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Bingo! Bingo! These are the words you hear very time an excited bingo player gets a big win. It’s an exciting game that people young and old love to play.
Online bingo was launched in 1996 and its growth and popularity has soared ever since. Online bingo is a convenient and comfortable way of playing your favourite game without leaving the comfort of your home. It’s also a good experience for players on the go. There’s no restriction on time or place; you can play at any time.
Online bingo is found in most online casinos, with a wide range of bonuses and real money winnings. For a player to win bingo their numbers have to be chosen and this all depends on the luck of the draw.
Here at Minimum Deposit Casinos, we’ve put together a small guide to help you hit Bingo and have some fun.


To play online bingo the player has to: pick a bingo site, register and typically make a real money deposit – try our 5 deposit casinos, for the best bang for your buck. You can also play with no money by signing up at a site with no deposit bonus. Bingo games include:

  1. 75 Ball Bingo – this bingo game includes: 24 numbers laid in a square with a free square in the middle. The player will be awarded their prizes once they complete line or make set patterns on the ticket depending on the game.
  2. 75 Ball Variant –also known as pattern bingo. It is one of the most popular online bingo game and has been around for a while. The game uses balls between 1 and 75 as well as applying different types of card.
  3. 80 Ball Bingo – this bingo game has 16 numbers laid out in a square. It has various prize formats that are based on lines.
  4. 90 Ball Bingo – this bingo involves 15 numbers over 3 rows. Prizes are won for 1 line, 2 lines and a full house.


  1. Have fun – it is not a game if you are not having fun when playing .The purpose of every game is basically to have fun while enjoying the game. If you are not having fun you probably shouldn’t be playing that game. Bingo games are always fun.
  2. Know the game – you should learn the game before playing and also know the different prizes that you can win from the games.
  3. Reduce competition – The player is likely to increase their probability of winning with fewer players on the game. To achieve, this you have to research and estimate off-peak time for online gamers.
  4. Play multiple cards – this is the most popular strategy. The more cards the player plays, the higher the likelihood of winning. It is also possible to buy expensive cards for bigger prizes.
  5. Use the chat room as you play –be interactive and get to know other online bingo players. This will help you share ideas and also increase your odds of winning. Chat rooms help the player to be aware of the prizes and competition within the game.
  6. Buy as many cards as you can match – If the player is not using the online auto-daub it will be impossible to keep track of the cards and its winning numbers. Therefore the player should have an estimated amount of cards that they can keep track.
  7. Use bingo strategy system to win at online bingo – although bingo game numbers are selected randomly, there are two systems that you can follow to improve your chances
  8. Granville’s bingo strategy system- it’s the most popular system applied by bingo players. It uses mathematical skills to determine bingo odds that improve the selection of bingo cards with numbers that make the card symmetric. This system established a pattern that can be applied on all bingo games to increase the odds of winning.
  9. Tippett bingo strategy system – this is a more simple strategy as it analyzes the statistics and probability of the numbers drawn.(example : if you play 75-ball bingo, it is more likely to draw closer to medium number 38 if the game is longer and closer to 1 and to 75 if the game is shorter )

Trustworthiness of an Online Casino

As much as having fun is the main priority while playing online bingo. The player has to make sure that you are playing at a trusted site. Choose a legal site that has met all the rules and regulations as set forth by the gambling authorities. The casino should be fully licensed within your jurisdiction. International regulatory bodies such as ECogra monitor fair play, payment methods and software. The player should be able recognise the international seal of approval shown on the casinos website.
It is important for the player to always read and agree on the terms and conditions set by the various casinos. Since the player has to abide by the terms and conditions stipulated.

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