Live Casino Poker

How to Play Live Casino Poker

Often players start their poker playing-journeys at an online casino or in a home game; but, in time want to step out of their comfort zone to experience what it is like playing in a live casino.

If you’re in such a situation right now and perhaps reading up on everything you need to know before stepping into a brick-and-mortar casino, then this blog post is written especially for you.

Hopefully, you’d learn enough to help you hold your own; follow the game, and understand what’s going on around you while sitting playing.

So, we’ve shared our three best bits of advice on how to play live casino; here we go…

Tip #1: Best Time to Play?

Once you decide to try your hands on live poker, the next question is: when is the optimal time to play? Day vs. Night? Weekday vs. Weekend?

You see, most live games are open right into the wee hours of the day; some even running 24/7 especially in places like Vegas. So, knowing the best time to play often means you come out ahead or at least square.

Most live poker pros swear by playing live poker at night reason being that the night attracts younger recreational players willing to take more risk; also, with the drinks flowing, and a heightened gambling atmosphere one is likely to play against inexperienced players or those just having a casual time out.

Weekends are undoubtedly the best time for live poker games as there is more foot traffic in and out of the room; however, there’s something to be said for weekdays too.

Most recreational players found late at night are often pressed for time; casting cursory glances at their watch and cussing dealers under their breath if they delay for a sec. You can play this desperation to your advantage as it’s clear your opponent is eager to leave.

Tip #2: Memorize the Rules of Live Poker

For players new to playing live poker, it may come as a shock mastering the various rules guiding the game.

You’ll find many rules are dictating how you handle your chips, the way you stack them and even how you bet.

For instance, unsuspecting players often trip over the oversize chip rule. Here’s how this works, let’s say you’re playing in a $10-$25 cash game; and you push forward a $50 chip for a raise without saying anything, the dealer will assume you just made a call – this is the oversize chip rule.

In other words, tossing a chip with a higher value than the existing bet without calling out your action is interpreted as a call.

Other Rules to be Mindful of Include:

Forward motion – if you toss a chip forward whether you intend to bet or not; it is usually considered in the pot, and there’s no going back. So, be sure of what you want before handling your chips.

The big chips out front rule – every player on the table should have a clear view of each player’s chips at all times. So, better stack your chips neatly and according to color. Don’t hide your big chips behind smaller ones to avoid a penalty.

Tip #3: Protect Your Cards and Chips

This one is obvious, right? But, you’d be surprised at the number of players falling at this. The thing is, there’s hardly enough elbow room in a full table; so, it’s quite a bit tricky fending off prying eyes from your cards.

First, you may want to come along with a card protector you place on top your cards that way the dealer knows you’re still in hand.

Finally, when you have a winning hand, don’t ever turn the card over to the dealer or relinquish it until the pot has been shipped to your direction.

Even when the dealer requests you give them your hand first, say something like – “I’ll trade you the pot for my hands”