Online Slots

Online slots-Step into any famous casino, whether in London or Vegas, and listen to the noise of all the slot machines that fill the space. The clamour and excitement from the slots is a noise like no other. Whether you come out with a massive win or a simple return of your bet, slots games are fun! Since they’re easy to play and require less commitment, slots games have become the most popular games in the casino. No rules to cram or dealers to negotiate with. The basic step to play slots games is to bet, spin and win!
But don’t be fooled. Like any game on the market, slots games require some skill in order to win. They use various terms that that new players may not understand. This could lead to big losses. So do your research and understand what the various terms mean.
At Minimum Deposit Casinos we’ve put together an online slots guide which gets you familiar with all the terms and gives you some tips on how to win big at online slots.

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Classic Slots

Though they sound old school, they are not so necessarily. Casinos have come up with modern machines that have been styled to resemble those of past generations. Game providers have installed three reels and single paylines in order to copy the style of the original games. These have gained popularity because they are simple to use, and have a nostalgic feeling of the yesterday play.

Free Slot Games

These are any slot games that will not need a real money wager. They are simple to navigate and play. No money is exchanged between the player and the casino. Again, they do not have any specific regulations and can simply be played from a browser with no internet connection!

Video Slots

The title to these games is played around with in casinos. It lacks its weight since any machine that has a modern graphics and animations can be termed a video slot. Conclusively, almost all online slots could be called video slots. The name may have been coined to differentiate between classic slots and everything else in the market.

Progressive Slots

These games are the kind connected across a kind of network. This is for the purpose of growing the size of progressive jackpots. A certain percentage is deducted from every coin deposited in to the network leading to an ever growing jackpot. The network link could be between slot machines within or without the casino. An example of this is the Slot o Mania.

Licenced slots

These games go a step further to bring your favourite movie characters to the casino. Are you a fan of Batman, the minions or Wolverine? Then check out machines that have these characters face on them, or installed with their voice in them. The attraction of this is simple-players want to be familiar with the machines.


Once you win at a machine, there are various ways to receive your reward:

  • Coin Tray: The money is held within a coin hopper, then dropped down to the coin tray after a win or by pushing the “cashout” button.
  • Hand Tray: This is the cash received directly from an employee at the casino. This often takes place when the prize is bigger than the machine is disposed to pay.

Online Slots Games-Tips

The way to win from slots games is to know the machines that have the highest variance, since these will pay less often but will most likely hit big returns. The disadvantage is that most casinos will not indicate the high or low variance machines.
Understand the rules for the machine you have picked. Know what the terms mean to avoid careless losses. Most of the terms may have different meanings depending on the machine.
Some have advised that a player should have a budget to play with.  But a player must know how to match what they budget with the cost of a slot spin. If say you have a budget of 200 dollars only to find out that the machine swallowed a half of it with just two spins! How frustrating! Always know the full betting range of the machine you choose since this will equal the budget you allocate before the games. Read more about how betting value works on slot machines.
Form a pattern for your betting. Bet a large amount when you are winning then switch to lesser amounts when losing. In doing this, you are extending the amount of playing time you have and widening your budget to increase your probabilities of winning.
Also, don’t just check out a casino’s reputation, but also know the payout odds on their slots. Most of these differ between various casinos. The negligible difference in each of these will most likely escalate your chances of a big win.
Have a keen eye for the type of slot machine. Choose wisely. Check out the number of reels a machine has. The more it has, the bigger the payouts. With this in mind, progressive slots have the bets payouts though the returns are lower.
Last but not least, a good player knows when to stop. This will keep you from spending money that you actually do not have. If you have had a big win, go out and enjoy the money elsewhere. Do not lose it all by playing it all back because you couldn’t control yourself.