Untold Casino Exclusive Welcome Offer

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Exclusive Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus for our exclusive offer is a larger than life, 150% match bonus up to a maximum of €/$100. Make the deposit and you will get 33 free spins on top of that. This means that you can deposit 20 and play with 50 or take full advantage of the match bonus by depositing just €/$66 and playing with €/$165, all while still having 33 bonus spins to take advantage of.

The deal is however only open to players in the following countries Norway, Finland, Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Also to qualify for the deal, it needs to be your first time depositing at Untold Casino and you need to deposit €/$20, and not the minimum deposit allowed by the casino which is  €/$10.

Untold Casino Review

Welcome Offer

100% match up to $/€777


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Claim Bonus

If you do qualify for this deal, you’d be mad to pass it up, as the standard deal that you see being advertised everywhere else, has the same terms and conditions but pales in comparison to this deal. With only a 100% match bonus being the standard offering, our exclusive deal will ensure that your dollar goes as far as it can at this exciting new casino. So, register now and make sure you get the best deal around.

Why Choose Untold Casino?

Untold casino is on the newer side when it comes to casinos, having launched just a few months ago. With their fresh, steampunk-inspired, minimalist artwork and themes – their site will feel like an exciting, new experience for even the most experienced online casino goers. And with over 1 000 games to choose from and a minimum deposit of just €/$10 (be careful here though as to qualify for the bonus offer, you must deposit at least €/$20), Untold casino is more than worth the time it takes to register and give it a spin.

As well as this generous welcome offer, Untold Casino has loads of seasonal and event offers running perpetually. Currently with winter getting into full flow, Untold has a menagerie of offers on the go. From the Christmas and snow themed 2019 Snowflakes Ranking where you can get free spins on themed slot games to the ‘Claim-me ever after’ bonus, which will let you get a 10% match bonus up to €/$50, every time you deposit – just be sure to deposit the minimum qualifying amount of €/$20, for this fantastic offer. Make sure to read the bonus terms and conditions though as some such promotions such as the Winter Weekly Promo do have higher minimum qualifying amounts of €/$25 or more, especially when paying using a paysafecard.


Still unconvinced? Take a peek at our full review on Untold Casino and maybe that will help to make your mind up

Bitcoin Casinos – How Safe Are They?

Some industry watchers believed Bitcoin and online casinos are a match made in heaven; the reason at a closer look is not far-fetched.

You see, the gambling industry has struggled for a long time to get rid of a long history smeared in bad rep and publicity. And players over time have learned to seek out discreet, secure and safe gaming houses to satisfy their itch.

So, it is not surprising that the gaming industry was the first couple of businesses to adopt Bitcoin and its underlying Blockchain technology in their operation.

Now with several casinos running on Blockchain technology players can be safe in the knowledge that their personal information, transaction histories, and banking details are secure, encrypted, and anonymous.

What is a bitcoin casino?

These are new generation online casinos that rely on Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin to handle deposits and withdrawal on their platform.

In other words, the player has to fund their account using digital currency and also withdraw their winnings as a cryptocurrency. No need for fiat currencies, no need for financial houses.

This obviously benefits both the operator and gamer. One of such benefits is the elimination of transaction fees.

Now, for online casino operators using traditional payment platforms, they often pay a transaction fee for each transaction conducted on their system; these extra charges are often shifted to the final gamers.

Compare that to the Bitcoin casinos with little to no transaction fees. The operator can offer more enticing mouthwatering perks like improved welcome bonuses, side freebies, and the player doesn’t have to pay any transaction fees too.

Another attractive feature of a bitcoin casino is the opportunity for anonymity. You see, when a player decides to enjoy a game on conventional online casinos, they are often required to fill in personal details like banking information, names, contact addresses, and perhaps other personal identification information.

That’s not the case playing a bitcoin casino; you are only required to provide an email address that way your privacy is protected.

That said it is essential to note that you’re likely to encounter any of these three types of bitcoin casinos online.

One, there’s the full bitcoin casinos – these allow you to play anonymously with Bitcoin as currency only. They don’t have options for other payment methods.

Then, there are the hybrid online casinos – these lists bitcoin as one of the payment options available. You can deposit, play, and withdraw using the digital currency.

Finally, there are the online casinos that accept bitcoin deposits then convert it to fiat currencies to play with. They don’t support Bitcoin withdrawal.

But, how does bitcoin casinos work?

