fun New Online Slots Every Casino Enthusiast Needs to Experience!

Nothing quite beats the sheer thrill of new online slots. Each month, more new titles appear and while some may be a little more disappointing than others or perhaps not as exciting, there are certainly plenty of diamonds out there with exciting jackpots, bonus features and progressive networks to boot.

Why Are New Online Slots a Hit?

Slots, in general, are a favourite with online players. The earliest slots, way before the world of the internet, were known as one-armed bandits. Then came video slots, which combined spinning reels with compelling gameplay and stories to capture your imagination.

Today, online slots from popular gaming developers sport immersive video graphics, pleasant soundtracks and sensational gameplay.

If you’re looking for new online slots to check out, make sure you try these titles.

Monopoly Hot Shot

If retro games get you excited, you’re going to love Monopoly Hot Shot. There’ve been physical board game versions of the popular game for years and now, you can try your luck with the reels. This game is relatively close to traditional three-reel varieties, complete with nine paylines and hot shot mini reels.

The slot fun starts when you hit the bonus, which will take you right on to the Monopoly board. Rolls the dice, guide the infamous Scottie dog around the board and pick up some lucrative bonuses along the way when you land on Free Parking, Community Chest, Chance and Go. Talk about bringing back childhood memories!

Beat Square

If you prefer skill-based gaming, this is the one for you. In fact, Beat Square is scooping up awards already, including Best Slot Product for 2018. Here’s an interesting titbit – the game doesn’t have reels. Well, not in the traditional slot sense. Rather, it sports 16 buttons on a 4×4 grid that light up with music. It’s your task to get with the rhythm and hit the right buttons and the right time for an exciting payout.

Wrecking Ball

One of the reasons slots are so popular is because they provide a good dose of mindless distraction. Wrecking Ball is yet another slot that doesn’t look at all like a slot. The reels are arranged in four columns, and each has a different symbol.

The highlight of this game is, of course, the wrecking ball, that swings across your screen, leaving a trail of destruction behind and revealing symbols that could just be mega bonuses. There’s even a bonus game where you can navigate your crane through the wreckage, directing the wrecking ball yourself to reveal more hidden prizes as you strike different buildings.

These are just three of latest slots that we’ve been enjoying this year. Keep your eyes peeled, we just know there are plenty others on the way in the second half of 2018. After all, several lucky players have already won millions in online slots this year – you could be next!

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