Where Magic Meets Maths – Behind the Scenes of Casino Game Development

Did you know it takes between 3 to 6 months to develop a single online casino game? From probability theories to maths calculations, designs, animations and sound effects, there is a lot that goes into making an epic casino slot game, and we are here to give you a behind-the-scenes scoop on it all.

They say magicians should never reveal their tricks but today we were lucky enough to get a look into what goes into creating some of the most imaginative and interactive online casino games loved by millions of player s around the world. We had the pleasure of interviewing co-CPO at leading software developer BGaming – Yulia Aliakseyeva, who was kind enough to spare some time for us.

She said there were many elements that contributed to casino slot game development from initial concept to ideation and the official release.

While the typical development timeline is within this range [3 to 6 months], the complexity of a project may the extend the timeframe. Simpler designs, however, allow for quicker turnaround times.

First, setting up the game’s logic and probability calculations are crucial, especially for online slots relying on probability theory. But the real magic happens when the emotion-enhancing elements are added — animations, effects, and sounds that work together to heighten player experience.

Aliakseyeva told Minimum Deposit Casinos (MDC)

The difference can be compared to making a video on your iPhone vs James Cameron making Avatar. Much like a Hollywood blockbuster, the key stages of creating a top game involves meticulous planning and collaboration – from setting up the game’s logic to the artistic infusion of visuals and cool artwork. Every step is crucial.

The power of their creativity can be seen in their latest released game (launching on 1 February 2024) called Aztec Clusters. It’s a first-ever 6×8 slot with refilling reels, which are enhanced by accumulating cell multipliers during a spin. The random ‘Dig up’ feature triggers free spins, along with options for Buy Bonus and Wild Spins.

The Magic of Maths and Brainstorming

The age of the nerd is here and online casino players and absolutely loving it! This rings true when it comes to the conceptualisation of unique game themes and narratives. Market analysis is done and plays a vital role in identifying trends, understanding player needs and determining the direction to take. Mathematics is crucial in shaping concepts, adding value in brainstorming sessions, and defining game concepts.

In that spirit, unrelated divisions within BGaming come together to give you the dulcet tones which accompany your online slot game experience. The careful integration of music and sound effects enhances the overall gaming vibe, making the experience truly immersive.

“The captivating music is a result of close collaboration between game developers and composers. The synergy among specialists in music, art, coding, and testing elevates the gaming experience,” said Aliakseyeva.

She added that the secret sauce lay in teamwork and collaboration to consistently deliver exceptional results.

Collaboration and Partnerships

BGaming has been collaborating with Malta-based graffiti artist MARCAMIX – adding a unique visual flair to their games. This graffiti art brings a fresh, cool vibe to game characters, creating a dynamic fusion of street art and online gaming. The partnership was born out of a desire to do things differently and reflects the developer’s commitment to creativity.

BGaming is also in partnership with Spanish muralist Jay Kaes to make iconic characters extend beyond the screen and into the real world. This collaboration is driven by a desire to breathe new life into characters and explore innovative avenues that showcase the impact of technology. It also adds fresh style and perspectives to casino slot games.

At the forefront of innovation is the exploration of augmented reality (AR) in future games and promotional activities.

With AR being a current trend, we aim to enhance user experiences and engage audience in unique ways. Our upcoming art collaboration for Ice London will experiment with AR, showcasing our commitment to staying current with technological advancements,” said Aliakseyeva

Quality assurance of games

BGaming has placed a strong emphasis on quality assurance to ensure bug-free gaming experiences. Remember when you were young and you’d separate the green and red M&M’s? Well this is what Aliakseyeva and the team essentially have to do in the QA process.

The QA team meticulously examines the Game Design document, creating test cases throughout the development process. Testing continues even after the game launches, with regression tests conducted during updates. Detailed and updated documentation guides the testing process, reducing the likelihood of bugs and ensuring seamless gameplay for users,” explained Aliakseyeva

Security First: Pioneering Provably Fair Gaming

As a pioneer of integrating the Provably Fair feature, BGaming has made it their mission to ensure a secure gambling environment. This innovative move has not only contributed to a 15% annual increase in interest from crypto projects but has also positioned BGaming as a leader in supporting cryptocurrencies. Provably Fair titles enrich a vast network of over 1,000 online casinos worldwide, setting BGaming apart in the industry and enhancing player experiences.

Gaming for a Cause

BGaming has been committed to charitable causes extending beyond gaming. At events, partners are given the option to choose BGaming’s event merchandise or donate an equal amount to charity. This initiative has supported various causes including UNITED24, UN Crisis Relief funds, and UNICEF’s efforts in the aftermath of the Morocco Earthquake. This software provider aims to continue this work and invites partners to join in making a positive impact on the world.

Research & Insights

Through player studies, insights are used to enhance game development. Testing sessions involve over 1,000 players and streamers globally that provide valuable feedback. They have a remarkable 97% positive feedback, highlighting the success of these studies. By understanding player preferences, BGaming ensures that its games are not only enjoyable but also resonate with a diverse global audience.

In the dynamic landscape of online casino gaming, BGaming stands as a beacon of innovation, creativity, and social responsibility. From crafting games with intricate detail to collaborating with artists and embracing technological trends, it continues to redefine the gaming experience.

As they pioneer advancements in security features and actively contribute to charitable causes, BGaming exemplifies a holistic approach to game development, making them a trailblazer in the industry that are shaping the future of the global online casino landscape.