Just like traditional casinos, a bitcoin(BTC) powered casino needs a system to handle and process its transaction; and a medium to accept deposits.

However, instead of the regular fiat currencies – think: dollar, Euro, Yen, pounds, get the idea? The platform uses digital money but in this case, Bitcoin.

Also, most bitcoin casinos, especially for those with a large user base, operate the self-developed software. These programs manage and run the game, even taking on the role of dealers for all-human games.

Are they safe?

Be rest assured, your private information is safe and also your activities are anonymous. However, concerns exist about whether bitcoin casinos are fair or not; this arises from the fact that both the operators and users are anonymous and can hardly be tracked.

To address the challenge of fairness, build trust and show transparency, most of these operators publish how their algorithm works and how the random number generator operates – this way anyone that cares can run a check on the website.

In conclusion

Digital currencies have come to stay, and with the rave for foolproof security measures online, businesses including online casinos will have no choice but to adopt or integrate the technology with their platform.

For players searching for a bit more discretion, Bitcoin casinos offer the best option

If you aren’t fully convinced with Bitcoin as a method you want to use take a look at our other payment options here.

Love to Play Online Slots? Us Too – Ever Hear of the House Edge?

Ever stopped to wonder how casinos make money? No, not when the best players lose. So, if it’s not from the money gamblers wager where then does it come from? As a casino enthusiast, it’s safe to guess you’ve heard the term “house edge,” huh?

Ok, here’s the thing, casino games – all of them except maybe video poker and Blackjack – have an inbuilt advantage that tips the odds in favour of the house.

This “advantage” often called the house edge is the core feature that ensures casinos make profits year on year and stay in business.

In this article, you’ll learn all there is to know about house edge and how it can impact your winnings as a slot player.

What is the House Edge?

The house edge is a mathematical advantage casino games have over a player. It is often calculated as a percentage of the total money lost by a player to the total bet placed over a given period.

Now, this does not mean the casino isn’t fair or cheats the player. The house edge is a distinctive feature of casinos, and it is accepted as part of the game.

The Edge ensures that the house in the long term always wins; while you the player loses if you play long enough.

Don’t take it personally, remember the operator is running a business and there are costs and expenses associated with operating the casino – the house edge assists them to take care of their obligations like paying staff, maintaining the casino; and of course, turning a profit.

The House Edge Explained

In number, the house edge is the average profit of the casino from a player’s bet. Take for instance, in the game of Roulette; the house advantage is about 5%.

What this means is that for every dollar wagered, the house keeps five cents and pays out the remaining 95 cents as winnings.

Looking at this you might think, the amount, 5 cents is quite small. Now, imagine that for a single night that all roulette players in a casino collectively staked $1million, the house is expected to retain about $50,000 of the total bet as profit while paying out $950,000 as winnings.

How Does the House Edge Affect Slot Players?

Slots are the most popular casino games for a reason – they are easy to play, and there’s a chance you might hit a life-changing jackpot.

But, that’s just one side of the story – have you noticed that slot machines seem to be the most abundant games on the gaming floor?

Well, there’s an explanation for that. You see, slots offer casinos the most significant channel to make the most profits; and since you already know that the house only makes their money from house edge, it safe to reason that the house advantage is largest on slots!

It’s a win-win really – the player has a chance to make a jackpot; the house has an opportunity to rake in higher odds.

To recap;

* Keep in mind that the longer you play, the closer your losses get to the house edge.

* The house does not have to cheat since it always comes out ahead in the long term.

* Finally, consider the house edge plus your loses as a cost of entertainment.



Best Slots and How To Find Them

Slots are the royalty of the online casino world. Long before the internet existed, the first slots were being introduced. Looking back across time, it’s become obvious that the internet and the slots are a match made in heaven. Gameplay is streamlined, and prizes and bonuses are limitless. Online casinos are perfect for gamers wanting to enjoy fast-paced slot machine entertainment.

Guidelines To Finding A Safe Online Casino And Great Slots

The slot machine has grown from an amusing pastime to an entertaining, fun and exciting way to win amazing jackpots. There are infinite possibilities for payouts. Coupled with minimum deposit gambling, the prospect of low budget games and welcome bonuses, there’s never been a better time to enjoy the slot machines. Slot games have their roots entrenched in the Victorian era, where they adorned bars. Playing was a welcome pastime for our Victorian predecessors and a prize of cigars and free drinks a bonus. From Victorian times throughout history and to our present day, we continue to enjoy gambling online.

