January 20, 2024

Celebrity Gamblers: Nicki Minaj is the queen of getting the maximum out of casino sites

Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty, better known by her stage name, Niki Minaj is an iconic celebrity pop star from the United States. She has been one of the top-selling and most successful pop artists in the past decade.

She is the top selling female rapper of all time with over 100 million album sales. Award-winning Niki Minaj, the modern-day ‘Queen of Rap’ and public figure, has turned her interests and in fact her entrepreneurial prowess to the world of igaming, with an announced partnership with MaximBet as the online casino’s new brand ambassador.

Niki Minaj will be using her social media influence and aligning her branding with MaximBet on a deal that will positively affect the success of their online casinos. She will be expected to advertise the brand and partnership to fans through parties, merchandise and her alignment with sports and celebrity betting.

Nicki Minaj’s statistics

Birth Name Onika Tanya Maraj-Petty 
Birth Place and Date Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago 
December 8, 1982 (Age 41) 
Nationality American, Trinidadian 
Stage Name Niki Minaj 
Claim to Fame Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, TV Personality 
Social Influence/ Reach Instagram – 228 Million Twitter – 28 Million Tik Tok – 19 Million Youtube – 26 Million 
Net Worth $150 Million (USD) 
Awards American Music Awards BET Billboard Music Awards Global Awards Grammy Awards Latin Grammy Awards MTV Awards More 
Marital Status Married 
Spouse Kenneth Petty 
Spotify Stats Monthly Listens – 55 Million Followers – 30 Million Rank – number 34 
Biggest Song ‘Starships’, ‘Anaconda’, ‘Superbass’ 

Minaj states in a press release that along with her exuberance over this partnership and her pride in collaborating with MaximBet, she say that she is “ready to fully step into my potential as a young, influential Queen, and owner and open doors for others to dream big … Place your bets! Let’s go!”.

Minaj is driven and committed to making this partnership a success and relishes the opportunity to continue to grow her brand and to work in the igaming space. She has expressed excitement and dedication to bringing her charisma and business mindset to see the success of this deal and to bring a unique celebrity experience to this iGaming organisation.

Nicki Minaj as the face of Maximbet

Niki Minaj is delighted to be stepping up as the new face of MaximBet and the biggest brand ambassador the organisation has seen. She will bring unparalleled visibility to the brand through her enormous fanbase and her dedication to engagement on social platforms. With around 300 million followers across major platforms, she is a powerful social influencer and one of the most followed social figures in the world.

Minaj plans to bring her entrepreneurial mindset and history of success to this brand to give advice as a strategic advisor to MaximBet and to let her creativity contribute to the direction of her marketing. She will also assume responsibilities as creative director to influence the organisation.

MaximBets CEO, Daniel Graetzar, is excited about the impact that this partnership is due to have on the growth and marketing strategy of the organisation recognising that Minaj is a “Brilliant Businesswoman” and that she herself is “one of the most powerful brands in the world”.

Who Is Maximbet

MaximBet is a US based gambling organisation that operates across multiple States in the US. It is operated by the Carousel Group and Maxim Magazine, making it a unique organisation that focuses on entertainment and lifestyle.

The service they offer via an agile and modern low minimum deposit casino allows clients to engage in the unique experience of virtual entertainment with real life celebrities, athletes, and influencers. Pushing the limits to bring players the fullest immersive gambling experience is very much their forté. MaximBet is an approved igaming facility for the NBA (National Basketball Association) and MLB (Major League Baseball).

MaximBet is a trusted entity in US real money casinos in a variety of States, although they are home to Colorado. The organisation is largely made up of Maxim, which is a popular men’s luxury brand which covers everything in their magazines about the luxury entertainment lifestyle, from sports cars to luxury getaways.

Now making an impact with their partnerships with the Carousel Group, and registered under the name MaximBet, we see them targeting a specific market of the igaming space, focusing on a luxury service for players to get a virtual experience with celebrities on gambling sites and online casinos. Check out our Casino reviews for an in depth review of this and many more casino sites.

The effect of the Nicki Minaj and Maximbet partnership

Daniel Graetzar, MaximBet CEO, sees a great opportunity in this partnership and believes that aligning their branding with one of the most successful celebrities in the US, will bring prosperity to their organisation and an opportunity for new collaborative ideas. This partnership poses a huge opportunity for success by joining the enormous reach and influence of Nicki Minaj with the edgy and exciting business plan and strategy of MaximBet.

The online casino market is no stranger to celebrity partnerships, however, this huge name is certainly a good bet for MaximBet. They can rely on Minaj’s business success and influence to create big media hype and to grow their brand as they focus on designing a unique igaming experience for clients with a celebrity centred approach.

The US Online casino market continues to thrive

The US real money online casino market is one that in the last few years has shown promising growth and continues to be a fruitful space to invest in. Commercial igaming is projected to experience significant growth over the next 5 years and to become a highly profitable area. In the US, we can see many organisations expanding and many new brands on the scene trying to capitalise on this projected growth.

Trends and statistics show us that 2023 has been a record success for the market, as we see organisations continue to expand and become more profitable. This thriving market is increasing its worth annually and is projected to continue on this trajectory.

As regulations are allowing for more States to expand their igaming strategies and to grow as a market, we are seeing this space become highly invested in, and can only expect to see it continue to grow. We are keeping an eye on MaximBet to see if they will continue to grow in the online casino space with this new partnership, and if they will see success from this new strategy.

In the US, the concept of gambling with influencers and celebrities seems to be taking off as a virtual experience is growing more traction and popularity amongst gamers who want a fully immersive experience.

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