Roulette Casino Guide

Online roulette is considered one of the most fun and easy Minimum deposit casino games to play. The online option allows you to play the game from the comfort of your home, while still guaranteeing you the thrill of a live casino. Whether it’s your first time, or you feel you can play roulette with your eyes closed, every player is guaranteed a fun experience.
The game is based solely on chance, therefore giving you the ultimate gambling experience. Since the outcome can neither be predicted nor rigged, every spin gives you an equal chance of winning.
We’ve put together a little online Roulette guide with some basic strategy, some key terms and a few tips to help you spin a winner.


The basic components of this much-loved game are the wheel, the betting table, the roulette ball and the gaming chips. The idea of the game is to guess which numbered pocket the roulette ball is most likely to end up in once the wheel stops to spin. Your prediction could either be the red or black section, the exact number, or whether that number is high, low, even or odd. The chips are used for betting and placed on lines, junctions, boxes or numbered spots.
In this game, a player is seeking to bet against the casino, popularly known as the house, and not against other players. Therefore, the rules of roulette are placed to give the house the edge.


Roulette offers a wide range of games to choose from. Since there is no need to worry about space, online roulette games are varied widely and at any stake. A few of these include:
American/ European roulette: Most of the roulette games fall under either of these two. The European one has a house edge of 2.7% while the American one has 5.26%.
French Roulette: This one only has a one 0, if perchance the ball lands on it, but you had not bet there, the player only loses half the bet.
Premier Roulette Diamond Edition: This version experiments with more colours, including yellow, blue, green and purple. Players have the opportunity to bet on more than just the traditional red and black.
Live Dealer Roulette: this was especially designed for players who want the experience of a live casino without having to leave home. This option gives you a chance to have a real dealer spinning the wheel in a real casino. The action is transmitted through a webcam from a land-based casino.


  1. You will begin by placing your chosen value of chips on the table. Place these in either a coloured, numbered or even or odd box.
  2. After all the players have placed their bets, the wheel is spun in one direction, sending the ball in a different direction.
  3. You are allowed to move your chips and change your bets even after the wheel has spun.
  4. Once the ball has moved from the outer space going towards the numbered section, no bets can be changed or new ones placed.
  5. When the ball comes to a halt, the instruction software will put a marker on the grid showing the winning number. You will then be paid automatically. The column will pay the player double their bet. Winning on either even, odd, red or black will pay out even money.


  1. Martingale method

If you lose on a game, this strategy allows you to double your bet, and you can keep doubling it till you win. Once you have won, you can have back everything you lost. Though it has success stories, this method is not as famous on tables with maximum betting limits.

  1. Paroli Betting System

This is the opposite of the Martiangle. Here, the player doubles their bet after they win, not lose.

  1. Masse egale System

Here, the player is hoping to get a different outcome than what probability would suggest. Therefore, the chance of an event occurring is more probable than would otherwise be expected.

  1. D’alembert System

This strategy assumes that if certain events are leaning too much in one direction e.g. heads appearing 75% in the initial 10 tosses, then the tails need to hit more in order to catch up since the idea is a 50/50 proposition.

  • Before placing your bet, understand the odds.

If a chip is placed on one number, the likelihood of hitting that number are quite low, therefore giving it a large payout. To increase your chances of winning, split your bet on the same chip to include various numbers, in a row, column, or the full board.

  • Try the various betting strategies

Though none has been proven to guarantee a win, they are still a helpful guide to the game.

  • Find casinos that you trust

There is a world out there full of online casino games to select from. Ensure that the site you choose to play from is licensed and registered. Some players who thought they won big realised later that they played on an unreliable game provider who will not pay.
Also, check out how many roulette games the site has. If they have the play-money version of the game, try them put before you buy.

  • Bet within your budget

Learn to manage your bankroll. Set the budget mark within which you want to play. Go ahead and select the strakes that are within this amount and remain conservative in your playing pattern.

  • Come to terms with the fact that the house has the edge.

Casinos are not out to throw their money away. They are keen to keep winning. There will always be more losers than winners so keep this in mind when placing a bet. However, with great luck and following the strategies and tips available, you are likely to get a win more often than you think.

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