How A $1 Paysafe Deposit Is Still New Zealand's Go-To Deposit 

How Making A $1 Paysafe Deposit Is Still New Zealand’s Go-To Deposit 

Are you looking for a super convenient way to deposit in an online casino with NZ dollars? Thanks to Paysafecard, it is now available to use in New Zealand. Yes, Paysafecard has made everything so much easier than it already was. 

Paysafecard is quickly making its way through all online casinos payment methods and will soon be the most used payment method. But are you unaware of the Paysafecard and what all this hype is about? What is Paysafecard? How can you use Paysafecard? How do you refill it? How much does it cost? No worries, we have got you covered.

There is a variety of prepaid card online casinos that allow making deposits through them. Even minimum deposit casinos allow players to use prepaid cards. 

Paysafecard Is Still New Zealand’s Go-To For $1 Deposits

Paysafecard is a prepaid card or voucher but works differently than e-wallet payment platforms. Paysafecard is a card that can be brought from any physical store. To know if there is any retailer around you that sells Paysafecard, you can look at the store locator through the Paysafecard website. 

You have to enter your pin code, address, or town in New Zealand on its Find Sales Outlet web page, and it will immediately show your retailer that sells Paysafecard near you. 

If you are at the retailer or shop and do not know about Paysafecard, there is a quick solution. You show them the How to Sell Paysafecard guide by visiting their website. 

If you already have a Paysafecard, it will be super convenient for you to make a $1 deposit on an online casino that accepts Paysafecard. This prepaid card is often confused with Paysafe, but they are both the same. 

Paysafecard Keeps Your Banking Details Anonymous

What’s more? The beauty of Paysafecard doesn’t end here. Once you get the Paysafecard, you pay the required top-up amount to the retailer that can be NZ$25, NZ$100, and more. 

It doesn’t require any banking details. Everything is done in cash. You pay the retailer the needed amount, and Paysafecard will generate a 16-pin code. Use this code whenever you make a deposit next. You need to download the Paysafecard app to use it. It requires no personal details and keeps your identity and account details anonymous. 

You can also check the remaining balance in your Paysafecard through the mobile app. You just need to keep your 16 digital codes handy. 

Never Overspend With This Prepaid Voucher 

Paysafecard is, therefore, a kind of prepaid card that does not allow you to spend more than the required amount, unlike credit cards. This makes it safer for making deposits on online casinos. 

Another best part about Paysafecard is you do not necessarily have to register or create an account to make a deposit. In New Zealand, Paysafecard allows you to deposit up to NZ500 with or without registration. You can even make withdrawals through it. Some of the online casinos also allow you to withdraw your winnings through Paysafecard. Your winnings will be credited to your Paysafecard, which can be spent elsewhere. 

If you need the withdrawal of your winnings in cash, you can apply for Paysafecard Mastercard, which will allow you to withdraw money through the ATM. 

Thus, this prepaid voucher is perfect for betting on online casinos. You can keep a balance of up to 4000 NZ dollars through multiple Paysafecards. The Paysafecard is powered by Mastercard, only making it easy to trust and safe. 

Prepaid Vouchers Similar To Paysafecard

Paysafecard is not the only prepaid voucher or prepaid card available to New Zealand players for making a deposit at online casinos. Other popular prepaid vouchers that New Zealand players can use are:


Neosurf works similarly to Paysafecard. You buy the card from any retailer or local store in New Zealand and get the desired balance amount. You will be provided with a 19-digit code starting with your country code that can be used to make payments. When making a payment in an online casino, use the Neosurf payment option to make a prepaid card deposit. 

Mastercard Prepaid

Mastercard Prepaid is another prepaid card. It is different from the Mastercard credit card. When looking forward to making a payment through Mastercard prepaid, make sure you are choosing the right payment option. Similarly, like any other prepaid card, you can get it online or through a local store. Get it topped up as many times as you can. 

Unlike a Mastercard credit card, a Mastercard prepaid card will allow you to gamble only up to the amount available in it. Thus, it prevents you from overspending and is an excellent alternative for New Zealand players, as Mastercard credit card is banned in New Zealand for gambling. 

Visa Prepaid Card

Just like Visa debit and credit cards, there are Visa prepaid cards as well. Visa prepaid cards are just as popular in online casinos as visa debit cards or credit cards. You can get a prepaid visa card from your bank, online store, or local store. In New Zealand, you can also get a prepaid visa card through a Prezzy card online. Prezzy card issues visa prepaid cards that can be used to make deposits. 

Using any of the prepaid cards does not involve any processing fees either. The transfer is instant, and you can also cash out i.e., withdraw your winnings through it (available in certain cards only). Prepaid cards are usually popular among online casinos as they are safe and don’t require any bank account or personal details. However, they do carry a minimum and maximum limit you can use the card. 

Also, New Zealand players can enjoy extra bonuses and rewards when depositing prepaid cards. These offers are available on certain online casinos only (and subject to changes). 

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