Skrill Minimum Deposit Casinos

Skrill was formerly known as Moneybookers

Skrill is the new name for the well-known online payment method formerly known as Moneybookers. They’re a third party payment processor and is one of the most recognised e-wallet online payment methods out there. Most online casinos accept Skrill as a banking option and their deposit limits are generally amongst the lowest out there.
Skrill provides clients with a personal internet bank account (e-wallet). Any funds you deposit in your account are easily used to make online payments at casinos. To use the service, you just need to open a free account via their website using a valid e-mail address.

Top Skrill Minimum Deposit Casinos
Casino Offer Min Dep Rating Sign Up
$/€300 plus 20 free spins *

Slots Million
Slots Million
100% match deposit up to $/€100 + 100 Free Spins *

Slotty Vegas
Slotty Vegas
€100-100% Welcome Match Bonus + 25 Free Spins *

888 Casino
888 Casino
100% match deposit and €/$88 *

100% Match Bonus UP TO €/$300 + 100 Free Spins *

Casino Gods
Casino Gods
$/€300 plus 300 free spins *

*T&Cs apply to each of the offers. Click “Sign Up” for more details. Please gamble responsibly! You must be 18+.

Skrill 1, 5, 10, 20 Deposits 

When it comes to making deposits and payments for casinos, many fans choose Skrill as their payment method of choice. The option is reliable, fast and trusted, and can be tailored and adapted to a wide range of casino sites, and minimum deposits. 

Skrill is a fast, secure and reliable payment system which allows the account holder to send money safely and securely to a third party, making it a popular choice with casino fans all over the world. It is flexible and adaptable, and so can be used to make deposits in a wide range of casino types, including:

One of the major advantages to Skrill is that is can be used on $/€1 deposit casinos; one of the most accessible and popular options in the industry. These sites allow more people to enjoy the array of games on offer, without having to worry about finding hefty deposit costs, or wagering and risking large amounts of their hard earned cash. By making a deposit with Skrill, you are not only assuring yourself that your payment is legitimate and authentic, you can also keep it safe, secure and stay fully in control of your cash at all times. Even better, a $/€1 deposit casino means that you are free to pursue a library of games, try out new titles, and bring the fun back into your visit – all without having to risk money, or worry about being tempted to go further and spend large sums of cash. Instead, you are totally in control at all times. 

Similarly, Skrill can also be used for $/€5 deposit casinos, often considered to be the ‘next category’ in the world of online games. As with $/€1 deposit sites, these are open, accessible and inviting; you have head over and enjoy the games, even if you are not a flash high-rolling player, willing to risk thousands. Instead, you can access a wide range of titles for an affordable price. Even more importantly, a lower deposit casino means that players are able to access the promotions, deals and bonuses on offer – these can have the potential to net you larger sums of cash, and so can be a great initial stepping stone into the world of online casinos. By making a deposit – even if it is just $/€5 – you will be on the first rung of the ladder. $/€5 deposit casinos often include match bonuses as part of their appeal, and this can allow you to double your initial deposit very quickly, and with minimal financial commitment on your part. Once this has been played through, players will find themselves with a higher figure in the bank, allowing you to unlock more games, deals, promotions and offers. 

The flexibility of Skrill means that it is also suitable for use in $/€10 deposit casinos; these are one of the most popular options available to players. Many of the major deals, bonuses, promotions and offers on the market will require a minimum deposit of at least $/€10 in order to qualify and trigger the deal, and these deposits can be made via Skrill for ultimate peace of mind and security – this means that you can focus on playing and enjoying your favourite slots, with no need to worry about your financial obligations or commitments, or the security of your hard earned cash. 

At the higher end of the scale with regards to deposit options sit the $/€20 deposit casinos. At this point, players will often be able to unlock more lucrative, tempting bonuses and offers, with higher numbers and figures starting to be discussed. A 100% match bonus at this level starts to become even more impressive, and you may find that the potential payouts, odds and rewards are skewed further in your favour, as a reward for placing a higher deposit. Skrill can also be used for these deposits, allowing you to stake larger numbers without worry, and holding your deposits securely until you uncover the perfect deal to play them on. 

If you are looking for a safe, secure payment system which is also super simple to use, why not give Skrill a try? Its versatility and adaptability makes it popular with players and customers all across thw world, and it has earned its place as a popular payment method for all the right reasons. Whether you play a $/€1, a $/€5, a $/€10 or head right up to a $/€20 casino, Skrill is the perfect payment method to suit your preferences. 

