New Casino Technology Kiwis Should Try On The Move

It doesn’t seem that long ago when we used our dial-up connections to access the internet, but it was over 20 years ago. Then in 2007, broadband replaced dial-up and online casino gamers could finally play pokies and table games with a faster broadband connection. These days, most people have incredibly fast internet access through fibre-optic technology and the advent of this technology has enabled the creation of many more casino technologies. Mobile Casinos have enjoyed huge improvements in the overall presentation of new products. Playing on the go means enjoying beautiful graphics, improved sounds, and new and exciting features that will enhance your mobile gaming. Here are some innovative new casino technologies that Kiwis should try out while gambling on the go.

Cloud Gaming Technology

A few years ago, online casino players had to download mobile casino apps to play casino games, but today, players can experience the full quality of mobile gaming with cloud services. All the data is stored on the internet and players won’t need to play their favourite pokies and table games via an app. Cloud Gaming functions similarly to video streaming like Netflix, and for online gamers, this means that you can stream high-end casino games from the web, and enjoy faster speeds and smoother gameplay anywhere, at any time, and from any device.

Virtual Reality Gaming

For the most immersive way to enjoy pokies and table games, get ready for Virtual Reality. This innovation has been around for some time now, but as it can be expensive, many online gamers are waiting for VR to become more affordable. With VR mobile gaming as an option at some online casinos, you can immerse yourself into the virtual world of thrilling card games and 3V slots.

Cryptocurrency Mobile Casinos

If you’ve never played pokies and table games with cryptocurrency, like Bitcoin, you really should give it a try. More than just being another payment provider, the blockchain technology behind cryptocurrency offers many benefits. Blockchain works much like a public spreadsheet that’s distributed across numerous networks, and every time you transact with crypto, your transaction is recorded in real-time. This can be very helpful with players that don’t want to share their details online and it’s a way to enjoy complete anonymity and zero fraud.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence technology has already become a part of our everyday lives. For example, when Netflix messages you with new releases or a movie recommendation, that’s AI at work. Another example is the chatbots or virtual assistant that offer you a quick reply when you contact the customer service team. The use of AI in mobile gaming is set to improve radically in the coming years.

Live Dealer Mobile Technology

If you crave the buzz of a land-based casino, then you must try playing at a Live Dealer Casino with your iOs or Android device. Play Blackjack, Poker or Roulette from a real casino that’s streamed live from an off-site location. At live casinos, the atmosphere of a real casino is simulated. You can chat to the live dealer or the other players via a live chatbox and you can take in a birds eyes view of all the tables. Thanks to the latest technology, more and more online casinos are making available Live Dealer Casinos for mobile gamers.

Skill Based Gambling

As we all know, most casino games are very much based on luck rather than skill, but software developers are working on skill-based pokies. When it comes to playing pokies, you wager your bet and spin the reels, that’s as simple as it gets. We’ve played pokies this way for decades and although software developers have added more reels, paylines and more realistic graphics, the skill level has never changed. However, just a few years ago, pokie providers began introducing skill-based pokies where players can combine elements of video games with regular pokie features. This creates a more interactive and competitive gameplay experience.

Skill-based pokies are still mostly about luck. You spin the reels and the Random Number Generator puts up its selection of symbols on the reels. But what these pokies can do that regular pokies can’t allow players to test their skills. Bonus rounds not only help you win some extra money, but Bonus Rounds will take you to a new Bonus Screen where you can put your skills to the test in a bonus game.