January 24, 2019

Online Casino Slots – Choosing Your Total Bet Value

You’ve found the perfect slot game and are anxious to start spinning the reels. You know how to begin, you’ve studied the pay tables, you know exactly what you’re hoping to land, but what to do with those buttons? There’s a button for Bet Level and one for Coin Value. Same thing, right? No, when we compare them according to their function and how they influence wagers and payouts, they become very different. The value of the coin is the value of the coin, the words are self-explanatory, but when we consider the Bet Level, things begin to change somewhat. Let’s consider Coin Value for a moment. Let’s say you are playing 25 paylines of a video slot game and are betting a Coin Value of 1c per payline, your total is 25c per spin, easy enough. If you decide to play 20c per payline, and are playing 25 paylines, you will be wagering €/$5 per spin.

When you decide to play the slots, there are two things you can control. You choose the Coin Value and then decide on the Bet Level. You get to decide how much you want to wager per spin, and this you do by deciding on how may lines to play, multiplied by the Coin Value multiplied by the Bet Level.

Most of the slot games available at online casinos don’t have the Bet Level button, and it’s easy to see exactly how much your wager will be per spin. The Bet Level has confused many people as it changes things somewhat. However, it’s quite simple when you understand how the Bet Level functions. Let’s look at a simple metaphor. Imagine buying 20c worth of sweets and then at the last minute you change your mind and tell the shopkeeper you would like to double the amount of sweets. The 20c is your Coin Value and doubling the amount of sweets would be your Bet Level. Your Bet Level controls not only how many coins you wager per spin but also how many coins you can win, a higher Bet Level will pay you more coins and a lower Bet Level, less coins. Adjusting your Bet Level makes your slot game more interesting because you are controlling how many coins you can win as well as the value of the coins you wager. If you choose to play with a high Coin Value and a high Bet Level, you can win enormous amounts of cash but at the same time, your stakes will be higher and instead of cents you will start wagering Euros and Dollars per spin.

Why Do Some Slots Have Coin Value And Bet Level?

NetEnt, one of the top software suppliers of casino slots games and other video slots and table games, split their wagering into two categories: Players can regulate the amount they bet by changing the Coin Value by changing the Bet Level. For greater flexibility, these two wagering methods can be used simultaneously and the higher you make either of these two options, the more winnings you can accumulate. Depending on what you select, the total amount you wager per spin changes with each of the two options. The Coin Value is based on the actual amount of coins you wager and you can change this easily as you spin the reels. Simply stated, the Coin Value is how much money you decide to spend on each payline, and as we’ve already established, the Coin Value is the value of the actual coins. For example, a slot game offers you the possibility of playing the following options: 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, €/$1.00 and €/$2.00. Play a 25 payline slot game with a coin value of 2c and a Bet Level of 1 and the slot machine will automatically take your instruction to be, I’m going to bet 2c for each payline. Your stake equals 50c per spin. Now we’ll change the Coin Value to 5c at 25 paylines and your total stake will be €/$1.00.

Now we’ll take a look at Bet Level. Because coin values are limited to their value, NetEnt introduced Bet Level, a button that gives the player some wiggle room and a little more freedom to personalise the wager. Instead of betting per payline a set of denominations, i.e.: 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c or €/$1.00, with the Bet Level you can change the value of your wager completely. Your Bet Level will multiply your coin value wager, for example, if you wager 2c per payline, at 25 pay lines, your total stake equals 50c per spin. Now change your Bet Level from 1 to 2. By doing this, you double the entire bet, for example, if you wager 2c per payline, at a Bet Level of 2 for 25 pay lines, your total stake equals €/$1.00per spin. As there no coin denominations in circulation of 4c, so the Bet Level succeeds in allowing you to personalise your total bet. Let’s look at another example, your coin value is 5c and your Bet Level is 5, you actually get a Coin Value of 5c x 5 = 25c. If you choose to play 25 paylines, this means your 5c Coin Value and your 5 Bet Level will give you a total stake of 25 paylines x 25 equals €/$6.25 Total Stake.

Wild Water slot game by NetEnt

Let’s see an actual example of one of NetEnts more popular slot games. Wild Water is a charming slot game with a surfing theme. It has 20 paylines, lots of stacked symbols, a shark is the Wild symbol and a surfer is the Scatter. Select your coin value which range from 1c,2c, 5c, 10c, 20c, and 50c. Let’s say for example you decide to wager 1c cents per spin, for 20 paylines your total wager would be 20c. But you decide you want to up your stakes and get a better chance to win more. The Bet Level is regulated by a ‘level’ button. Click this button to double your coin value, triple it, in fact with this slot game you can multiply your Coin Value up to ten times. Now start spinning the reels, good luck!

Jimi Hendrix by NetEnt

A fantastic sot game inspired by one of the greatest rock legends of all time, Jimi Hendrix, this five reel twenty payline video slot game will have you feeling like a rock star. There are 6 bonus features and two of them will help you get re-spins and wild transformations. The main appealing feature of this game is a Pick and Click feature where you can have cash prizes and 3 free spins features, with up to 12 free spins and up to 5 overlays Wild on each free spin. The slot game is pastel coloured and the reels are set against an open stage and a nature backdrop. Set amidst flower power, love and peace symbols, the soundtrack playing in the background are some of the most famous songs by this legend. Before you start playing this slot game you need to set your bets. Coin denominations go from 1c to €/$1.00, which can be set by the “Coin Value” arrows. If you select to play, for example, 5c per spin, changing your “Level” tab will change your wager value. This game is a 20 payline slot game so betting 5c per payline means you are betting €/$1.00 per spin. However, if you leave your Bet Level tab at the default level of 1, your total wager per spin will remain at €/$1.00. If you change your Bet Level tab to 2, your total wager doubles, change the Bet Level to 3, it triples.

Starburst by NetEnt

We couldn’t finish this tutorial without speaking about one of the most popular games in the slot gaming world. Starburst is a NetEnt slot like no other, it has an arcade feel to it and is completely based on Starburst Wilds. There are five reels and ten paylines and you can play for as little as 10c a spin to €/$100 a spin. Starburst is mesmerising and fast paced and besides being one of the most popular slots online, it offers a 50,000 coin win potential. Starburst has ten paylines on which you can win. If you bet the minimum here, your Bet Level is 1 and your coin value is 1c. Your bet is now 10c. (10 Lines x 1 x 1c = 10c) If you raise your Coin Value to 2c, your bet becomes 20c per spin. (10 lines x 1 x 2c = 20c.) Raise your Coin value to 5c, and your bet is now 50c per spin. (10 lines x 1 x 5c = 50c)

Increasing Coin value gives you bigger raises. For example, on Starburst your bets per raise are 10c, 20c, 50c, €/$1.00, €/$2.00, €/$5.00 and €/$10.00.

Increasing the Bet Level gives you smaller raises. With Coin value 1c on Starburst, if you raise your Bet Level by one each time, your bets would be: 10c, 20c, 30c, 40c, 50c, 60c, 70c, 80c, 90c on Bet Level 9, and on the maximum Bet Level of 10, your bet would be €/$1.00. You’re playing Coin value €/$1.00 and you raise to Bet Level 4. (10 lines x 4 x €/$1.00 = €/$40.00)

Whichever slot game you choose to play, it’s important to have fun! With these helpful tips, you’ll find your slot game adventure more manageable and easier to understand. Keep checking our pages for the best slot games and great online casinos which we have reviewed for you. Happy playing!

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