Safety and securitySafety is the most important rule and playing at a regulated online casino is essential. This will also guarantee oversight by UK governing bodies.

Slot-based Bonuses – The trick is to select the right slots that offer the best bonuses.

Support and service – A great online casino will always provide reliable and dedicated support staff.

Variety of games – Playing the same type of game can become monotonous. Choosing the right casino with a large variety of games and diverse themes will make sure that your gaming experience is always new and exciting.

Payment methods – Most online casinos accept all the most common payment methods with very few exceptions. The latest encryption technology guarantees that your account is safe.

How Do Online Slots Work?

The two things that govern online slots are a Par Sheet and a Random Number Generator. The Par Sheet is thought to be an acronym for Probability Accounting Reports. These are sheets that detail how a particular slot machine is programmed, the symbols that appear on the reels and what odds are paid by the slot machine. The slots are then programmed by an algorithm which stops the reels at random making the slot machine fair at each spin.

What Is The RTP (Return To Player Percentage)?

The game’s RPT or Return to Player percentage is a rough percentage payout made to players on average over the long term.

Mac OS / Windows

There are apps that can be downloaded straight from the online casino. A slots suite, saved to the player’s hard drive, can be loaded and played at any time. The disadvantage is that these games work only for your operating system.


Perfect for mobile phones of all operating systems and adaptable over desktop and mobile. HTML5 allows for games to work on devices that can’t run Adobe Flash. Most slots are programmed using HTML5 which is easy to adapt across multiple platforms like PC/Mac desktops and mobile devices. HTML5 also works for Apple iOS users and has even been known to run about 50% faster than Flash.

Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash provides smooth animation and gameplay. It works with most operating systems except for Mac OS and Firefox browsers. It is also known to run slowly on platforms like Linux.

How to Play Live Casino Poker

Often players start their poker playing-journeys at an online casino or in a home game; but, in time want to step out of their comfort zone to experience what it is like playing in a live casino.

If you’re in such a situation right now and perhaps reading up on everything you need to know before stepping into a brick-and-mortar casino, then this blog post is written especially for you.

Hopefully, you’d learn enough to help you hold your own; follow the game, and understand what’s going on around you while sitting playing.

So, we’ve shared our three best bits of advice on how to play live casino; here we go…

Tip #1: Best Time to Play?

Once you decide to try your hands on live poker, the next question is: when is the optimal time to play? Day vs. Night? Weekday vs. Weekend?

You see, most live games are open right into the wee hours of the day; some even running 24/7 especially in places like Vegas. So, knowing the best time to play often means you come out ahead or at least square.

Most live poker pros swear by playing live poker at night reason being that the night attracts younger recreational players willing to take more risk; also, with the drinks flowing, and a heightened gambling atmosphere one is likely to play against inexperienced players or those just having a casual time out.

Weekends are undoubtedly the best time for live poker games as there is more foot traffic in and out of the room; however, there’s something to be said for weekdays too.

Most recreational players found late at night are often pressed for time; casting cursory glances at their watch and cussing dealers under their breath if they delay for a sec. You can play this desperation to your advantage as it’s clear your opponent is eager to leave.

Tip #2: Memorize the Rules of Live Poker

For players new to playing live poker, it may come as a shock mastering the various rules guiding the game.

You’ll find many rules are dictating how you handle your chips, the way you stack them and even how you bet.

For instance, unsuspecting players often trip over the oversize chip rule. Here’s how this works, let’s say you’re playing in a $10-$25 cash game; and you push forward a $50 chip for a raise without saying anything, the dealer will assume you just made a call – this is the oversize chip rule.

In other words, tossing a chip with a higher value than the existing bet without calling out your action is interpreted as a call.

Other Rules to be Mindful of Include:

Forward motion – if you toss a chip forward whether you intend to bet or not; it is usually considered in the pot, and there’s no going back. So, be sure of what you want before handling your chips.

The big chips out front rule – every player on the table should have a clear view of each player’s chips at all times. So, better stack your chips neatly and according to color. Don’t hide your big chips behind smaller ones to avoid a penalty.

Tip #3: Protect Your Cards and Chips

This one is obvious, right? But, you’d be surprised at the number of players falling at this. The thing is, there’s hardly enough elbow room in a full table; so, it’s quite a bit tricky fending off prying eyes from your cards.

