Cheaper to Convert Currency?

Online gambling is accessible from all across the world. From European coastlines to the magnificent landscapes in New Zealand, through Canadian shores and Great Britain’s spectacular scenery, online casino enthusiasts join together to play slots, table games, video poker and even bingo at online casinos. Not only do online casino gaming offer maximum entertainment, but it’s relaxing to play your favourite casino games from the comfort of your home, no matter where in the world you live. Many factors attract players to a particular casino and casino banking method options offer a big part in deciding whether or not to register an account. The right currency must fit the player’s needs and there have to be enough security measures to protect the player’s information. These days, top quality casinos offer many depositing and withdrawal methods and this includes a wide range of currency options. Players can enjoy their favourite games at NZD Casinos, CAD Casinos, Euro Casinos, GBP Casinos and so many more.

So, is there a benefit to using pounds over euros or playing in American dollars over Canadian dollar casinos? Although Geography will be the biggest factor when choosing the best currency to bet with, many casinos offer multi-currency options which for many gamblers mean more money in their pocket. Gamers that play from the UK and Europe usually play at casinos with a license from the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority, and because of this, British pound casinos offer the GBP as their currency while European casinos will offer Euro as their currency. Casinos that stem from Scandinavian countries will often add the Swedish Krona or the Norwegian Krone to this list while New Zealand dollar casinos offer Kiwi players the chance to play in their own currency, but can play in other currencies if they so wish. It might seem that the best currency to use is your native one, but huge drops and rises in exchange rates could mean it makes more financial sense to convert your funds before betting them.

At minimum deposit casinos, players have the option of depositing the smallest amounts and still be in line to play with casino bonus cash. Low budget gambling means that players can deposit at $/€1 minimum deposit casinos or opt to play at a $/€5 minimum deposit casino, at a $/€10 minimum deposit casino or even make use of a $/€20 minimum deposit casino. But in which currency is it best to play at? To put exchange rates in perspective, here’s how the American dollar compares to the New Zealand dollar and the Canadian dollar. At the time of going to press, the USD was sitting at 1USD =1.50710 NZD while compared to the Canadian dollar, the USD was sitting at 1USD = 1.34148 CAD. As you can see from the exchange rates, it’s always worth shopping around and comparing the exchange rates of the major currencies.

Which Currency Is the best to play in?

For players that want to get the maximum benefit from their hard-earned cash, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on money exchanges. See how the pound trades against the euro, or how the dollar trades against the pound, and decide if it’s worth converting your money before betting. Players need to decide whether it’s cheaper to make a minimum deposit of $/€20, for example, or whether it’s more economical to play at CAD/ NZD 30 minimum deposit casinos.

When players sign up to a new casino, the very first thing they will need to do after registration is to choose a currency and a payment method. This is a good time to give your choice of currency some thought as whatever you choose to deposit with the first time will be the default the casino uses to pay out your winnings. For players that travel for work or pleasure and want to use the exchange rates to their benefit, always check whether the casino will let you change your default currency once it has been set. Players can also choose to convert the money themselves by using services like TransferWise or digital wallets like Skrill, Neteller and PayPal. Although there are conversion fees, they may be cheaper than the casino’s rates. If the casino doesn’t have the means to change your currency at different times, the other alternative is to play at sister sites that offer the same range of games but offer different currencies.