearly follow the rules and gameplay.

Fair play

Leading online casino brands all have a reputation for fair play. They operate to international standards of casino fair game play regulated by independent industry bodies like Ecogra.

Graphics and Features

Graphics have become so advanced in software that features like HD and 3D are becoming par for the course in most games. Special features are a must for any casino player looking to win real money and be entertained to the max.

Payout Percentages

One of the main things seasoned casino players look for when picking an online casino are the odds and the predicted  percentage returns – also known as payout rates. For many people, casino gaming is about getting back as much or more as you put in.

The best software reviews will let you know the payout rates.  Generally, slots will always have a higher rate of return than table games at online casinos. Bricks and mortar slots machines will usually register a 70% to 80% payout percentage, whereas online casinos typically return to player percentages of 90% to 95%.