August 27, 2020

Two Newest casinos you should Know about – Cobra Casino VS Slot Hunter

New online casinos are being launched all the time. It is a crowded field, and it takes time and energy to find the best ones. That’s why we’ve written comparisons like this one. It helps to have a bird’s eye view of two casinos without having to find all of the information on your own. We will compare the welcome bonus, free spins, minimum deposit, wagering requirements, and withdrawal times.

Both of these casinos were newly established in 2020, and they’ve both been doing their best to produce the most attractive offers for gamblers. There are plenty of advantages in favour of both casinos, and if you’ve had a look at them both, you might be finding it difficult to know which is better.

You’ll notice the strengths of each casino if you read our Cobra Casino Review and our Slot Hunter Review. But that doesn’t tell you which one is the best. That’s what we’re about to do.

 Cobra Casino Slot Hunter 
Welcome Bonus 100% match bonus up to $/€500 A set of 3 match bonuses worth up to $/€450 
Free Spins  250 200 
Minimum Deposit $/€20 $/€20 
Wagering Requirements 25x 50x  
Withdrawal Times Instantly or within 5 days  Instantly or within 5 days  

Welcome Bonus

At Cobra Casino, players will get their first deposit doubled up to the value of $/€500. This means that you can place any amount between the minimum deposit and $/€500, and you’ll have your money doubled. For example, if you deposited $/€20, you’d get another $/€20. If you deposited $/€500, you’d get an additional $/€500. That makes this bonus quite lucrative and gives players a lot to play with when they sign up.

At Slot Hunter, players can also get a match bonus, but this time there are three to receive. They all belong to the welcome bonus and they work as follows. On your first deposit, you can get a 100% match up to $/€100. On your second deposit, you can get a 50% match up to $/€200. Finally, on the third deposit, you can get a 150% match up to $/€200. If you were to deposit the maximum deposit for each deposit the maximum you could earn is $/€450. This gives Cobra Casino a clear edge over Slot Hunter here, because not only can you get $/€500 with them, but you can get it all with one deposit.

Free Spins

At Cobra Casino, players will receive 250 free spins along with their deposit match bonus. At Slot Hunter, players will receive 200 free spins, but they are divided across two of the deposit match bonuses. For their first deposit, players will receive 150 free spins, and for their second deposit, they will receive 50 free spins. This means that Cobra Casino is the clear winner in this category.

Minimum Deposit

Both of the casinos state that they offer a minimum deposit of $/€20. This is relatively high, but because both casinos offer it, neither is better than the other in this area. It means that you will have to deposit at least this amount to take advantage of the welcome bonus at either casino. In this category, Cobra Casino and Slot Hunter are tied.

Wagering Requirements

At Cobra Casino the wagering requirements are set at 25x. This is very generous, as it is lower than the normal amount at most online casinos. However, there is a catch. The free spins that we mentioned have to be wagered at 40x. This means you’ll have to consider this when you’re evaluating Cobra Casino.

At Slot Hunter, the wagering requirements are steeper at 50x. There are no exceptions to this rule. Some of the games are weighted differently. Table games and video poker games only contribute 5%, and live casino games contribute none.

Therefore, we have to give the victory to Cobra Casino once again. Despite the higher wagering requirements for the free spins, these are still lower than the general requirements on Slot Hunter, and the rest of the casino only has 25x wagering requirements in effect. This means you won’t need to spend as much money with Cobra Casino before you can withdraw your money.

Withdrawal Times

At Cobra Casino, payments made using credit cards and bank transfers will take 3-5 working days to be fully processed, whereas payments made using e-wallets should be processed instantly. This means players have the clear advantage of being able to receive their money immediately.

At Slot Hunter, the same rules apply. A range of e-wallets are available so that players can receive their money instantly. They can also use credit cards which take between 1-3 working days, or they can use bank transfers which take between 3-5 working days.

In this category, neither casino is superior to the other. You can choose a payment method that will give you fast payouts, or you can choose a method which may take a few days to process. Regardless of the choice you make, both casinos will accommodate your needs. This is worth knowing because the last thing you want is a casino that doesn’t pay you your winnings promptly.

Why you should try both these casinos

As you can see from our comparison, Cobra Casino fared well and Slot Hunter did not. Cobra Casino is the winner in terms of their welcome bonus, number of free spins, and wagering requirements. Both casinos are tied regarding minimum deposits and withdrawal times. This means Cobra Casino has the overall victory. It is a great choice for players to gamble with.

However, there are some advantages to Slot Hunter too. There are more than 2000 games to play, plus a good loyalty program which players can advance through by earning points. The free spins and welcome bonus are also not too much worse than what you’ll get at Cobra Casino, so if you find something appealing about Slot Hunter then it’s worth giving them a try.

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