April 22, 2020

The Best Currency to Play in while staying at home

As the coronavirus keeps us all housebound, online casino gambling has become one of the favourite ways to pass the time as it offers exciting entertainment and fun-filled casino games. More players are exploring new online games like Poker, Roulette and Baccarat while millions are trying new slots games. Online casino gaming provides a fun solution and playing the fun-filled slots and table games can also help players accumulate some wins. But for players across the world playing at Canadian dollar casinos, New Zealand dollar casinos and Great British pound casinos, what is the best currency to play in while staying at home? In our article, we will look at the ins and outs of CAD casinos, NZD casinos, GBP casinos and also depositing with EURO and Bitcoin.

Canadian Dollar

The Canadian Dollar is the official currency of Canada and as it is very similar in appearance to the American dollar, it’s differentiated by the symbols C$ or Can$. The Canadian dollar is also lovingly called the Loonie by foreign-exchange traders as on the one side of the C$1 coin, it features a picture of the loon bird.

For Canadians across the world that enjoy online gambling at Ca$ casinos, funding your casino account with the Canadian dollar offers a well-respected currency. Often online Canadian gamblers choose to play in USD or EUR as they think that they will open up a world of bigger bonuses and more gambling options but this is simply not true. In reality, funding your casino account with foreign currency doesn’t offer any advantages. If you’re playing from Canada, then the Canadian Dollar is the optimal choice to make deposits and withdrawals as converting your currency could result in more expense from the conversion rates. It might seem as if more casinos accept USD or EUR, but the truth is that the Canadian Dollar is accepted at just about all the top-rated online casinos.

We examine hundreds of online casinos that are tailor-made for the Canadian casino market and then select and review these casinos through a variety of important criteria, including deposit and withdrawal methods and accepted currencies. Our CAD Casinos, NZD Casinos and GBP Casinos offer excellent security, a friendly and knowledgeable customer support team, a large game selection, timely payouts and attractive bonus policies.

New Zealand Dollar

Gone are the days when playing in NZD dollar was only reserved for some online casinos. Today most online casinos will accept the New Zealand dollar. NZ$ Casinos have grown into a large and lucrative market and today more and more online casinos offer Kiwis the chance to play in their own currency.

New Zealanders that choose to play in other currencies could lose money through conversion fees but even though there are still many online casinos that accept other currencies such as the Euro, GBP or USD, for players in New Zealand, the NZD remains the best choice. Have a look through our NZD casinos and play your favourite pokies and table games with NZD dollar.

Great British Pounds

For players that are based in the United Kingdom, playing at GBP casinos offers the advantage of playing top slots, table games, Live Dealer casino games and a sportsbook that can be funded in GBP.

When you play at a British online casino and select the GBP as your preferred currency, please remember that all the bonuses and promotions will be paid in that currency. There are advantages to this and the biggest being that you will not lose any money through currency conversion fees. All your deposits and withdrawals will be paid in GBP and as the UK has some of the most relaxed online betting laws, it makes sense to enjoy online gaming in GBP.


Playing at an online casino in Europe means that you can benefit from depositing and withdrawing your winnings in Euro. One of the most popular currencies in the world, the Euro is offered at online casinos throughout Europe and even in some other parts of the world. For online casino enthusiasts in Europe, playing in Euros offers the best choice as conversation rates could land up costing in the long run.

At the time of writing, according to XE currency calculator, 1 Euro will buy you 1.08790 USD, 1.82172 NZD and 0.871649 GBP. As you can see from the rates of exchange, the currency you choose to play with depends very much on where you live, and the decision of which currency to play with will depend entirely on the player’s needs.


Bitcoin casinos are becoming more and more popular and offer a wealth of reasons for depositing and withdrawing in Bitcoin. The greatest reason for transacting with a digital cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is that it is the most open financial system to date and offers complete anonymity. If you prefer to play at Bitcoin casinos, have a look through our recommended casinos and make your Bitcoin deposit today.

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