Poli Casino Payment Method

The Australian-based POLI deposit option is similar in function to well-known payment processing systems, Interac and Trustly. These are systems that allow you to make a deposit into your casino account directly from your bank account, without sharing your banking details with the casino. Trustly is available throughout Europe, while Interac is the Canadian counterpart. Available in Australia and New Zealand, Poli is a product of Australia Post. Like its Canadian and European counterparts, Poli is a platform that allows players who are members of its network of participating banks to conduct online transactions securely while maintaining their privacy.

Benefits of Poli Minimum Deposit Casinos

Poli provides both convenience and safety when you are conducting transactions online. You can use your usual internet banking processes to buy goods or to fund your casino account. Poli adds a layer of security by ensuring that your details are kept safe. Your internet banking logins are never stored, or even cached, and the transactions themselves are protected by digital encryption, so the system is extremely secure.

There are several other advantages to using Poli to fund your casino account:

  • Poli is possibly the cheapest alternatives to using a credit card that you can get at the moment. As a customer, it is free for you to use Poli services.
  • Poli doesn’t require any extra account admin from you. You need to have an internet banking account, but you don’t need a credit card or separate Poli account in order to use it.
  • Poli is easy to use and auto-fills most of the payment information for you, so your transactions are quick as well as safe. You will get instant confirmation after each of your Poli transactions.

Minimum Deposit with Poli

The minimum deposit that you can make through Poli will vary, depending on the casino you have chosen. The system itself will not limit your transactions. The number of casinos that accept Poli transactions is not large, but because this payment option is so popular in the territories it covers, more and more casinos are starting to support it. Generally, the minimum deposit casino category that has the highest number of Poli casinos is the $/€10 range.

Withdrawals at Poli at Minimum Deposit Casinos

Both deposits and withdrawals are straightforward transactions if you use Poli. When you are in your chosen casino’s cash-out section, choose the amount you want to withdraw and select Poli as your payment method. If the casino supports this option, you will be able to select it from the list when you make your withdrawal. Follow the casino instructions to complete your secure online transaction.

Poli Withdrawals

Although some casino sites claim that you cannot cash out your winnings through Poli, it is actually possible to do so if you find a casino that is willing to process withdrawals through this method. The availability of Poli as a withdrawal option is entirely dependent on the casino’s policies, and not any limitations offered by Poli itself.

Safety with Poli

The way that Poli works is that it allows you to access your internet banking account, but instead of going to it directly, you use the Poli servers as an intermediary. This adds an extra level of security to your transaction because Poli uses 2048 bit SSL digital encryption to ensure that your communications through its servers are protected. Poli does not collect any information like your username or password, and it does not cache your data either. Aside from the company’s internal security processes and measures, Poli holds international certification and is audited regularly to ensure that its security management is up to the strict standards required.

How To Use Poli

If you have internet banking with one of the Australian or New Zealand banks supported by Poli, you have access to the service. You do not need to create a Poli account. All you need to do is select the payment option at checkout when you are shopping online, or as a deposit option in the casino cashier section. You will be able to access your internet banking page through the Poli servers and make your transaction as you normally would. The casino or the merchant will not see your banking details, and you will not have to pay any fees. Poli will send you a confirmation message as soon as the transaction is completed.


Poli is a safe, convenient and free alternative to using credit cards or debit cards to fund your casino account. Because you use your own internet banking logins, there is no need to create a new third-party account and store an additional set of login details. Your information is protected by high-level digital encryption, and Poli acts as a buffer between you and the casino so your information is not accessible to then either. The only disadvantage to the Poli payment method is that it is not available worldwide.


Poli is a secure payment option that does not require a third-party account, or a credit or debit card. You simply use the Poli system to access and perform your transactions through your own internet banking account. It is free to use it as a customer, so as well as the convenience factor, it is a cost-effective payment option too.
Unlike most other payment options, Poli requires no admin. You don’t need an account, and you don’t have to verify your identity or funding methods. It gives you access to your own bank account, without the fees associated with credit cards, debit cards, web wallets or other payment options. Your transactions will be confirmed instantly and both deposits and withdrawals into casino accounts are fast and convenient.
Poli is only available in Australia and New Zealand at the moment. It is not supported by all online casinos, but this is slowly changing as casinos who offer their services in New Zealand are realising how popular this payment method is becoming and the level of convenience it offers. If you are a player in New Zealand, you are likely to find Poli offered as a payment option at many good online casinos.
Visa and Mastercard both have their advantages at online casinos, but Poli is better in almost every way except availability. Visa and Mastercard may carry transaction fees, and withdrawals can take from 1 to three days. If you use Visa and Mastercard, you will need to share the card details with the casino. Although it is safe to do so at reputable, licensed casinos, many players are not comfortable to share their card details. Poli provides an alternative. You can log in to your own internet banking account through the Poli servers, which means that you have a buffer between your casino account and bank account, and the casino cannot access your banking information. However, one drawback to Poli is that it is only available in Australia and New Zealand, so it is not as widely available at online casinos as the Visa and Mastercard options.
Poli does not charge its customers a transaction fee, so any payments you make, or withdrawals you request will carry no fees. Instead of charging customers, Poli extracts a small fee from the merchants who support the system, so there is no alteration in the convenience to you.
Poli is an extremely safe system. All transactions are protected by digital encryption, and the security systems are regularly tested and audited to ensure your safety. Poli does not retain any of your data, so you don’t have to worry about any misuse of your sensitive information.
All communication through Poli is protected, and numerous server-side checks prevent tampering. Poli also scans file systems to protect against any changes that have not been authorised.