May 5, 2024

Why there are so many adverts for casinos in South Africa?

Gambling is popular globally and has through the ingenuity and innovation of local operators become a massive industry in South Africa with numerous land-based and licensed online casinos. Statistics indicate that around 10% of South Africans partake in regular gambling activities, of which the vast majority play the National Lottery.

South Africa has become one of the most attractive gambling markets, which is also the motivation behind the increasing number of South Africa Online Casinos. Statistics show a massive increase in casino gaming and sports betting, especially among online players.

As a result, the number of casino adverts in South Africa has skyrocketed over the past few years as the industry continues to take shape. These adverts come in the form of huge highway billboards, flyers, printed brochures, advertorials in newspapers, online banners, and even mobile-specific adverts.

Data shows that land-based casinos remain the most preferred option for South African players, while slot machines contribute around 76% to the overall revenue. According to information from the National Gambling Board, the betting market in 2020 amounted to R32.7 billion, with the SA Government raising R3.2 billion in levies and taxes. With a growth of 48% over the period since 2021, it has resulted in a R34.43 billion in gross gambling revenue for 2022.

Gambling and Advertising Regulators in South Africa

Gambling became legal in South Africa with the passage of the National Gambling Act in 1996. Since 2004, the National Gambling Policy Council has maintained policy consistency in both national and provincial governments. In addition, each of the nine provinces in South Africa has a gambling and racing board that has the authority to consider licenses and oversee operators according to provincial gambling laws, which include the following.

  • Gauteng Gambling Board – Gauteng Gambling Act 4 of 1995, as amended.
  • Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board – Western Cape Gambling and Racing Law 4 of 1996.
  • Eastern Cape Gambling Board – Eastern Cape Gambling and Betting Act 5 of 1997.
  • Free State Gambling and Liquor Authority – Free State Gambling and Racing Act 6 of 1996.
  • Kwa-Zulu-Natal Gaming & Gambling Board – KwaZulu-Natal Gambling Act 10 of 1996.
  • Mpumalanga Economic Regulator – Mpumalanga Gambling Act 5 of 1995.
  • North West Gambling Board – North West Casino, Gaming and Betting Act 13 of 1994.
  • Limpopo Gambling Board – Northern Province Casino and Gaming Act 4 of 1996.
  • Northern Cape Gambling Board – Northern Cape Gambling and Racing Act 5 of 1996

The National Gambling ACT 7 of 2004 include gambling advertising and promotion restrictions, although these state that 10% of a billboard surface should encourage responsible gambling.

Billboard adverts are all over South African Highways

South African online casinos harness the immeasurable power of outdoor advertising, and the growing traffic congestion continues to add to the benefits of billboard marketing. The number of billboards in the country is 13,500 and digital roadside billboards increased by 62% over a period of two years. One of the main motivators behind billboards is that advertisers reach an estimated 93% of South Africans weekly, confirming the effectiveness of utilizing it as a communication channel. The growth in the outdoor advertising market is a clear indication of more and more companies including gambling operators competing. In 2020, it was worth R4,09 billion and it is expected to rise by 2025 to R5.8 billion.

In terms of measuring the success of online gambling and other billboard adverts in South Africa, the Outdoor Measure Council states that billboards according to a study can be recalled by 98% of respondents, and 71% can recall a specific advertisement. Measuring conversion rate success, 48% revealed being motivated to act after noticing outdoor billboards, which confirms the huge influence on adult consumer behaviour.

The number of brands competing for the attention of South Africans continues to increase which includes the online casino marketing. Unfortunately, these don’t provide the necessary information to ensure everyone makes a wise decision. MinimumDepositCasinos not only promote licensed and regulated South African casinos but also negotiates exclusive offers to ensure players enjoy the maximum bonus benefits.

Google ads for casinos have become super annoying

There’s been an upsurge in users moving away from Google search due to the huge increase in annoying advertising. Most feel that casino reviews are secretly nothing more than paid ads and these create misaligned incentives to the search engine. It is surprising that Google managed for such a long period of time to maintain balance. It could be because many individuals still continue using it. What is most frustrating is the increase in results that don’t meet the exact search but rather promote bigger brands. As a result, our phones and other devices are constantly invaded by casino adverts, forums, and blog posts, making sense as to why so many users use add blocks.

MinimumDepositCasinos helps to cut down the noise by offering South Africans first-hand reviews to ensure players are well-informed of reputable and licensed casino brands they can trust. Our ZA casino reviews focus on providing information that matters most during the decision-making stage. This includes confirmed legality, security, fairness, the real value of bonuses, payment methods, payout speeds, and customer services. These are not paid for by the brands. Instead our experts register with each casino, deposit, play, test support, and withdraw, to confirm all validity and information we share with South African players.

Casinos adverts have infected our TV’s

Understandably, advertisers aim for a positive emotion. Their goal is to etch their marketing message in the mind of viewers. However, the interruptions of adverts while trying to watch your favourite show in most instances achieve the opposite. The main reason people get annoyed by adverts, according to a Statista survey, is that the 51% majority is bothered by ads that are not relevant.

But MinimumDepositCasinos goes to great lengths to present offers in a fashion that caters directly to the needs and requirements of individuals such as the highly popular R100 casino signup bonuses.

Casinos made RWC 2023 streaming available to everyone

South Africans were beyond happy that the Rugby World Cup came to their screens. Pineapple, Hollywood Bets and South African Breweries paid MultiChoice R58 million to obtain the sub-license right to broadcast the Rugby World Cup. Many South Africans were able to watch it thanks to their monthly DStv premium of R799.Others were not so lucky and therefore flooded pubs that were screening it.

SABC will now broadcast 16 matches, which will include all the matches of the Springboks. Rugby is hugely popular in the country. It is watched by men, women, and children of all ages, and everyone will remember the three brands that forked out R58 million to make this possible!

Choose where you want to play with MDC South Africa

MinimumDepositCasinos (MDC) believes everyone should be able to choose where they wish to play and that their choices should be based on real facts. For this reason, MDC casino experts spend many hours reviewing and confirming information before compiling online casino reviews. All reviews then enter a comparison stage, and only the most impressive in terms of player well-being are published and recommended. These are listed on our top South African Rand online casino pages.

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