which deposit methods allow you to deposit $5/R75 the quickest

 Which deposit methods allow you to deposit $5 the quickest 

South African casino deposits have become much easier and safer, thanks to online options and VISA cards. Players in SA can now choose from our wide selection of minimum deposit casinos and use one of the three most recommended deposit methods and instantly get to play.

In this article, we compare EcoVoucher, VISA and Easy EFT to see what the benefits are when choosing R100 Signup bonus Casinos. We cover the security details, how to transact and what you need to know about each of their options.

Get the quickest payment with Ecovoucher

EcoVoucher is a brilliant system available at South African online casinos for secure instant deposits without having to share your account details with the casino. Instead, the system works with a voucher that you can purchase directly from their online store. There are various values available, which you can use at online casinos for fast and secure deposits.

EcoVoucher is an international payment system and is recognized as one of the most secure payment options. Unfortunately, EcoVoucher isn’t available in Rands, but players can still purchase in USD, GBP and EUR. The values of the vouchers start from R150/$10 and players would need to use the entire voucher with a deposit. Therefore, you might not be able to use the minimum deposit options at our R75/$5 deposit casinos, but you can still deposit and claim higher bonuses and have additional cash to play with.

Once you have a voucher, you can make a deposit by choosing any of our EcoVoucher casinos. You’ll find various brands are available, each with an excellent range of casino games and promotions that activate when you use EvoVouchers.

 Let Easy EFT take care of your deposits quickly 

The Easy EFT system was created especially for players with a South African bank account. Most South Africans are already familiar with the EFT system, making it quick and easy to transfer funds from your account to another, whether it’s to a personal account or a business. The benefit of Easy EFT Casinos is that you don’t need to enter the casino’s account details into your account and possibly make mistakes. Instead, the casino asks for your account details to automatically process the payment directly to them.

This ensures the funds are sent directly to the casino’s account, resulting in an instant deposit. This is different to the standard EFT system where the casino would need to confirm the payment first before the funds become available. With Easy EFT, there’s no need to send proof of payment and your deposit reflects instantly!

Since you don’t need to manually enter any of the casino’s details or send proof of payment, you’ll find the system is accurate, fast and highly secure. As with web wallets and even credit cards, the Easy EFT system uses encryption software to protect the account details you provide. To ensure the highest security levels, it’s important to choose an online casino that’s licensed and follows security protocols as with the recommended casinos on our website.

To complete an Easy EFT payment, choose one of our minimum deposit casinos, create an account and choose Easy EFT as your deposit method. The casino will ask for your account details, including the routing number to identify your bank. You can enter the deposit amount such as R75/$5 at our R75/$5 deposit casinos.

Once the payment is complete, the funds and any activated casino bonuses will instantly appear in your account.

 Try out Visa and get your deposits at the casino fast

Using a popular payment method such as VISA means you don’t have to register for another account such as a web wallet. However, you’ll need to provide the account details to the casino, including your personal info and card details so the casino can complete the payment and verify that you are in fact the right account holder.

With the requirement of providing your account details, it’s been made to seem as if the VISA deposit method isn’t as secure. However, this certainly isn’t the case as VISA transactions use the most advanced encryption technology in addition to the security protocols from trusted online casinos that operate under licenses.

It’s important to choose a trusted VISA casino, which is available right here. They provide the right security and ensure all payment details are hidden and encrypted, ensuring your account is 100% secure.

The VISA payment method is a popular choice at any of our minimum deposit casinos, including R15/$1 deposit casinos, R75/$5 deposit casinos, R150/$10 deposit online casinos and the R300/$20 deposit online casinos. Each of these deposit categories feature a large range of trusted VISA casinos that provide excellent benefits with promotions and rewards from the first deposit.

Simply create an account with any of our trusted VISA casinos and choose the VISA option when you deposit. This can be a credit or debit card, which uses the same deposit system to get the funds into your account instantly!

 Summary of which $5 deposit methods are the quickest

ZAR casinos provide a great selection of deposit methods that ensure your funds arrive instantly. They also give you the benefit of activating additional bonuses, adding special free spins and cash to your account.

Finding the right payment method would depend on your needs. The above methods all provide excellent security and no transaction fees, making it easier to choose the system that suits you best. It all depends on how you want to transact with online casinos as VISA is the simplest with direct payments, EvoVoucher is brilliant for security and the Easy EFT system requires none of your card details, but just account info.

📋 Frequently Asked Questions

Players will find multiple R100 deposit casinos that accept the above payment methods and you can use VISA and Easy EFT to deposit as little as R75/$5. However, the EcoVoucher has a minimum voucher value of R150/$10 and you’ll need to use the entire voucher with a deposit. Therefore, you won’t be able to make an R75/$5 deposit, but you can still join the casino and simply enjoy a higher bonus amount that matches your deposit value.  

We provide a wide range of R100 deposit casinos, each of which has its own benefits for games, promotions and more. Choosing the best R75/$5 minimum deposit casino would depend on the features and gaming benefits you desire. All the minimum deposit casinos on the list are of the highest quality and have obtained high ratings for their gaming features, which you can view in our casino reviews.

Slot games are available in stacks of over a thousand at any of our minimum deposit casinos. With such a large game selection, any player will easily find multiple titles that relate to the type of games they enjoy. This includes progressive jackpot slots, the latest bonus-filled releases and even multiple classics for those seeking huge payouts!

Online payment methods have become incredibly secure in recent years, especially when you use them at trusted online casinos that also use the latest technology for your account and banking details. The three above payment methods are of the safest options available, ensuring your details remain 100% secure.

We’ve selected R100 deposit casinos that offer the best of everything, including fair terms and conditions for the promotions on offer. You’ll find the wagering requirements are well within reason and no unexpected Ts and Cs apply. Therefore, accepting a bonus is well worth it as you have fair wagering requirements that allow you to turn the bonus into real money much faster.

Pros and Cons $5 Deposit Casinos


  • Secure Payments
  • Instant Deposits 
  • Activate Bonuses
  • Easy to Use
  • No Deposit Fees


  • Not all online casinos accept the payment methods

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