Are E-Wallets The Future Of Kiwi Casino Payment Methods?

When online casinos first opened their virtual doors, the only payment options available were Visa or Mastercard. While these payment options allowed access to a glorious array of online casino games, many players were wary of using their credit card or debit card information online. Fears of fraud or unauthorised payments may have been factors that stopped players from jumping into the mew online gaming world, but times have changed since then. Stronger security features and authentication measures meant credit or debit card payments were becoming safer, but it was a whole new system of making online payments that helped to change the casino industry.

Smart financial minds saw a gap in the market, and e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller were created. These wallets allowed people to fund their casino accounts with relative privacy. Their bank statements would no longer reflect their casino deposits, and their online casinos no longer had access to their card details. As integration improved, and more casinos embraced the new methods of payment, web wallets became a more widespread payment option. New e-wallets were created, including giant PayPal.

E-wallets, Mobile Wallets or Digital wallets: What’s the difference?

The term “web wallets” tends to be used as a catch-all name that covers three slightly different payment types. Although their functionality can overlap, these types are e-wallets, mobile wallets and digital wallets. The line between digital wallets (used online) and mobile wallets (used though a mobile device or app) is becoming more blurred as technology progresses. Some of the mobile wallets are linked to the device that they are used on, like Apple Pay for example. An e-wallet or electronic wallet basically stores your payment information, and uses this information when you perform transactions online. It saves you from needing to use your credit card number, expiry and security code each time to buy something online. E-wallets like PayPal also store funds for you. PayPal is a perfect example that shows how different kinds of web wallets overlap. It can fit under all three definitions.

E-Wallets To Watch: The Future Of Kiwi Casino Payments

As giants like Amazon, Apple and Google develop their products and extend their reach, our online transactions, including casino deposits, will become much more integrated. E-wallets provide an easy way to use your existing card information on multiple platforms, without actually sharing those details across these platforms. This makes using e-wallets the safer, more convenient and most cost-effective payment option at online casinos.

Apple Pay

Do you have an iPhone or Apple Watch? You can use it to store your credit or debit card information and pay for purchases or fund your casino account through contactless, cashless purchasing. In stores, online or in apps, you can use Face ID or Touch ID to make your purchases. A touch or a glance is all it takes, which makes paying for items much faster than any other options. When you make a deposit at an online casino, choose the Apple Pay option and follow the instructions. This will allow you to fund your casino account, using your stored payment information, without sharing that information with the casino. This makes Apple Pay a safer way to pay for your play sessions, and because there are no fees for your transactions, it is a much cheaper option than conventional web wallets like Skrill or Neteller.

Google Pay

Like Apple Pay, Google Pay uses your stored card information in your Google account to complete payment transactions for you. You can download the app on your mobile device, and use that to buy goods by simply scanning your phone. You can also use Google Pay at online casinos. Select GPay as your deposit option, choose the amount you want to drop into your account, and your transaction will go through without the need to share your credit card information with the casino. Google Pay protects your details with several layers of security, and the service is free to use, so it is a safe and cost-effective alternative to using your credit or debit card directly.

Amazon Pay

Most of us already have Amazon accounts to do our online shopping, buy ebooks or watch our favourite TV shows. If you have an Amazon account, you can use Amazon Pay. Basically, Amazon Pay uses your stored card information (whatever you use to pay for goods at its online shop) and uses that to pay for goods or services outside the Amazon store, too. You can use Amazon Pay to fund your casino account if the casino supports this method. You will be able to send funds through Amazon, using either your account balance or any of the credit cards you have stored as payment options. You do not need to give the casino your card details, and the process is smooth and easy.

Fitbit Pay

Fitbit Pay, like the other e-wallets listed above, lets you store your credit or debit card information and then use your Fitbit watch to pay for items in shops that accept contactless payments. Currently, you can only use this method in places where you can scan your watch, so it is not available for online casino or online shopping transactions. However, if Fitbit develops the e-wallet functionality, we may see them branching into online payment solutions too. Imagine how convenient it would be to use the same profile and device that tracks your steps to pay for your spins, too!

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Benefits of using Web Wallets at Online Casinos

Web wallets and online casinos are a wonderful combination for casino game fans who want to play with all the convenience modern technology have to offer. There are multiple benefits to using web wallets to fund casino accounts. E-wallets like Skrill, PayPal or Neteller allow players to keep their gambling funds in a separate location to their current accounts if they wished, thus providing an effective budgeting mechanism. All web wallets provide an extra level of security because you don’t need to share your card details. They offer unparalleled convenience, with wallets like Apple Pay allowing you to perform transactions with a touch or a look. As we know, competition between services means innovation and competition…. Which is good news for casino players. As the e-wallets take over online transactions, there will be better functionality, quicker payment processes and more choices in how you wish to pay.