First, you may want to come along with a card protector you place on top your cards that way the dealer knows you’re still in hand.

Finally, when you have a winning hand, don’t ever turn the card over to the dealer or relinquish it until the pot has been shipped to your direction.

Even when the dealer requests you give them your hand first, say something like – “I’ll trade you the pot for my hands”

Are Bitcoin Casinos a Safe Environment to Game?

One common question most people ask is, “Is it safe to play at a Bitcoin casino?” A lot of people are somewhat uncomfortable when it comes to playing at Bitcoin casinos. But there is one undeniable fact; Bitcoin casinos have greater security in place than traditional casinos.

The world of online gambling has evolved in no small measure and allowed a large number of individuals around the world the opportunity to pursue their gambling passions without even having to step out of their home.

However, a few individuals are still wary when it comes to divulging personal information like credit card details, IDs, etc. – as required by some online casinos.

One area online casinos have improved tremendously is in tightening their platform’s security. Now, with the integration of Blockchain powered Bitcoin; the industry provides a new vista of water-tight security for operators and players alike.

Bitcoin is anonymous

If there is one thing that Bitcoin brings to the table as regards online gambling it is anonymity. It is no longer necessary to give out your personal information when you go online to play your favourite casino game, thanks to the Bitcoin casino.

Payments are made from one player to another with nothing other than their public wallet address. These addresses can be changed at any time and are not connected with any identities, except what players share between themselves.

This means that funds can be transferred or sent and received without knowing the identities of the players. Bitcoin also helps in speeding up the process since there is no need for verification of deposits or withdrawals.

It also allows Bitcoin holders – who live in jurisdictions where online gambling is not legally recognized – to play their favourite online games without fear of breaking any laws since no one knows where they reside.

Bitcoin casinos offer better payment rates

Bitcoin casinos offer better payout rates and have fewer costs than their conventional counterparts.

Gambling with Bitcoin bypasses some laws

Bitcoin is not an official currency of any country; therefore, gambling with this cryptocurrency circumvents certain laws. This means that it’s not directly illegal in every sense of the word.

Despite these apparent advantages, playing with Bitcoin online also has inherent risks:

* The value of Bitcoin is extremely volatile. This is why you must always be alert and keep track of the price of the cryptocurrency to maximize your wins

* Bitcoin wallets are put in jeopardy as hackers are always trying to break through the security and firewalls of these cryptocurrency wallets online.

In conclusion, Bitcoin has put an end to a lot of problems that plague online gambling. Players can gamble anonymously, and transactions can be carried out swiftly and efficiently. So the next time someone asks you, “Is it safe to play at a Bitcoin casino?” you know the right answer to reply.

Best Payment Methods at a Low Deposit Casino

A critical concern most online casino players have is whether they can deposit and make withdrawals from their casino accounts effortlessly – and also whether the available payment options are flexible enough to allow them to fund their account regardless of the amount.

For most casinos, however, they offer a variety of banking solutions that ensure every one of their patrons’ needs is met.

But, unfortunately, these payment portals often have hefty transaction fees that limit the amount a player can deposit; this is especially true for gamers wanting to fund their casino account with just the minimum deposit.

To illustrate this, imagine that you want to fund your casino account with the minimum deposit accepted by your platform; let’s say – £5. And to use any of the banking methods available on the gaming website; you’d have to pay a transaction fee of £1.04.

Now, that leaves you with only £3.06, this amount as you can see is not enough to play. So, what do you do?

Up Your Hand or Source a Low Deposit Casino

Well, the option open to you is to either increase your betting fund – that is assuming you’re not on a tight budget and is flushed with cash. Or, research low deposit casinos that allow you to fund your casino account with minimum funding with no or smallest possible transaction fee.

The second option seems more plausible. Thankfully, there are banking solutions that are integrated with low deposit casinos.

Now, there are a number of reasons you would want to play at low-stakes online casinos; however, the chief among them would be the chance to play a variety of games with a small wager.

Another reason could be so you can extend your gameplay time; spend more time enjoying the game while also having reserve bankroll and a chance of hitting it big instead of going big and losing all at once.

So, what are the best banking methods to use at a low deposit casino?


This e-payment solution was created specifically for the online casino playing the market. Its growing popularity over the years, ease of use, and the hassle-free quick transaction – both for deposits and withdrawals – makes it a preferred channel by most online casino operators.


In addition, the payment method is recognized in over 30 countries, has an enticing bonus reward for using it, and a superb support team on hand to help with your concerns.

