Kiwis Should Be Making The Switch To Bitcoin And Here’s Why

Kiwis Should Be Making The Switch To Bitcoin And Here’s Why.

In the past, one used to exchange goods they already had for the goods they needed. This was called the barter system. At that time, the receipt of the exchange made was just the individual’s goods. Next came lyres in gold, silver, or some other precious gem. These acted as the receipt for a transaction. The coins and notes that followed all are just that. Receipts that the individual carrying them holds money equalling the worth of them.

Even when you make an online transaction, go to the bank and take a cheque, it just is a receipt of what money you were handling. We are visiting this concept because such was the currency/goods exchange. And now comes cryptocurrency. It is a form of online currency that, like your lire or coin, is a receipt of you holding the coins’ worth of money.

Just the way the world’s currency has evolved from gold lyres to online transaction ids, in the next stage of the world, or the next financial years to come, cryptocurrency will be the most used currency. Statistics state that people will be trading only using cryptocurrency a few years down the earth and will have forgotten totally about traditional money.

Online delivery platforms, gaming platforms, stores, restaurants, and business dealers – every field will be open to accepting cryptocurrency just the way they became open to accepting online payments. So why sit back and let your money notes collect dust when the whole world is changing its most used currency? You have to be in the loop.

Even if the market takes time to adapt to cryptocurrency, you will benefit from investing in bitcoin. The coins’ value increases just like any stock or property. When in the future people will be fussing over how to change their currencies, you will have your back secured with not only the bitcoins you invested in but also the profit said bitcoins have made through the years.

Complete Anonymity While Using A Crypto Wallet

A cryptocurrency is a decentralized form of currency. It means it does not link to your government and any official banks. Cryptocurrency is a worldwide currency. You can buy bitcoins from any part of the world with simple steps on your mobile phones through authorized apps and websites.

Creating a crypto wallet is not as hassle-loaded as is creating a bank account. Your data will be stored in the highly secure blockchain technology that cryptocurrency uses. This means that no one will know your details, unlike traditional banks where your records will exist in their cabinets or on their computers. The payments and your information will be tracked, reducing the risk of hacking and regular technical errors like your banks’ servers burning down.

Bitcoin Is Being Accepted Across The Globe Making It A Universal Currency.

Bitcoin is a global phenomenon. The value of a bitcoin is the same all across the globe in any currency you want to buy it in. Investing in bitcoins will also ease the chaos of converting currencies before traveling to other countries. Though government approval is needed in the specific countries you are to trade with, bitcoin does have the heavy advantage of being the top coin of all cryptocurrencies. With its universal bitcoin (UPBTC) version, the number of accepting countries has increased as well as top online Casinos that Accept NZ Dollar.

The Value Of Bitcoin Is Increasing Year On Year

The value of bitcoin during the initial years of its introduction, i.e., the year 2009-2011, was just around a dollar. And right now, in the year 2021, it stands at around $68,000 and more. This means that if you would’ve bought a bitcoin in 2011 and just kept it invested without trading, you would’ve had 60,000 times your initial investment.

This rise in value depends on factors such as demand, supply, competition, cryptocurrencies, and regulation. The concept is simple. As the years go, the demand for bitcoin has increased, which resulted in high demand. This leads to an increase in its value. Though the value may not increase in a smooth curve, you will have more or less a palpable profit from the time you started investing.

Summary Of Bitcoin Casinos

How do you use these coins to play and gain rewards in online casinos? Like any other platform, NZ minimum deposit casinos are primarily based on online payments. These payments are made easy with cryptocurrencies.

You get all major bonuses like first deposit, welcome, spins, player, and more. Bitcoin is the most used cryptocurrency in online casinos. Avoiding tax, skipping bank problems, saving up a lot of casino gold due to easy payments, and airtight cyber security are just a few of the many advantages of using bitcoin as your casino cash.

📋 Frequently Asked Questions, BitStarz casino, Casino, Fortune Jack, Cloudbet, KastsuBet, and 7bit are just a few top verified names in the many online casinos running mainly on bitcoin in New Zealand.
Different BTC casinos have different starting bonuses. You can opt for a no deposit bitcoin casino game, but to win real money, you have to deposit. The minimum deposit starts from as low as 0.0001 BTC and goes up. The higher the deposit, the better the rewards.
The classic welcome bonuses with over 100s of free spins, the ability to claim hundred-dollar casino bonuses, and many more bonuses are based solely on bitcoin payments. Each casino offers its own set of different bonuses for you to try.
The answer depends on what site you are playing. Bitcoin casinos easily let you play all regular games like poker, roulette, blackjack, slots, and more. Certain casinos have exclusive games based only on bitcoin deposits like games’ sizzling moon or angry banker.
You can easily find minimum deposit bitcoin casinos on any online gaming site. Some top names are national casino, red stag, red dog, Vegas casino, and more.

Pros And Cons Of Bitcoin Casinos


  • You get complete privacy with no breach of information
  • Easy withdrawal and deposit straight from your wallet to the website and back with no third-party involvement
  • No taxation. Meaning easy recovery of casino gold
  • Access to exclusive bonuses and no minimum withdrawal cap


  • Not all online casino sites accept bitcoin
  • Though cryptocurrency use is drastically increasing, some governments still do not legalize their use
  • As the value of bitcoin is ever-changing, you may experience a few changes in profit too
  • A separate crypto wallet is mandatory
  • Though anonymity is an advantage, if you make a mistake, you can never get back your money

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