What we learnt at the canadian gaming summit

What the Gaming Conference in Canada has shown us

The Canadian Gaming Summit is a significant event for the iGaming sector. Guests may interact with suppliers and service providers and learn about the latest Canadian online casinos and gaming products. In addition, they can learn about new products, debate the most recent Canadian online casinos, discuss their demands with providers, and even play some of the most recent online slots and other games.

Residents of Canada have access to a wide variety of online gaming opportunities due to the proliferation of online casino brands licensed to operate nationwide. Despite this, the only casino games that can be played legally in Ontario are those that are offered by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and iGaming Ontario. Read on to find out what the Gaming Conference in Canada has shown us.

Canadian players are Geo Fenced to ensure that players access the correct casinos

Along with iGaming Ontario, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission continues to assess gaming applications from independent operators to ensure compliance with all applicable regulations. Once the market is open, one of these essential needs is to ensure that only players in Ontario can access online gaming alternatives.

With the launch of its regulated iGaming industry still a recent memory, Ontario is focusing on ensuring that it remains a safe and fair gaming environment – Geofencing plays a role in this. Geo-fencing primarily impacts players attempting to visit Ontario Casinos. Therefore, residents attempting to visit unavailable online casinos in Ontario will be unable to do so unless the casino holds an iGaming Ontario License.

Geofencing is the creation of a virtual border around a geographical location in the real world. The geofence in Ontario ensures that only Ontarians can participate in iGaming in the province. Geocomply, the region’s geofencing provider, recently disclosed that it has stopped more than 15 million fraudulent access attempts from outside Ontario. As anticipated, this information motivated authorities in other jurisdictions to develop their own regulated iGaming markets in imitation of Ontario.

Time is Running out for Casinos to Register with the Ontario Regulatory authority

After the debut of the province’s iGaming industry on April 4, 2022, residents of Ontario now have access to a growing array of licensed casino websites and apps that they may use to gamble online. Operators that were previously operating illegally or through the grey market in Canada will be able to apply for a license through the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and will be able to accept action under the supervision of iGaming Ontario. However, time is running out for these casinos, and sites now operating in Ontario without the appropriate licenses will soon be susceptible to fines if they do not register as soon as possible.

A panel discussion at the Canadian Gaming Summit revealed that approximately 70 operators are now obtaining a license from the AGCO. In some circumstances, operators can receive their licenses in as few as 70 days, while in others, the process might take as long as 120 days.

Speculations were circulating that there would be a fixed cutoff date of July 1 for existing gray-market operators to join the regulated sector. However, Tom Mungham, CEO and registrant at the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), put such concerns to rest. He suggested that a transition period between three and four months would be more reasonable before the market shifted to black and white. On the other hand, he did urge interested operators to apply right now, lest they risk confronting a dark period in which they won’t be able to operate in the province until a license is issued. He explained that this would be the case if they waited until a license was granted.

Other Canadian territories are looking to follow Ontario’s Lead

Provincial governments have traditionally been responsible for regulating gambling, with some being more enthusiastic than others. Some recognized voices and somewhat unexpected sources have argued against the more open approach to online gambling. While these arguments have not influenced the Ontario government, they may do so elsewhere.

Obviously, some individuals generally detest gambling and are opposed to its expansion.

In addition to these individuals, others own land-based casinos or racetracks and fear that easier internet gambling may undermine their businesses. Nonetheless, other Canadian provinces and territories may soon adopt Ontario’s regulatory structure and begin regulating in a similar manner. This is primarily due to Ontario’s expectation of C$800 million in gross income from online sports betting in the first year. The province of Ontario has made it simple, safe, and legal for bettors to wager on everything from sports to their favorite casino slots.

Big Push to make gaming Safer and More Inclusive across Canada

The first of its type in Canada, Ontario’s new online gaming market will allow residents to play on world-class gambling sites with the guarantee that game integrity, player safeguards, and responsible operations will be constantly supervised.

The AGCO has established stringent regulations that gambling sites, sports betting sites, and casino sites must adhere to in order to promote responsible gambling, protect vulnerable individuals, such as minors and players who have self-excluded themselves, and improve game integrity.

To ensure that you are playing on a safe and reputable site, look for the iGaming Ontario logo wherever you play. This logo indicates that the site is being conducted and managed by iGaming Ontario, provides player protection measures, and complies with Ontario’s rigorous expectations for game integrity and responsible gambling.

Ontario casinos are making a significant effort to safeguard players and create a more inclusive atmosphere for all types of Canadian players. In Ontario, playing on a regulated site is the safer option for online betting. Here are a few advantages of playing in a regulated Ontario Casino:

  • Fair play must be maintained for all games.
  • Payout of your winnings must be done in a timely and precise manner.
  • Confidentiality of personal information and data is ensured.
  • Increased safety and protection measures.

Summary of what the Canadian Gaming Conference has shown us

The iGaming Ontario and Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, both of which are regulatory bodies in the province of Ontario, opened the Canadian Gaming Conference with a highly anticipated keynote presentation on the market’s current status after it has been operational for two months.

At least once during their remarks, all of the panelists and moderators at the event brought up the enormous potential that Ontario and Canada both had in terms of the gaming industry. Additionally, regulators admitted that they are transitioning into an enforcement mode now that the market is operational and that they are listening to feedback from industry stakeholders regarding various issues, particularly those pertaining to the province’s stringent advertising guidelines.

Many bystanders interested in receiving clarification on Ontario’s convoluted iGaming framework were only able to attend the session because it was so crowded that only standing space was available. Overall, it appears that online casino gambling in Ontario is here to stay. After being fully legalized and regulated correctly by provincial gaming authorities, the experience will only continue to improve. Alterations are most likely on the horizon for the remaining portions of the nation.

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