A day in the life: Turning online casino gambling into a full-time Job

A day in the life: Turning online casino gambling into a full-time Job 

Would it not be amazing to turn your hobby or passion into a full-time career? Imagine getting paid for doing what you love to do. With the world turning on its head and more people working from home, this has become a true possibility. Technology has advanced in the online sector when it comes to online casinos as well as payment methods and security measures. Online casinos are everywhere and they all want to give away their money, it is up to you to get all your ducks in a row and make a career out of collecting that money. We give you a few tips on what to do when you start playing at Minimum Deposit Casinos and if you think you can hack it, maybe you can start doing this for a living full time. We investigate choosing the right online payment method and how to keep your funds separate from your daily budget. Limits are important and you need to set them beforehand. Starting small is the right way and then moving to bigger casinos as your abilities and budget grow. It is all about using common sense when you play. We are at Minimum Deposit Casinos are there to help you every step of the way. Together, you can turn online casino gambling into a full-time job. Always remember that gambling is a risk and you might lose all the money you have invested, do not spend more money than you and your family can afford to live without.

Choose your preferred casino payment method

Before you begin, it is a good idea to research the different payment methods and decide which one will work the best for you. There are three basic categories to choose from, transfers from a bank account (this includes debit card transfers and cash payments), credit cards, or e-wallets. Keep in mind that each casino has certain payment options that they allow and not all casinos accept all options. Some casinos have placed restrictions on bonuses when you use specific payment options while others might charge you a transaction fee for deposits or withdrawals. Speed of payouts and fees are two things players tend to look out for. One major concern is availability in your country as well as support for your currency; always check if the online casino allows you to participate from your county and if they accept your currency before you open an account. But the biggest factor of course is security. You need to make sure that your money is safe and only you can access it. Make sure that your preferred payment option uses the best encryption software and that they have good customer support if you need to ask anything. Some of the most popular and widely accepted payment options include Visa, Mastercard, PaySafeCard, American Express (AMEX), PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, EcoCard, EcoPayz, PayNearMe, Citadel, PayForIt, Wire Transfer, eCheck, InstaDebit, iDeal, Bitcoin, ApplePay, eCheque Casinos, EntroPay, Gigadat, Interac, MuchBetterCasinos, Poli, Qiwi Casinos, Revolut Casinos, Trustly, Venus Point and many more.

Keep your casino funds separate from your day-to-day budget 

Many gamblers use the pocket system where you start with a set amount of money that you are willing to spend while gaming and you keep this in your right pocket. As you win and cash out, you place that money in your left pocket. This ensures that you do not accidentally spend your winnings and that you don’t go home empty-handed. If you choose to spend some of the money you have won, you need to physically transfer the money from one pocket to the other and this keeps you alert and conscious of your choice. The same goes for online gambling. It does not matter which payment method you choose to use, it is a good idea to keep things separate. If you use a bank account, create a separate account and rather transfer money into that account. If you prefer a credit card, use a designated card or if you prefer the e-wallet, transfer a set amount into your wallet and keep it isolated from your other expenses. You can also link a credit card to some e-wallets, but the same principle applies. If you keep things apart your transactions will not interfere with your daily budget and you can keep an eye on how much is going out and coming in. You can see if your total is growing or if you are just haemorrhaging money. By running two different accounts, your gambling activity will also not reflect on your regular bank statement.

Stick to a daily limit of playing

Limits, you have to know your limitations, know have far you can go. You need to set your boundaries and stick to them. Calculate how much money you can afford to lose without harming your budget and stick to that amount. This does not just relate to money, but also time. Set yourself a maximum amount of hours that you can afford to play as well as a realistic time of day that fits in with your daily schedule. Follow your set limits for a while and see if that works, if it does not or if things have changed in your budget or schedule, adapt your routine and take it from there. Only you know how much you can give and take. Also, make a clear distinction between gambling for fun or for work, if you plan on still doing both. They can interfere with each other when it comes to time and money, so it is not advisable to do both. It might also be difficult to separate them mentally.

Start off with Small Deposits  

When you start playing, it is a good idea to start small, just get the hang of things. It would be foolish and counterproductive to sit down at a high-roller table and lose your entire budget in one go. Rather try the $/€1 Deposit Casinos where you play with smaller amounts and the risks are much more contained. There are still many bonuses and great rewards, they are just a bit smaller. Once you feel confident and have grown a bit, try out the $/€5 Deposit Casinos. Here the deposits are still small enough to manage, the risk has increased slightly, but you are still in control. The rewards have also increased and you stand a greater chance of winning bigger prizes. Remember that things take time. You need to learn what to look out for and how to do things. You want to win money, not just spend it.

Work your way up to larger deposits as your casino bank grows 

By now the bug has bitten you and you are hungry for more, so try out the $10 Deposit Online Casino. Things are about to get interesting as the rewards get bigger and bigger and you grow in your ability. Not only does your confidence grow, but so too does your bank account, and your adrenalin levels. When you feel ready and up to it, go join the big boys at the $/€20 Deposit Casinos. This is still a safe environment where you can play daily and you have the potential to win big if you just keep your wits and do not take uncalculated risks.  


If you choose the right payment option that offers you fast, safe online transactions and start small, building your way up, you have the opportunity to earn a sustainable income. The big key is to keep your head and not get swept away in the rush. Minimum Deposit Casinos are a great place to start and as you play along you will discover many casinos along the way. If you are playing internationally, keep an eye out for Tax-Free Casinos where your hard-earned income is not taxed to the point where you barely get something out.

📋 Frequently Asked Questions

There is always more homework to be done and more questions to be asked and answered. Here are a couple of frequently asked questions with their answers. If you need more information, you can visit the $5/€ Casino sites and check out their FAQ pages or contact their support teams via live chat or email.
Yes, you can. Do your research on casinos and payment options before you spend any money.
When you start playing, most casinos have restrictions that you can set yourself to help you stay within your own limits. If you go over them, or if they realize that something is wrong, they will notify you. If you wish to get help, every casino has a helpline where you can get in contact with qualified people who will help you without judging you.
Definitely! Minimum Deposit Casinos are the safest place to start your online casino career. Not only are they safe in the sense of security as they use the best encryption software to protect you and your money, but they offer a safe space for you to play and grow in.

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  • ✔️Safe space to start in
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  • ❌Bonuses decrease as deposit amount decreases
  • ❌The set deposit amount needs to be paid to activate bonuse