free internet casino games

Playing Free Internet Casino Games

The new era of internet casino games has provided players with more products and the chance to enjoy some of their favourite games for free, such as online slots or baccarat. It is monetisation that has become an integral part of a design and the core of today’s models.

What Is Monetisation and How Does It Affect Internet Casino Games

Monetisation is a relatively new term and it’s easier to understand when we compare it to the traditional way of wagering to play online games. Not so long ago, players had to invest to activate certain features and bonus rounds.
Now, with the arrival of the monetisation system, the entire philosophy of revenue has been altered. To put things simply, players can now enjoy free versions of their favourite games in demo mode or for trial periods.

Do You Still Have to Pay for Something If It’s Free?

The simple answer is no. The monetisation of free to play games brings a degree of risk, however, in that it is on players to decide whether or not to invest some money to continue enjoying the game or slot.
What companies do is provide appealing content and features that will make you want to keep on playing. Here’s how they do that:

  • Through the actual game by offering extra features and special tools. For example, you may be able to try out a basic slot game for free with a couple of free spins, so you can see what to expect. But, by wagering your own money, you can activate exciting bonus rounds, and with that, the chance to win some seriously enticing jackpots. What’s more, many casinos offer deposit bonuses, which means you’ll get more credits or spins once you make for first deposit.
  • Through the player. Online casinos use player intelligence to get to know a player’s characteristics and therefore offer more customised gaming options to entice you to wager. To figure out what you like, the casinos look at things like which themes or characters in games you tend to gravitate towards and whether you prefer games of skill or games of chance.

The Social Factor

In the world of online casino gaming, there is a degree of social ambition. Players can rank and compete against one another, and thus monetisation of video and other casino games may be used as a form of enticement to win you over.
For instance, playing in tournaments can help you climb up that VIP ladder faster, or get a better conversion rate, while playing live dealer games really helps you stand out from the crowd.
What we must ask is this: how often should monetisation be used in the form of banners and adds with free casino offerings? The key, we would say, is moderation.
There are a number of parameters on which proper monetisation depends. Time limit offers, for example, can make it rather weak, while something as simple as extra free spins can make players want to invest and play for real money.