October 13, 2017

Online Casino Safety

Implementing Responsible Gambling while using Online Casinos

Online Casino safety is paramount for both players and casino operators alike. It recently broke that the online casino enterprise 888 had been in breach of rules and regulations due to their failure to have a responsible gambling system in place for players. The United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC) slapped the company with a hefty £7.8m fine. This was for omitting vital information to protect gamers from potential risks associated with online casinos.

What led to the fine was 888’s failure to prevent players having full access to their own account, even though they had chosen to exclude themselves. More than 7,000 customers were placing wagers and depositing even though they should have been locked out of the account. This led to a total of £3.5m being deposited into 888’s account unlawfully. This fine will mean the customers are fully refunded for their loss, which includes a player’s employer who had a quantity of money stolen because of the breach.

There are a number of safeguards that online casino users can put in place to protect themselves from gambling-related risks.

Making Responsible Online Casino Playing Choices

 Online casinos are a lot of fun. They remain a past-time for many people who see it solely as a hobby. But to make sure it stays that way, you need to make the right choices and consider online casino safety. Keeping a close watch on your bankroll is paramount, so you know exactly how much you have to spend. Implementing a budget and putting limits into place are essential tools when choosing to gamble responsibly.

Vulnerable Position

While using online casinos, people in the past have found themselves unable to resist the thrill of the spin. This has had negative impacts on their lives. If this is creeping into your life, you should reach out to someone you can talk to. Having an open account can make you vulnerable. So, it’s a good idea to lock down the account for a certain period of time and protect your bankroll.

Dive into the Real World

Online casinos are a great escape from reality on occasions and many people use the online world to do just that. It is important, however, to take a step back from the casino scene sometimes and walk back into the big bad world. Combined with all this, giving yourself an allowance as to how often you can use the casinos means you enjoy it even more if it is limited.

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