April 12, 2023

Why you should and shouldn’t use card payments at Casinos in the UK

A good or exciting online gaming experience will not be complete without smooth payments to and from your account. By smooth, we mean that transactions go quickly and easily from the start to the end. Fortunately, online casinos UK have several methods for their players.

Bank debit cards have served casino players for as long as the industry has gone online. You could say they are among the most trusted UK casino payment options for online transactions. However, they are not the only ones, as technology and development have brought many others our way.

The two most popular debit cards, Visa and MasterCard, have enjoyed wide patronage until now. New options have dethroned them concerning speed and ease. This short piece will explain why they are still the gold standard of casino payments and why you should try other options.

Card Payments are the most widely accepted payment method

Debit or credit cards have been the go-to option for players since the gaming industry moved online from physical arcade halls. Today, finding UK Visa casinos is as simple as running a first-page Google search. That shows how popular they are, even by current standards.

Card payments have a strong reputation and high-level security by their side. As a result, players often turn to them to move their funds to and from online banking accounts. Seeing the wide patronage, you did not expect casinos to fold their hands and do nothing.

They extended heavy support to Visa and MasterCard options on their platforms. Some even offered bonuses exclusive to these payment methods as more players used them. It was a golden era for banks as they processed requests upon requests.

Despite setbacks in critical areas, card payments remain the most widely used method in online casinos. The relative ease of transacting only between gaming and bank accounts is something you cannot simply ignore. Then, bank-level security protects the funds as they move around in the online space.

As mentioned earlier, card payment is a good standard for today’s modern payment options. These newer services must match the simplicity and security of using Visa or MasterCard. Without getting these basics right, there won’t be any patronage.

Almost all, if not all, the online casinos UK supports Visa and MasterCard payment methods. Players only need to perform a few steps to process a transaction. This brings us to the following section, where we will delve deeper into the simplicity of these payment methods.

Card payments are the easiest payments to make

MasterCard casinos UK are top-rated because of the ease they bring to online transactions. You only need a debit card and a good internet connection to pay for your gaming session. In addition, deposits take minutes to go through, bringing you onto the platform in no time.

Card payments are popular not only in the UK but worldwide. Online casinos around the globe never fail to provide support for them on their platforms. Of course, the presence of Visa and MasterCard brings a feeling of security and ease.

How you fund your casino account is the same way you make online purchases with your debit or credit card. This payment option does not necessitate a new learning curve. With that, you can see why the method is present in almost all online casinos around the globe.

We have mentioned ease quite a few times in this article. Let’s take a simple example of depositing with a Visa card so you can see what we mean.

  • First, you head over to the deposit section of the casino webpage.
  • You choose MasterCard as the preferred payment option.
  • The next step will be to input the amount you want to deposit.
  • Then, you will enter the digits of your card, expiry date, and CVV. Don’t worry if you are scared of giving your CVV.
  • You can opt for a token or one-time password approval.

The process is as easy as what you just read. Once you approve, your bank or card issuer processes the payment.

Card Payments take Longer to clear

While card payments are secure, their reliability for fast transactions is below today’s standards. They have become pretty notorious for taking days to process a withdrawal request. That excludes the time it takes online casinos to approve a payout.

Unfortunately, one of the most trusted payment options lags in transaction speed. While innovations have increased its rate significantly, it is nowhere near PayPal. The latter offers incredible speeds, which is something we will still talk more about later in this article.

We cannot blame card payments as banks have to process several transactions in the shortest possible time. Third-party oversight and regulations contribute to slowing down the process.

Card Payments Have higher minimum deposits

Another downside of card payments is the need for a higher minimum deposit. An online casino might accept a minimum payment of £10, but you find yourself paying £20 with your debit card. It is not strange, as banks or card issuers have to take their bite of transaction fees.

E-wallets, on the other hand, are almost always free. They barely have transaction fees to raise the minimum deposit. As a result, they are pretty much the preferred methods for players who want low charges and fat transactions.

Alternatives to Card Payments you should try

Now that you have learned the two crucial downsides of card payments, here are the alternatives you should try:

Paypal is our top alternative

UK PayPal casinos are quickly becoming the norm in online gaming because of their usefulness. Many have found it swift and capable of handling any transaction they throw at it. Most importantly, its efficiency is both in deposits and withdrawals.

PayPal is easy to use, provided you are conversant with online transactions. The learning curve is minimal, and you will have no trouble using it.

Another benefit of using PayPal is the security and fraud protection features. Your funds and banking details are secure on the platform. Add that to the near-zero transaction fees, and you can see why it is a viable alternative to card payments.

PayPal is widely available in the UK, and many online casinos support it.

Skrill is our second favourite and here’s why

Skrill is an e-wallet that has become a mainstream payment option in online casinos in the UK. You can seamlessly integrate it into your other accounts and easily fund your gaming adventures.

This e-wallet offers one-touch payments, better currency conversion rates, and charge-free transactions. In addition, it has a breakneck transaction speed regarding deposits and withdrawals.

If you want an alternative to card payments, UK Skrill casinos are an efficient choice. Moreover, it is as secure as mainstream banking options.

Compared to card options, this e-wallet is much faster. It matches PayPal’s speed and can even edge out the latter on specific conditions.

Those are the reasons now you decide

Debit and credit cards are efficient online payment options that have served online casinos in the UK well. They are secure, reliable, and popular among players and operators. Hence, finding a gaming site that supports them is not difficult.

While the reliability of card payments is unquestionable, they lag in speed. They also have transaction fees that make players deposit more into their gaming accounts.

PayPal and Skrill are faster, transaction-free, secure, and reliable. Because of this, they are more efficient than card payments and can be used to make transactions at online casinos.

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