Android Casinos

Android Minimum Deposit casinos offer great gamesAndroid phones users tend to be loyal customers because of the constant software upgrades they get and the device’s sleek and sophisticated interface. Now there’s even more to love about the Android mobile as it boasts innovative upgrades and the option to play real money Android Minimum Deposit casinos online. We wouldn’t say no to this delicious offer.
Android users love the versatility they get from Android OS because you aren’t limited to only one type of iDevice. You’re able to choose from a multitude of smartphone models, shapes and sizes that run Android software. Whether your mobile of choice is a Samsung, HTC, LG or other model, you’re not limited to one design. This is why we believe you’ll love the Android options available to online gambling.
First time gamers who have popular devices like the Sony Xperia, Samsung Galaxy, or LG G5, may find choosing an Android casino app a confusing task. If you want to play an Android mobile casino or download a casino app to win real money, we’ve all the details you need to make an informed decision.
There are always so many new offerings that there is no shortage of Android mobile casinos to choose from. Have a look through our list of mobile casinos with the lowest minimum deposit limits available to Android users.

Android Minimum Deposit Casinos

All of the casinos we recommend have mobile versions available that will responsively adjust to the size of your screen. Some of these casinos accept deposits from as little as $1.00. Others have will have minimum deposits of $5.00 or $10.00. The lower deposit limits may only apply to certain payment processors. However, the majority of online casinos will accept very low deposit amounts from players using methods like Paysafecard.
The fairly recent move by Google to remove real money casino and gambling apps from the Google Play store may have prompted many Android casino players to flock to Apple. Their policy towards online gambling is much more lenient and they allow gambling apps in their app store. However, there are still ways of downloading real money casino apps on Android.

How do I download Android casino apps?

A casino app is a tiny program you install onto your mobile device in order to gain access to casino games directly from your tablet or mobile phone. Before we explain the process to you, remember you need to open your security settings to begin the download process. Access this under settings, click on security and then unknown sources. Select “allow” and “OK”. Your device now is open to download apps from third parties outside of the Google Play Store.
Although there are tons of different apps uploaded in Google Play that cater to the online gaming industry, unfortunately, these don’t include real money games as this goes against Goggle’s policy. But online gamblers can still play straight from their browsers or download third-party apps outside of Google Play as previously mentioned.

Is the mobile casino app the same as the online casino? 

Online casinos will try to uphold the same user experience when playing from the casino app or from your browser. This means that many of the online casinos will have a smaller game offering when utilising their casino app. There is still a large variety of slots and jackpot games available. And of course, the added convenience playing on the go!

Is there a difference between a mobile casino and the casino app?

Both casino applications and mobile casino sites are designed specifically for playing from your smartphone or a tablet. What this means is that all graphics, text and games have been resized to properly fit the format of a small screen. The most obvious difference is that casino app needs to be downloaded to your mobile device whereas the mobile site can be accessed directly from your browser so no download is required.
Many reputable online casinos will offer both a mobile site as well as an Android app; other casinos may only have one or the other. A mobile casino will play equally well on any operating system like the Android or iOS devices whilst an app is specific to an operating system. Both should work well in terms if general navigation and gameplay if it’s been properly designed. You may also be limited in payment options as well.

Which games can I play on my Android?

When playing your favourite games on your Android, you’ll see the Android offers you pretty much the same experience as playing on your desktop. Roulette, baccarat, Blackjack, slots, poker and video poker, are all available on your Samsung Galaxy, Note, or other Android mobile casino apps.

What is the minimum deposit for Android casinos?

Many online casinos offer minimum deposits as low as $1.00 from your Android mobile. The majority of the mobile casino versions have all the payment methods available to make minimum deposits. Online casinos have a free play version on their app as well as their mobile version. This takes the pressure off of feeling the need to make a deposit. So you can try out games and see which ones you would like to play real money at.

Do I still receive my Welcome Bonus if I play on my Android?

A casino that doesn’t offer a welcome bonus needs to reassess how they’ll attract new customers. This is because almost every online casino offers a welcome bonus for new players with many special bonuses for Android mobile players.

Can I access the same casino account that’s on my computer?

Yes, you can access your account through both your Android mobile phone or tablet and your computer. Your balance will also be updated depending on your wins or losses.

Are my personal banking details secure?

Your security is of utmost importance to the online casinos we have chosen and we would not recommend an online casino with questionable security or that’s untrustworthy. A vital part of our reviews are investigations into the security of any real money Android casino app. Many online Android casinos will ask you for personal info when you play to win real money. We make sure they use state of the art security features to keep your personal and private details safe.

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