October 13, 2021

Gaming on your SmartWatch is the next big step for online casinos

Nobody imagined we’d all have the fantastic phone technology we had today a few decades ago. Indeed, the mobile phone has altered the way we conduct numerous daily activities. With the rapidly evolving technology that powers and informs our portable devices, it’s unsurprising that gambling via phone has become a perfectly acceptable activity. However, as technology advances, we are already entering the next phase of bringing casinos to the masses – Smart Watch Gambling.

While Smart Watches are relatively new to the market, they are capable of much more than you may realize. If you own a Galaxy Gear, an Apple Watch, or another Smart Watch device, you can access some of your favorite casino games without ever having to take your phone out of your pocket. Check out this guide to learn more about gaming on your Smart Watch and the future advancements with this specialized software at the best minimum deposit casinos.

Microgaming Games Starting to come to Smart Watches

Currently, only a few slots are available for these devices, but this is likely to change in the coming months and years. The first of these is the classic slot Thunderstruck, which is one of Microgaming’s most popular games of all time. This Norse mythology-themed game has been stripped down to its bare essentials to fit on your wrist but retains all of the action found on a computer, tablet, or phone. Additionally, Microgaming has developed a Smart Watch version of their popular Dark Knight Rises game. The licensed Batman machine was initially designed for the Samsung Gear 2, making it its first online casino game. The only elements on the screen are the game’s title, the reels, and a button that displays your balance and the amount you wish to wager. All other frills are removed, leaving only the most critical information on the screen, devoting every available pixel to the game.

There are relatively few options for playing casino games on a Smart Watch. At the time of writing, only Microgaming casinos offered Smart Watch-compatible games. However, you should not anticipate that this situation will last indefinitely. As more users adopt this technology, operators will devote additional resources to developing games for the devices, including table games and other options.

Playing Slot Games on your Smart Watch

Once everything is set up, playing casino slot games on your Smart Watch is relatively simple. As with mobile casinos, it’s as simple as selecting a game from a menu and waiting a few moments for it to load. When playing on a Smart Watch, the difference is that you must create an account with a casino that offers Smart Watch slot games. While most modern online casino games are designed to run flawlessly on desktop and mobile devices, Smart Watches require special consideration due to their tiny screen size and processing power. As a result, you’ll need an account with an online casino that offers these games.

Make Deposits with your Smart Watch

Because your Smart Watch is worn on your wrist, it frees up your hands to perform other tasks. Unlike a phone, which you must hold in front of you, a Smart Watch allows you to place bets while performing other tasks and then check results when convenient for you, whether in a few seconds, minutes, or hours. Remember that we already have great Smart Watch apps for various activities – from GPS tracking to sports – so why would gambling be different? The procedure of getting started is relatively straightforward and very similar to that of standard smartphone games:

  • Download the app: Find an online casino that appears most compatible with your Smart Watch’s operating system.
  • Create an account: Follow the on-screen instructions for creating an online gambling account.
  • Make a deposit: Establish a budget and make a deposit using your Smart Watch.

Depositing funds into your online casino account via your Smart Watch is just as easy as it is on a desktop computer or mobile device. Choose your preferred $/€1 deposit casino or $/€5 deposit casino, register a new account, make your desired deposit, and begin spinning the reels of your favorite real money casino games.

The only tricky part to consider is the screen size, as most people have difficulty adjusting to lower screen resolutions and will require some time to adapt. Simply register at a casino that supports Smart Watch gambling.

The future casinos optimizing for Smart Devices

One of the attractions of gambling at online casinos is the ability to play on a variety of devices and bring your favorite games with you wherever you go. Initially, we were forced to play on desktop computers. Soon after, it became more convenient to play on laptop computers, which finally provided us with some portability. Then, as technology advanced, we gained the ability to play casino games on our tablets and smartphones, carrying the games literally in our pockets and playing wherever and whenever the mood struck.

Smart Watch gambling remains a rapidly growing segment of the online gambling industry. Whether you own a Smart Watch or intend to purchase one shortly, there is much to see and much more to come. As Smart Watch technology and game design improve, users like you will benefit. If you haven’t tried betting directly from your wrist, now is the time.

Naturally, because Smart Watches are still in their infancy, there are still some bugs to iron out when it comes to gambling on your Smart Watch. For example, the small screen size of the Smart Watch may require some adjustment and may present a challenge when it comes to finding practical ways to place bets at an online roulette or craps table. Additionally, each Smart Watch is unique in that it is designed uniquely. For instance, some Smart Watches are circular in shape, while others are square in shape. This may slow the development of Smart Watch-based online casino applications. Even so, if demand for real-money gambling on Smart Watches increases, they will always find a way around these obstacles.

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