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If you are an experienced player in casinos, you’ll probably rate Blackjack as one of the all-time greatest casino games ever. It’s that great mix of an easy game but also one where you can use a little skill or strategy to gain the upper hand.
Here at Minimum Deposit Casinos, we’ve put together a small guide to help you pick up the rules of the game as well as some basic strategy that will help you beat the dealer.


If you’re surprised by the number of people cramming up the Blackjack tables at casinos, don’t be. This is such an easy game to play! The main idea is to get as close to 21 as possible, without going over. You also want to have a higher hand than the dealer. Whoever goes above 21 first, busts the game. This is how it’s played:

  1. You will receive two cards, with their value facing up. The dealer will also deal himself two cards-one’s value facing up, and the other down.
  2. You will need to make a decision with the two cards handed to you:
    • HIT-The dealer will give you another card
    • STAND-Tell the dealer to move to the next player and keep what you have
    • SPLIT-Convert what you have into two separate hands
    • DOUBLE DOWN-You will receive another card with no option of taking any other.
  3. If your hand is valued at 21 or less, you remain in the game.
  4. Once everyone at the table has settled on their decision, the dealer will show the value of his face down card.

After this hand, several other options are available:

  • BLACKJACK: Happens when you hit 21.
  • INSURANCE-This is taken to protect the player if the dealer has an Ace on his face up card.
  • SURRENDER-If you don’t like your hand, you ca surrender half of it
  • SOFT 17-This is when the dealer’s hand has an Ace in it. A dealer will be required to draw another card if his cards add up to 17.
  • TAKING EVEN MONEY-per chance you hit a blackjack, and your dealer has an Ace, you will tie if he too has a blackjack. To avoid the risk of losing, choose to take even money and get paid 1:1.
  • DOUBLE DOWN-It might not be the best move for value not totalling 10 or 11.


Perfect Blackjack: This happens when the player has a perfect pair-cards in the exact same suit. The payout can be as high as 25 to 1.
Blackjack Switch: A player has the chance to play two hands concurrently, and can switch the top card from either of the two hands to advance their winning possibilities.
Blackjack Surrender: In this game, you have the chance to surrender your hand after the first two cards have been dealt. In this case, you will get back half of your stake.


  • Blackjack requires that all your money is seen by the cameras, so place what you are betting outside your betting spot and specify the denomination you want.
  • Avoid unnecessary objects like bags or wallets on the table. You can bring a drink to the table but use a holder made available by the casino.
  • Ensure that when picking the cards, you use only one hand, not two.
  • Don’t touch the cards when the dealer places them on the table. The face of the cards is usually up, so the dealer will easily announce the value belonging to each player. Keep your bet on the table till you win or lose.
  • Communicate with the dealer using hand signals rather than shouting out what you want. Security cameras are always on the lookout at casinos to ensure that your hand signals match what you want done.
  • Do not dish out advice to your fellow player on how they should place their bets. Unless asked, let your neighbour play as they wish.


Ensure you fully understand the game before you play. Most players lose money because they are not fully familiar with the rules for the game. Various kinds of the game will have certain rules, determining whether you will win or lose. So be keen to check out the games and try out a few of them before you bet with real money.
A key point to note is the value of the cards in blackjack. Cards like K, Q, J and 10 are valued at 10 points, and the pictures on their face add no value to the card. Aces are of a significant value, as they can either be valued at 1 or 11 depending on what will most add value in your situation.


It’s OK to count the value of your cards in Blackjack, but do not use a calculator or any other gadget. Do the math in your head. Here is how to do it:

  • You will use either -1, 0 or +1 to count. On receiving your cards, start your count at 0, and change the value as the cards hit the felt. If a 3 hits, add 1, if a 6 hits, add another 1 and if 10 hits, subtract 1.
  • Look out for the number of cards that hit the table especially of playing at a casino table as compared to online.
  • Reset your count once after all the 52 cards in a deck have been hit. Do this by taking your count and diving it with the number of decks remaining in the shoe.


Blackjack is not just a game of chance. It requires skill. Clever gamblers have a thing for blackjack games. This is because it is the game with the least house edge compared to all other casino games that are played online. By using specific methods, a player can swing the odds in their favour. This is a feature uncommon to other games. With the right strategy, you can lessen the casino’s edge to nearly zero.


Is every casino out there reliable? Not exactly. Know precisely who is providing for the game. Some of the casinos are reluctant to pay after a big win. Ensure that the one you choose has a valid licence and is regulated.

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