    • PayPal

PayPal is undoubtedly the undisputed leader when it comes to online casino payment methods. Widely accepted all over the world with millions of users scattered across 190 countries and regions it offers a safe, secure, fast, and instant way to deposit and make withdrawals.

To use PayPal as your preferred banking option, you need an account with them; then link up your bank details or credit card.
So, when you want to play on your favourite casino, all you have to do is transfer money to your PayPal account then use the money to play.

    • Skrill

Skrill online casino payment method

If you are interested in a fast payout then, you may want to consider using Skrill. Previously known as Moneybookers, this e-wallet is just as popular as PayPal and has one of the instant payment features in the market – your deposit appears almost immediately in your account.

Also, you can easily deposit as low as £1 which makes it an excellent banking option for low deposit casinos.

    • Prepaid Cards

These are the ideal alternative for players without credit cards or uncomfortable filling out their credit details online. There are several cards available including Ukash, PaySafe Card, and EntroPay.

Each of these cards processes transactions almost immediately while also providing anonymity for players that would want to keep their online activities secret.

A Brief Introduction To The History Of Roulette – French or Chinese Origin?

Here at Minimum Deposit Casinos, we’re big fans of Roulette. This popular game has its roots in 18th Century France, but the exact origins of the game are shrouded in mystery. Many people believe roulette has its origins on a Chinese board game that involved arranging 37 animal figurines into a magic square with numbers equalling 666. Discovered by Dominican Monks, it was then modified into a circle and a special slot for the number zero and brought to Europe. There are those who say that the Chinese origins is just a rumour, even though the numbers on a roulette wheel do add up to 666.

The design and gameplay are clearly influenced by two similar games popular in 17 Century France, “Roly Poly” and “Even-Odd” which involved spinning a wheel and betting on the outcome of the spin. But the most widely accepted version is that a French Mathematician and Physicist, Blaise Pascal, created a perpetual motion machine, a device that moves continuously without using energy to power it. In his genius attempt to solve the mysteries of the universe, he accidentally created the prototype for the modern roulette wheel.

Roulette – The Different Types of Bets

There are very few games in the casino that are as intimidating to a beginner as the game of Roulette. At first glance the Roulette table seems confusing, but in reality it is a simple game to understand. The trick to mastering Roulette is to learn how to bet properly.

There are two forms of roulette, the European wheel and the American wheel. The difference between them is the order of the numbers and one additional pocket with the double green zero on the American version.

Understanding the house edge

It is said that “the house always wins” but this is not strictly true as the payouts in roulette don’t accurately reflect the real odds. For example, if you win on red or black your payout is 1:1 which suggests the odds are 50%., but the green zero on the wheel means the odds are just over 48%.

Know the equipment

– There are 36 numbers and a 0. A croupier sends a ball spinning as the wheel spins and the ball eventually lands on one of the numbers. Players place their bets on the table correlating to the possible slots the ball can fall into.

Know the different “inside” bets

– Roulette is a game of anticipation, you must guess where the ball will fall. The main part of the roulette table layout is made of numbers from zero to 36 and the rest are divisions for betting on groups of numbers: They can be odd or even, red or black, 1-18 or 19-36, columns and dozens. Inside bets are bets placed on the numbers themselves and outside bets are placed elsewhere.

Online roulette has grown in popularity year after year. There is so much that you can learn about the game just by clicking on the question mark in the bottom left corner of your desktop, tablet or mobile phone. The help section is always full of very interesting and useful information. Live Roulette is also growing in popularity as you can chat with the croupiers and watch the live action unfold in stunning HD. With so many great ways to play this classic casino game online, we are sure you will enjoy it immensely. Place you bets!

What You Should Know about Playing Android Smartphones

Android Smartphones

Slots are among the most accessible casino games in the world today. Not only are they some of the simplest casino games to play, but they are also easy to understand – no need for strategies or deep thinking – just spin the reels and start playing.

It is not surprising then that a lot of people find it easy playing slot games on their Android smartphones.

Playing slot games on Android smartphones is not that different from spinning the reels on your PC. Mobile devices and online slots are an excellent combination, thanks to the simplified interface of the games and touchscreen technology that renders exciting and more engaging gameplay.

The touch screens on Android smartphones engender greater interactions which in turn, enhance the entertainment value of these appealing casino games.

