Wagering requirments at ZA casinos

How do Wagering requirements affect South African Players 

Wagering requirements are new to most players joining online casinos for the first time. It’s understandable since you won’t find such terms with land-based casinos. To be fair, you also won’t find bonuses there either, especially not anything like the benefits available to all players online, whether you have a VIP status or not!

To provide the attractive benefits of bonuses, casinos have to ensure that players don’t claim the bonus and withdraw without playing any of their games. Wagering requirements allow you to play games as if you’re using real money in addition to your real money deposit. However, before you can withdraw the bonus money, you need to reach the wagering requirements, simply by playing their games.

Of course, there are no wagering casino bonuses, but these tend to offer smaller less, but they are 100% yours and real money from the moment you accept them. Therefore, to claim the big bonuses that at least double your deposit amount, you’ll have to come to terms with wagering requirements.

Luckily, most licensed South African online casinos are regulated, which means they follow laws that determine fair gaming, including the terms and conditions of bonuses.

What wagering requirements mean for South Africans

Wagering requirements are certainly the downside of online casino bonuses. However, it doesn’t mean you should avoid them. If you activate a casino bonus, you receive free cash, a lot of it, allowing you to play more games, which is what you were going to do anyway. The only difference is that you need to play enough spins or rounds to reach the requirements, which are usually displayed as multipliers.

Let’s use an example of a 100% match bonus with 20 free spins, which has wagering requirements of 20x (20 times). You activate the bonus at one of our R15/$1 minimum deposit casinos with an amount of R15/$1. Since it’s a 100% match bonus, the casino rewards you with R15/$1 as a bonus and 25 free spins. Let’s assume your free spins resulted in winnings of R150/$10, which means you have R15 in real money and R165 in bonus money.

Wagering requirements usually only apply to the bonus money, but some casinos also require wagering on the deposit amount. In this example, it applies to the bonus money only, including the winnings obtained from free spins. These funds would be separate from your real money account until you’ve completed the wagering requirements, which then converts it into real cash you can withdraw.

How to meet the requirements? Let’s do the math, it’s very simple. Your bonus total would be R165/$11. To calculate the total amount you need to play, multiply the bonus amount by wagering requirements (R165/$11 x 20 = R3300/$220. Therefore, you need to play slots to the value of R3300/$220 before the bonus amount and winnings obtained with bonus funds become real money that you can withdraw or play.

Longer wait till you can withdraw

Players who like to use higher bets might be thinking it’s quick and easy to reach that amount as each spin you play might add winnings to your account, which means you can use it again to play more spins. Unfortunately, casinos also include betting limits and game contribution percentages. The limits are usually around R50/$5 per spin. Contribution percentages are usually 100% with most slots and as low as 10% or zero with table and live dealer games. Of course, each casino is different, and some might even allow higher percentages for tables, depending on the bonus.

Of course, all these factors play a role in how fast you can withdraw. Using the example above again, you need to play a total of R3300/$220 before the bonus becomes real money. Let’s assume you play slots with a bet of R5/$0,30 per spin. You’ll need to spin the reels 660 times before wagering is complete, that’s assuming the game contributes 100% of the bet amount towards wagering.

The above is completely possible and actually quite each to reach, thanks to the low wagering requirements of just 20x. You’ll find these requirements can reach incredible amounts, some going over 100x for deposit bonuses. Of course, those tend to be the rough casinos that simply make it impossible to complete the requirements.

Our minimum deposit casinos provide players with fair and licensed brands that offer the best in gaming and promotional fairness. Use our casino reviews to read more about specific and exclusive bonuses and their wagering requirements. In most cases, you’ll find requirements ranging from as little as 10x to around 70x. The higher requirements usually allow you to claim bonuses for less or include a bigger bonus to make it fair.

Why South African Players need to Play at No Wagering Casinos

For most players who’ve activated bonuses with wagering requirements, the introduction of no wagering casinos tends to be the next site they join. As mentioned above, the bonuses don’t have any wagering requirements, which means the cash or free spin winnings they reward you with are yours from the start. There’s no need to follow betting limits or worry about game contribution percentages as all the funds in your account are 100% real money and yours to use as you’d like.

Sure, these bonuses might be smaller and not include hundreds of free spins, but at least you’ll still receive extra cash to play, withdraw and use in any way. Many of the minimum deposit casino South Africa sites provide no wagering promotions, which don’t only apply to the first deposit, but rather all their rewards, including loyalty and VIP!

Not as much red tape to get through before withdrawing

With no wagering online casinos, you’ll find the terms and conditions with their promotions are minimal. This is because the casino doesn’t have to explain all the restrictions of wagering requirements and what you’re allowed to do. Without these requirements, there are no games that you can’t play, you can bet the amount of your choice, use strategies at table games and much more. It’s the same as making a deposit and not activating a bonus, allowing you to play the way you’d like!

When you’re ready to withdraw, it’s a quick and easy process, especially with our instant withdrawal casinos. You can simply choose your withdrawal method, enter the amount and receive your payment within a few hours. If you have an active bonus that has wagering requirements, it becomes quite a hassle to withdraw. First, you need to complete the wagering requirements otherwise you forfeit the entire bonus. Casinos also include longer processing times to ensure requirements are completed for the bonuses you’ve activated.

Wagering requirements and how they affect South Africans

Wagering requirements certainly pull down the value of casino bonuses. However, they still provide excellent benefits, especially for players who want the additional cash so they have more opportunities to win. The bonuses at no wagering casinos are great, but not nearly as big. Therefore, it’s up to you and the way you’d like to play that will determine the right type of bonus for you. Start with one of our minimum deposit casinos, activate a bonus and see how everything works in your own experience.

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