March 10, 2022

 Why Cryptocurrency is gaining popularity in Canadian Casinos 

Bitcoin casinos in Canada are becoming increasingly popular as the currency delivers advantages that banks, and other payment systems simply cannot match. The biggest and most obvious is the incredible value increases we’ve seen with Bitcoin over the last few years. The currency is also decentralized and uses encryption technology to carry out transactions is a 100% safe manner.

With these added benefits, you’ll still have all the casino benefits, including promotions, their large selection of games and more, depending on what the casino offers. The fact is, choosing Bitcoin as your casino currency means you add the benefit of higher security without losing any of the other online casino benefits. Let’s have a look at Bitcoin casinos in more detail and find out what makes them a great choice!

 Complete anonymity when making deposits with Bitcoin

One of the factors that made Bitcoin famous at online casinos is that it’s completely anonymous and dementalized. This means using Bitcoin won’t reveal any of your information, making it a 100% safe option for online use as no one can hack your Bitcoin to see your personal details or your account. However, it’s important to choose a highly rated Bitcoin account that offers excellent security or simply using the casino’s exchange option.

Each transaction is completed by what’s called a block-chain, which encrypts each payment. The system uses volunteers around the world, thousands of them who use their computers to allow Bitcoin to complete transactions on the Block-chain. These provide has-tags that validate the transactions and ensure they are usually invisible, making it impossible for hackers or anyone for that matter to see your personal details or the information of the transaction.

 Universal currency anyone can play in

Bitcoin doesn’t belong to any specific country or bank, allowing everyone around the world to gain the benefits of the currency. You don’t need to be in any specific country or have a particular bank account to purchase Bitcoin. Therefore, everyone can use it to transact anonymously at Bitcoin Casinos or other online portals.

There are some countries where Bitcoin has been banned, including Qatar, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Algeria, China, Egypt, Iraq, Nepal, and Morocco. Apart from these countries, you have the freedom to create an account with a Bitcoin wallet or online casinos and purchase the coins. Some casinos don’t offer an exchange, but rather link directly with your Bitcoin account. This means you won’t make deposits or withdrawals as your account balance is updated instantly after a wager and win.

Game developers at our recommended Bitcoin casinos make it possible to use the currency even while playing games. The games use Millibitcoin mBTC, which is 1/10 of a Bitcoin that makes it easier to use the currency, even if you have a low account balance. mBTC is Bitcoin, but instead of your account showing 0.001BTC, it will show 1.0mBTC. This is available with just about all the major game providers, giving players the freedom to play slots to live dealer games and wager the amount they prefer.

The value of Bitcoin is increasing

Bitcoin isn’t just a brilliant option at online casinos, but also for investors who are counting on the value increasing. We’ve all heard of the multiple millionaires made by Bitcoin, which is completely understandable considering the 70% value increase in 2021.

For someone wanting to use the currency at Bitcoin casinos will have the possible value increase count in their favour, unlike any other currency. While you’re playing with Bitcoin, the value might increase, which doesn’t only rise the value of the funds in your account, but the winnings you activate as well.

Even though we’ve seen major drops in value over the last few years, the currency manages to bounce back every time and reach new record highs. There’s no guarantee that the value will keep increasing but keeping an eye on the currency and following Bitcoin news will keep you updated on the predictions and when you should consider selling.

Some Bitcoin casinos even include an exchange service, allowing you to convert you Bitcoin into USD, EUR or any other currency of your choice. You even buy more while the value is low and have even more Bitcoins when the value reaches a new record.

Summary of Bitcoin Casinos

Bitcoin casinos add excellent benefits to your gambling platform, which isn’t just about security, but also the ease of use and its value increases. More and more players are using BTC for online gambling as you score the same benefits as with a standard currency while adding better security and playing anonymously.

Players who want to benefit from Bitcoin simply need to choose a casino with exchange or they can create an account. If you haven’t selected a Bitcoin casino yet, do so on our minimum deposit page where you can test out the system before making bigger deposits.

📋 Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a brilliant selection of Bitcoin Casinos that work hand-in-hand with our minimum deposit casinos system. Just because you’re using a cryptocurrency, it doesn’t mean you lose the benefit of $1 minimum deposit casinos.  

Visit the Bitcoin casinos page to discover multiple top-rated casinos that offer the currency for deposits, wagers and withdrawals. We have loads of choose from, including brands that offer both standard currencies and cryptos. Therefore, you’re not limited to Bitcoin only games, but have access to all the biggest game suppliers, including NetEnt, Microgaming, Play n Go and many others.  

Bitcoin Casinos manage to provide the same banking advantages as standard casinos, which means you can still enjoy excellent promotions and low minimum deposits. We provide a great selection of $1 minimum deposit Bitcoin casinos that give you the opportunity to check out the brand and what they have to offer. You’ll find various promotions, rewards, loyalty programs and more. So choose carefully and find the best Bitcoin Casino for the games and features you desire.
To understand the promotions and bonuses available at Bitcoin casinos, it’s important to remember that these are normal casinos that simply use a different currency with higher security and the benefit of transacting anonymously. Therefore, all the same exciting promotions can be triggered with a Bitcoin deposit. This includes welcome bonuses, cash match bonuses, free spins, loyalty points, VIP rewards and much more.
Online casinos offering Bitcoin as a deposit method would provide the currency in all their games. There are some developers that have not included the BTC option to be used in their games. However, you won’t find these developers at our recommended Bitcoin casinos. Therefore, create an account with one of our brands for a safe and reliable gaming experience with the options you require.

We make it as easy as possible to choose the best minimum deposit Bitcoin casino for your needs. You can visit our Bitcoin $1 minimum deposit casinos and even the Bitcoin $5 minimum deposit casinos. Here you’ll find multiple top-rated brands that have made it possible to deposit much lower while you see how it all works and just how fast Bitcoin transactions are.

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