Mascot Gaming unveils the secrets of what goes into every online casino game

If only mankind knew the amount of effort that goes into making a game – the thought process, the brainstorming, the storylines, the creative direction. art, music, visuals, and a whole lot more. There is so much to consider especially because these are not just your ordinary games, these are delightful and captivating online casino games that plunge players into another dimension, a universe of thrill and fortune (if you are lucky), and maybe even some incredible free spins and other rewards. With each game level passed, the pot of gold gets even bigger and the rewards even greater.

Screenshot of Mascot Gaming Team

It goes without saying that the geeks in all of us love igaming, but what the virtual doors have opened for us, thanks to technology, is a lot more than that. These are epic realms that help distract us from all the real-world madness of mounting bills and non-stop traffic. They give us an escape room, a place of calmness and relaxation, and a place where we can hopefully full our pockets, with Lady Luck off course, and embrace some mental health self-love.

As a global resource portal, Minimum Deposit Casinos decided to go on our own mission to get the low-down on how these casino games are made, the effort and work that goes into it, and all the other bits and bobs that it encompasses. Mascot Gaming, a pioneer of online casino games, were kind enough to spare some time and give us a break-down and a better understanding of just what it takes to make a brilliant online casino slot game.

Margarita Malysheva, Head of Marketing at Mascot Gaming, said for every single game, the creative experts on her team strive for a balance between harmony and industry trends.

“So, if the current rage is about Fruit and a Bonus Buy, we don’t simply jump on the bandwagon. Instead, we reinvent it with the Mascot Gaming touch. It becomes not just another fruit game, but a narrative that carries our signature feature, like ‘Risk and Buy.’ Every game we design has a personal touch, something that truly resonates with our team,” she said.

“Our philosophy is to prioritize quality; we consciously avoid inundating players with too many games. Our aim is for each game to be memorable — rich in features, visual artistry, sound, and narrative. Crafting such immersive experiences simply can’t be rushed.”

In the online casino industry, Mascot Gaming is a renowned leader of software games, applauded for its unusual and provocative storylines, graphics, and music. These are standout features that complement the game mechanics. Malysheva said the Mascot creative team collaborate closely, using moodboards to guide the visual and audio direction of each game they create. These subject matter experts also conduct in-depth and thorough research, in addition to a whole lot of brainstorming. And the genius behind the trending soundtracks is Max Shulgin, Mascot’s talented composer. This music has already debuted on Spotify and trust me, it is a must-listen.

In terms of the game mechanics nitty-gritty, Mascot delivers on a fully immersive experience. It refuses to follow the industry crowd and prefers to set its own course. Mascot has already transformed the popular ‘Bonus Buy’ slot trend into their signature feature, the ‘Risk and Buy’ – which has its own unique spin on it.

“This summer, we’ve taken it up a notch. Players now have the opportunity to increase their winnings through a thrilling risk game. Or they can opt for the ‘Buy’ option, choosing either a set deal or a dynamic random offer that changes with each spin. ‘Risk and Buy’ is all about giving players strategic choices, not just leaving it to chance,” she explained.

What makes this software provider even more appealing is its crucial attention to players. It places a huge emphasis on valuing player feedback and as such, actively monitors player responses, reviews, and gameplay data to identify trends and preferences.

“This information is then used to iterate on our games, ensuring they meet player expectations and preferences. For instance, if players express a desire for more interactive bonus features or specific themes, we integrate these elements into our updates or upcoming game designs,” explained Malysheva.

Sweeps Casinos

At the start of 2023, sweepstake casino FortuneCoins.com announced its partnership with Mascot Gaming to create a more robust gaming platform. Malysheva said the collaboration was a natural progression, driven by Fortune Coins strong market presence and Mascot’s cutting-edge gaming software. The partnership was initiated through mutual industry connections and aligning strengths in technology and market reach. She said through this collaboration, Mascot Gaming is adapting its game designs to cater to the growing sweepstakes sector.

“Our collaboration involves developing unique features and games that enhance the sweepstakes experience, offering players engaging gameplay that complies with sweepstakes regulations. This includes the integration of free-to-play elements, which are essential in sweepstakes models,” she explained.

Latam Expansion

Mascot Gaming has shown interest in the Latin American market because of its immense potential. A special Mascot Gaming team has been established to focus on the region to align with its unique market demands.

“Participating in events like Sigma Americas in Brazil has been instrumental, giving us valuable insights. We’re excited to grow our footprint here because we see Latam as an emerging hub for gaming enthusiasts,” said Malysheva.

“As we expand into diverse markets like Latin America, our approach to local content creation is multifaceted. We conduct thorough market research to understand regional preferences, cultural nuances, and gaming trends. This helps us develop games with themes, narratives, and features that resonate with local audiences. For Latin American markets, we are exploring themes that reflect local cultures, traditions, and popular stories, ensuring our content is relatable and engaging for players residing in this region.”


Mascot has been active in obtaining global gambling licences and Malysheva emphasized that this was pivotal in their strategy because it enhanced their credibility as a trusted and legitimate software provider, and significantly helped expand their reach globally. It also enabled Mascot to operate in various jurisdictions, appeal to a broader audiences and comply with local regulations. This legal recognition and compliance also helped strengthen their partnerships and bring new opportunities for market expansion and collaboration.

What can we expect from Mascot Gaming in future

In 2024, players can expect a lot more from Mascot Gaming. There are four game prototypes in production simultaneously and 30 concepts awaiting their tune.

With the gaming industry rapidly evolving, Mascot intends betting big on AI as it is believed to be a game-changer for the sector and a transformative force in slot game development. AI promises to expand possibilities for all those crafting slot games.

“Our approach is strategic, and we are mapping out the coming year with careful planning. The decision on which games to bring to life hinges on a blend of what’s hot in the gaming world and what resonates with us on a personal level,” she concluded.

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