The guide to buying OTT voucher for Hollywoodbets

The guide to buying OTT Voucher for Hollywoodbets

The South African online casino industry is thriving, and plenty of unique features make the industry stand out. Features like progressive jackpot races, exclusive casino games and tailored promotions are widely popular in the industry. However, there is another exceptional feature that takes playing at casinos in South Africa to another level – Prepaid Vouchers. 

In Mzansi, a term known as ‘cashless is king’ is a well-regarded concept and many South Africans prefer not to use their bank details at online casinos. Prepaid vouchers are one of the best alternatives to Instant EFTs, Debit and Credit card deposits. Prepaid vouchers are similar to airtime and data vouchers and provide the same service to people. As you would buy an airtime voucher code and recharge your mobile balance, you can do the same with prepaid vouchers and load up your online casino account.

The leading prepaid voucher option in South Africa is the OTT Voucher, and currently these are accepted at several OTT Voucher casinos including South Africa’s well-loved Hollywoodbets. An OTT Voucher is a 12-digit code that can be purchased from various merchants across South Africa or directly from the OTT website. You may be wondering about the benefits OTT Vouchers provide to players. Below is a breakdown of the perks of using it to fund your Hollywoodbets casino account.

Benefits of OTT Voucher at Hollywoodbets

  • OTT Voucher deposits are accepted at Hollywoodbets.
  • You don’t have to submit bank information when funding your Hollywoodbets account with an OTT Voucher.

It is a safe and secure payment method.

  • There are zero transactional fees.
  • It is convenient to buy and easy to use.
  • It is a fast transactions, with all deposits processed immediately.
  • OTT Vouchers can be purchased from 100,000+ retail stores, petrol stations across South Africa or the OTT website.

Now that you know more about the benefits of using the OTT Voucher, let’s focus on funding your casino account. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to fund your Hollywoodbets casino account with an OTT Voucher.

Using an OTT Voucher at Hollywoodbets

  • Step 1 – Log into your Hollywoodbets casino account and access the cashier portal. 
  • Step 2 – Select the deposit banner and the OTT Voucher payment method. 
  • Step 3 – Enter your 12-digit code; once successful, the deposit should reflect immediately, and you can start playing your favourite casino games.

Now that you have expertly navigated your way through using an OTT Voucher, it’s time to tackle the next important feature – how to purchase an electronic voucher online.

Buy OTT Voucher online

There are two types of OTT Vouchers – an electronic voucher that you can purchase online from the OTT website or a physically printed voucher that can be purchased from a retail shop or petrol station. Remember, both serve the same purpose and have the same 12-digit code. Players who prefer to buy an OTT Voucher directly from the OTT website can do so without creating an account and by following a couple of steps. To fast-track the process for readers, you can click our OTT Voucher link. To make things even easier for readers ready to purchase an electronic Voucher, here is a step-by-step guide to buy online.

Buy OTT voucher online by clicking here

How to buy an OTT Voucher online from the OTT website 

  • Step 1 – Access the OTT website and click the ‘Buy OTT Voucher’ banner. 
  • Step 2 – Enter the voucher amount.
  • Step 3 – Enter your cell phone number and choose your payment method.
  • Step 4 – Select your bank and log in to your Internet banking profile.
  • Step 5 – A voucher pin will be sent to your mobile number once your transaction is completed.

*Please note that purchases using the Instant EFT method are currently unavailable, thus making it difficult to purchase for some bank accounts, as OZOW is the only available purchase option. However, don’t worry, OTT management has mentioned that all Instant EFT methods will be available soon.

Buy OTT Voucher at major supermarkets

As mentioned, there are over 100,000 retail shops that provide OTT Vouchers for South Africans. Two of Mzansi’s biggest supermarkets are Game and Makro and both stores allow people to purchase these.

Imagine this scenario – it’s month-end and you are grocery shopping at Game and you reach the till ready to pay, then you realize you want to relax tonight by playing some casino games at your favourite online casino Hollywoodbets. The convenience to buy OTT Voucher at Game is unmatched, and once your cashier scans your groceries, you can tell them that you want to buy an OTT Voucher. In just a few seconds and right at the same till point, your OTT Voucher receipt will be printed, and you will be ready to not only take your groceries home but also your OTT Voucher. Now, you are ready for a fun-filled night of gaming at Hollywoodbets.

The same purchasing process is available at Makro. To buy OTT Voucher at Makro, you should visit the kiosk or cashier at the till point and ask for it. Once you select your desired voucher amount and pay, the cashier will print out the receipt containing your 12-digit OTT Voucher code.

Buy OTT Voucher at petrol stations

The convenience of buying an OTT Voucher can even be done directly from petrol stations. There are thousands upon thousands of petrol stations spread across the Rainbow Nation that have partnered with OTT to allow South Africans to buy these vouchers. These stations include BP, Caltex, Shell, Sasol and Total. So, while filling your tank, remember to request an OTT Voucher to ready yourself for casino gaming.

It pays to pay with OTT Voucher and Second Chance

Did you know that purchasing an OTT Voucher gives you access to several chances of winning amazing cash prizes and other rewards? All this is possible with the Second Chance platform, a real-time rewards and loyalty program for OTT Voucher users. With Second Chance, all OTT Voucher users can register their details, create a Second Chance account and earn the chance to win lucrative rewards. With every OTT Voucher purchase, visit the Second Chance website and enter the ongoing competitions. At the time of writing, some active Second Chance competitions included lucky draws, weekly top-ups and leaderboard events. The more you buy, the better the chance of winning amazing cash prizes, electronics, merchandise and vouchers.

Find other secure casino payment methods on MDC

The beauty of the South African casino industry is that there are many different payment methods available. As our OTT Voucher casino page explains, prepaid vouchers are an amazing method for funding your casino account. Some other popular prepaid voucher payment methods include Blu Voucher, Kazang Voucher and 1Voucher. Beside these, other excellent payment methods include Instant EFTs like Ozow, Zapper, Payfast and Debit or Credit cards. If you want to learn more about these payment methods, visit our ZA casino payment methods page at MDC.

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