Mobile play comes with greater flexibility and conveniences which are the more reason slot games on smartphones are increasingly gaining traction.

A variety of game collections is another reason reel enthusiasts play Android-compatible online casinos frequently. In addition to this, slots also provide lots of incredible mix of diverse titles.

The Android platform is home to several people favourite slot games that run on a wide variety of mobile devices.

Hence, it doesn’t matter whether you own a Samsung, LG, Sony Xperia or HTC smartphone, you can still load any of your favourite mobile slots and play for some real money on the move.

Google’s Policy on Real-Money Gambling Apps

Google – the creator of the Android platform – has a policy that forbids real-money gambling applications on the Google Playstore. The policy also concerns all gambling-related content that involves sports betting, lotteries, and online casinos.

However, this policy does not imply that owners of Android devices can no longer play casino games – including slots – on their tablets and smartphones. The majority of reliable gambling operators out there run their websites which are fully compatible and optimized for mobile devices that run on this operating system.

The only way you can download and install real-money gambling apps or content on your Android device is by doing so directly via the official websites of the online casino of your choice. Some of these real-money gambling apps are available for free while a few others require a premium.

This is a beneficial development for slots enthusiasts since gambling operators that run their businesses online and host Android applications on their sites can readily detect and tackle security-related issues, and then update the apps accordingly.

On a final note, make sure to download real-money gambling applications from reliable online gambling websites to avoid phishing and other web-related problems.




Top Five Online Slot Games to Play on a Cold Wintery Day

Find and play the best online slot games for a cold and blustery day in Winter! Let Minimum Deposit Casinos help you source the best casino games from the top software providers on the market.

Winterberries Slot Game by Yggdrasil Gaming

Winterberries are ripe in wintertime and the slot game Winterberries is ready for the picking all year round! A fabulous game by the innovative game developers, Yggdrasil Gaming, here’s what you can expect from this charming online slot game. Twenty-five paylines and five reels filled with colourful and juicy images of winter berries. The graphics are very realistic and well crafted. Multipliers and re-spin features guarantee an interesting game with great prizes.

Before playing the game it is suggested that you regulate your wager and select the coin value and lines you wish to bet with. The middle “Spin” button starts the game. Get three or more identical symbols on a payline and you will get your re-spins. They will continue as long as the same symbols keep emerging on the reels. Your winnings are multiplied when you fill consecutive columns and the multiplier is equal to the columns filled.

Penguin Splash Slot Game By Rabcat

Take a virtual trip to Antarctica and enjoy South Polar action with the free Penguin Splash online slot game. Twenty five paylines, five reels and three rows filled with penguins wearing tuxedos and dancing to jazz music. The red and green fish acts as a Wild Symbol and takes place of any other symbol when completing a winning combination. To trigger the Free Spins round, land three Scatters of Emperor penguins on your reels. A delightful game with black and white little creatures with feathers and shaking heads. Along with its fun theme and some sweet polar animals, the online casino slot allows you the opportunity of winning forty thousand coins when you have five Great Whales on a payline.

Snowflakes Slot Game by NextGen Gaming

Snowflakes is visually breathtaking with a frozen tundra as its backdrop and shiny stars in the night skies. The game has twenty five paylines and five reels. Symbols on the reels include snowflakes adorned with blues, greens and purples. Landing the eight-pointed snowflake will give you four hundred coins for five on a payline. The Wild Symbol will pay you five hundred coins for five on a payline and it also substitutes for all other symbols except the Scatter.

There are three bonus features and a Frozen Wilds Free Game which is activated when three or more scatters land on your reels. Three will award you seven free spins and five times your total wager. Four will award you twenty times your wager and ten free spins. If you get five scatters, you will win one hundred times your total bet and fifteen free spins.

Fruity Frost Slot Game By Booongo software

Burning ice and aromatic fruits, what can be better on a cold winters night? Twenty five paylines and five colourful reels make this game a refreshing alternative to the old age fruit machine theme. The game features a greengrocer’s shelf filled with delicious fruit symbols. There are cherries, lemons, watermelons and even some exotic fruits. The most striking feature about this slot game is that the fruits are set within an icy wonderland, making the colours appear even brighter against the clean blue blocks of ice and gently falling snow flakes. Not just an ordinary five reel video slot game.


50 Free Spins
No prize
25 Free Spins
No prize
5 Free
No prize
100 Free Spins
No prize
20 Free
No prize
10 Free
No prize