If you’ve been looking for an innovative way to use a credit card for online casino gaming, look no further than Entropay, a virtual credit card brought to you by Visa. In essence, Entropay is pretty similar to a normal credit card, just, as the name says, it’s online instead of having to look after a piece of plastic. When you first sign up for your very own Entropay card, you get a 16-digit card number, the way you do with a credit card, along with a CVV number for additional security.

Introduced back in 2003, Entropay is owned by a British company and is the perfect solution for online casino electronic payments, regardless of where you are or what your credit rating may be. In other words, using Entropay at your preferred online casinos is as easy as using your credit cards. The major variance is that this is really a pre-paid card. The upside to this is that it helps to prevent you overspending funds or not having enough money for your favourite casino games.
Owned by Ixaris Systems Ltd, Entropay is the very first European virtual prepaid card, and a safe and convenient online payment method at that. The prepaid card lets you make online transactions effortlessly. Ixaris Systems Ltd. is a provider of payment services and is licensed and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Service Regulations 2009. Today, Entropay payments are supported by hundreds of online casinos around the world, including some of the most well-known gaming providers.
In fact, Entropay is virtually accepted wherever Visa debit and credit cards are supported as a means of depositing funds.


The only major difference between Entropay and Visa is that Entropay doesn’t exist as a physical card.

What’s more, it must be funded by another banking method, such as your bank account or credit or debit card. Again, this helps to avoid overspending on your games. Entropay also allows you to convert your money into no less than 14 currencies, so if the casino you’re just dying to play at doesn’t accept Euro, you can use Entropay!

Rather interestingly, Entropay, unlike many other types of online payment systems, combines three different services neatly into one. You can use your Entropay card simply as an e-wallet to add or transfer funds or release your funds back to your bank account.
However, the most preferred and stand-out service is the prepaid Virtual Visa that functions just like an e-wallet with the added convenience of being used at any online casino that accepts Visa. You can also, if you prefer, opt for a physical Prepaid Plastic MasterCard to make real-world purchases or online ones anywhere that accept MasterCard. Both of these cards can be directly linked to your Entropay account.

So, in terms of online gambling fun, let’s take a closer look at what Entropay has to offer you.

Benefits of Entropay

There’s no denying that Entropay is one of the most flexible methods when it comes to both funding and withdrawing from your favourite online casino. Being able to treat your Entropay funds as both a prepaid card and an e-wallet, be it through MasterCard or Visa, gives you the perfect opportunity to deposit funds at many online casinos out there.
We’d go so far as to say Entropay’s accessibility is unparalleled. You can link your funds directly to your online Visa or physical MasterCard, and you can also access your deposits and casino winnings without having to withdraw them to your bank account – that means faster withdrawals to get your hands on your casino wins!
The prepaid virtual card from Entropay gives you the freedom to instantly spend the money that is available on your card whenever you want to – with just a few clicks.
To receive your virtual Visa card, you just have to carry out a couple of easy steps. Firstly, you will need to create an instant account – a really effortless process that takes just minutes. Then, you must load a certain amount of cash to your virtual card using either a credit or debit card or your bank account.


Once you’ve finalised that step, you are given the opportunity to make purchases online, or deposit to your real money casino account, anywhere you see the Visa logo.

Overall, there are plenty of benefits when it comes to using a prepaid virtual Visa card from Entropay. The mere fact that this is a Visa card means it’s acceptable almost anywhere, not just at online casinos. What’s more, you don’t have to go through a dreaded credit check, which means your credit history doesn’t count and you can be playing your favourite online casino games in no time at all!
Furthermore, this card offers you complete control over the available funds. That’s because it’s prepaid. In other words, you can only spend what you’ve loaded on the card, helping you stay out of unwanted debt. The prepaid Entropay virtual Visa card is just that – virtual – making it easier than ever for you to use whenever you need to, whether it’s from your PC desktop or on your smartphone or tablet.
Entropay has put your security first, too, offering a completely risk-free technology platform and complete privacy in terms of your financial and personal information.
So, are there any downfalls to Entropay, we hear you ask? Well, the only disadvantage we can think of is that not every casino accepts payments and withdrawals via Entropay. Some, however, will let you deposit funds into your player account with the prepaid card, but you may need to find another banking method for your withdrawals. That’s not really a big deal, though, in the grand scheme of things!

Timeframes and Fees

Entropay prepaid cards are, on the whole, considered economical thanks to the straightforward fee structure and affordable ways to pay online. It’s absolutely free of charge to open up an Entropay account and create your very own virtual Visa card. Spending the money loaded on your Entropay card is also free.


Mostly, the fees and rates charged for using your Entropay prepaid payment services are minimal and can be found on the brand’s website.

You also don’t have to pay any fees for card delivery, if you go that route or online payments at an online casino. But, do keep in mind that there are fees of around 3.95% involved when loading cash onto your virtual Entropay card via your bank account. There’s also a 4.95% fee for loading funds via your credit card.
If your preferred online casinos allow you to withdraw funds to your Entropay account, you’ll usually incur a fee of around €6. There are also fees for leaving the account inactive for 6 or more months. On the bright side, all Entropay transactions are processed instantly.

Deposit with Entropay

Making deposits into your online casino real money account with Entropay is the same as using a credit or debit card. Once you choose the Entropay option from the online cashier section and decide how much to deposit, a window will pop up for you to input your name and the number of your virtual card.


You’ll also need to provide the card’s expiration date and CVV code. Once that’s done, the money will appear in your account. Done!

Even better, since Entropay works like a debit or credit card, you can use it on any type of device, whether it’s mobile or desktop. This, along with the lightening-fast deposits means this has proven to be a popular payment method with online casino players.

Entropay Withdrawals

Most casinos that accept Entropay as a deposit method do allow you to withdraw your winnings to your card, too. The bank transfer method should work well. However, as we said earlier, there are a few casinos that don’t allow you to withdraw to an Entropay prepaid card.


Lack of protection methods is always a big concern when it comes to online payment methods, at casinos or anywhere for that matter. You want to use a method knowing full-well that your banking and personal details are well protected. You never want your personal data or card numbers revealed to untrusted or underhanded sources, which can put cardholders at risk when using credit or debit cards.
Enough doom and gloom. Entropay puts protecting its customers right at the top of its priority list.


This is why it allows you to keep everything confidential, and it promises to never reveal any of your banking or personal details to third parties.

What’s more, the virtual prepaid card is certified by TRUSTe, a reputable and reliable independent authority that operates strict regulations when it comes to privacy, having implemented some of the best practices around for keeping you and your money safe and secure.
Entropay never lists or shares your personal or banking date with merchants. The same goes for your transaction history. The personal information needed by the site when you register an account is merely used to open your account and improve service offerings.
What’s more, your transaction history, login details and personal information are all kept safe and sound with the help on 128-bit encryption, making it all virtually unreadable when sent from you to the website and back again. In fact, as soon as your details reach Entropay’s website, they are totally protected by firewalls within Entropay’s security network.


Overall, Entropay gives you quick, effortless and safe means to pay for your goods and services, particularly when it comes to online casinos, through the unique prepaid virtual Visa card.
The astounding benefits of this payment method has quickly ensured it is one of the most preferred and recognised web-based payment services in our world. The fact that the virtual card is accepted anywhere where you see a Visa logo has also made it favoured amongst users who desire quick and convenient payment services along with top-notch security.
For casino players, Entropay remains a payment method of choice, for anonymity, speed and the fact that you cannot play with more than you’ve loaded on your card.


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