How To Use Skrill

Once you’ve opened an account, you just need to fund it to start using it online casinos. Just use a credit card, online or standard bank transfer, other e-wallets,
As soon as funds are available, you can make instant deposits into your favourite online casino that accept Skrill as a payment method. You can withdraw your winnings from the online casino, as well as send or receive money to other Skrill account holders.
With all web wallets, there are fees for using different services. However, in many cases, the services are free of charge but, be sure to have a look at the fees applicable to you and how you utilise the account going forward. A foreign exchange rate applies if the currency of the payment is different than the currency on your account.

Benefits of Using Skrill

There are many online casinos that have a very low minimum deposit limit. Deposits into online casinos accepting Skrill can be as low as $/€1.00. Varying casinos have different deposit limits at their sites though so be sure to read their terms on what their minimum deposit requirement is.
Using Skrill as a payment method provides the online casino player with complete anonymity and they use strong encryption to prevent any untoward behaviour happening on your account.

 Deposits via Skrill

To open a Skrill account all you need is an email address and a credit card or bank account. It takes a bit of time to set up your account as you need to supply your identity documentation and verify your banking details. Once you have jumped over the various hurdles, it all becomes worth the effort as online gambling becomes a breeze for you. Funding your casino account becomes a fast and easy process.  Skrill transactions process instantly with no extra charges.
When you’re ready to make deposits to your casino account, make sure you have funds available in your Skrill account. There are loads of options for funding your account, depending on which country you reside in. Credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, and wire transfers are all methods for funding your account. Just check which funding methods are available in which currencies by having a look at their website.
To deposit into your casino account, on the “Deposit” page, select “E-wallets” and then choose “Skrill” (or “Moneybookers”). Just provide the same e-mail address you used when you registered with them as well as the amount you want to deposit. The money is instantly transferred to your casino account and there is generally no fee for making deposits.

 Skrill withdrawals

The most attractive aspect of a Skrill account is how fast you’re able to make deposits and receive withdrawals. Once you’ve funded your account, you are able to transfer funds in and out of online casinos fairly easy.
Another advantage of using Skrill is the fact that their deposit limits are really low as well. In fact, they have one of the lowest deposit limits around.
There are no fees associated with your account unless you’re using a MasterCard debit card. This payment option is best for players who move funds around online often. It’s the quickest, most cost-effective method around. Nothing tops the ability to be able to withdraw your winnings from an ATM, pure convenience if you ask us!
Cashing out with Skrill is like cashing out with any other banking method. Just select “Skrill” from the casino’s menu withdrawal options, enter how much cash you want to withdraw and wait for the transaction to be processed. Skrill withdrawals and deposits are instant so there should be no hassle using them as a preferred payment method.
Transaction time: Instant
Fee: 0%
Minimum withdrawal: $10


When it comes to enjoying an online casino, one large aspect to consider is, of course, the range of payment methods on offer. These are essential for making deposits and withdrawing your winnings, and making a perfect choice can be tricky with so many methods on offer. Skrill offers a speedy and secure payment option, and is available at a range of websites, from 1 to 10 deposit casinos!
Skrill offers a way to transfer cash and make payments and transactions online in a way that is safe and convenient for customers. It acts as an e-wallet and cash transfer service; customers transfer cash into their online eWallet, and this is then used to transfer funds to make payments and deposits. Users can also access one of two prepaid MasterCards – the Skrill Virtual Card, and the Skrill PrePaid MasterCard. Skrill is accepted by most major casinos and can be accessed by heading over to the ‘Payment Methods’ section of the site and following the instructions.
Your Skrill account can be held in any of the major currencies found around the world. It is important to note however that the currency cannot be altered once the first transaction has been made. Prepaid cards are available in four currencies: USD, EUR, PLN, and GBP.
Transferring money to your Skrill wallet using a bank account can take up to 5 days, but processing times for other methods are usually instant. Withdrawing the amount from your account can take anything from 3-5 days depending on the casino you are using.
If you choose to withdraw from Skrill using credit or debit cards, bank transfer or Swift, there is a 7.5% fee for cards and a €5.50 fee for bank transfer and Swift. Transferring between Skrill accounts is free for VIP’s or incurs a 1.45% fee for other users. Skrill to Neteller transfers has a 1% fee.
For users who may be worried about security, Skrill is a great way to keep your financial details safe and secure online. It offers an alternative to entering financial information directly to the site and has an excellent reputation for maintaining security.

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