November 25, 2018

Best Slots and How To Find Them

Slots are the royalty of the online casino world. Long before the internet existed, the first slots were being introduced. Looking back across time, it’s become obvious that the internet and the slots are a match made in heaven. Gameplay is streamlined, and prizes and bonuses are limitless. Online casinos are perfect for gamers wanting to enjoy fast-paced slot machine entertainment.

Guidelines To Finding A Safe Online Casino And Great Slots

The slot machine has grown from an amusing pastime to an entertaining, fun and exciting way to win amazing jackpots. There are infinite possibilities for payouts. Coupled with minimum deposit gambling, the prospect of low budget games and welcome bonuses, there’s never been a better time to enjoy the slot machines. Slot games have their roots entrenched in the Victorian era, where they adorned bars. Playing was a welcome pastime for our Victorian predecessors and a prize of cigars and free drinks a bonus. From Victorian times throughout history and to our present day, we continue to enjoy gambling online.

Safety and securitySafety is the most important rule and playing at a regulated online casino is essential. This will also guarantee oversight by UK governing bodies.

Slot-based Bonuses – The trick is to select the right slots that offer the best bonuses.

Support and service – A great online casino will always provide reliable and dedicated support staff.

Variety of games – Playing the same type of game can become monotonous. Choosing the right casino with a large variety of games and diverse themes will make sure that your gaming experience is always new and exciting.

Payment methods – Most online casinos accept all the most common payment methods with very few exceptions. The latest encryption technology guarantees that your account is safe.

How Do Online Slots Work?

The two things that govern online slots are a Par Sheet and a Random Number Generator. The Par Sheet is thought to be an acronym for Probability Accounting Reports. These are sheets that detail how a particular slot machine is programmed, the symbols that appear on the reels and what odds are paid by the slot machine. The slots are then programmed by an algorithm which stops the reels at random making the slot machine fair at each spin.

What Is The RTP (Return To Player Percentage)?

The game’s RPT or Return to Player percentage is a rough percentage payout made to players on average over the long term.

Mac OS / Windows

There are apps that can be downloaded straight from the online casino. A slots suite, saved to the player’s hard drive, can be loaded and played at any time. The disadvantage is that these games work only for your operating system.


Perfect for mobile phones of all operating systems and adaptable over desktop and mobile. HTML5 allows for games to work on devices that can’t run Adobe Flash. Most slots are programmed using HTML5 which is easy to adapt across multiple platforms like PC/Mac desktops and mobile devices. HTML5 also works for Apple iOS users and has even been known to run about 50% faster than Flash.

Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash provides smooth animation and gameplay. It works with most operating systems except for Mac OS and Firefox browsers. It is also known to run slowly on platforms like Linux.

50 Free Spins
No prize
25 Free Spins
No prize
5 Free
No prize
100 Free Spins
No prize
20 Free
No prize
10 Free
No prize