September 4, 2020

Will Social Registration Trump Quick Registration With Your Payment Method?

Social registration was initially created to allow people to access websites that required accounts without having to create a new profile and password. Website and app developers realised that the actual account creation can put people off buying or subscribing to whatever product they are selling, so they searched for an easier method to make it as easy as possible for their customers to access their services.

Casinos were not far behind in realising what a good idea it was to give their players the choice of clicking a social media button rather than filling in forms to create an account. After all, if you decide on impulse that you are feeling lucky, that you like the casino’s welcome offer and want to play some free spins as soon as possible, the process of creating an account forms a barrier of admin between you and your goal… and you may change your mind if it seems like too much hassle to go through the process. It is far simpler to click on an icon and use passwords you have already created to access a new site.

Payment methods have started to realise the benefits of this quick registration process too, and certain innovative brands have begun to roll out their own quick registration process, to give you the same ease of access to a variety of web and app services that social media has been providing for some time.

We investigated whether a payment method “quick registration” system will actually be better for the players in the long run. Although the payment method registration solution is still very new in the casino industry, if given enough time to catch up with social media registration, PayPal could be giving Facebook and Twitter a run for their money!

Social registration explained

Social registration is the system that lets you use your Facebook, Twitter, Google, or other social media account profiles to create accounts at other websites or mobile apps. This social sign-in removes the need to create new login information on a third-party site by using your social media logins instead.

This means that the registration process is much faster and more convenient, and you do not have to remember or store a new set of logins. This kind of registration also makes it easier to create a new casino account on a mobile phone. All you need to do is tap on the social media icon, rather than tapping out your new username or password on a tiny digital keyboard.

There are disadvantages to social logins, though. One of the main issues that casinos face is that potential players need to have a social media account to use this feature. Another problem is the player trust and uncertainty. Players may not know what information is being shared between the casino and social media site, or they may have concerns that the casino will post on their social sites on their behalf, or use their data in ways they do not know. In reality, the data that is shared from social sites is limited. Casinos cannot access your contacts or post without your permission, for example.

The convenience aspect of social media logins is also limited. You will still need to provide your personal information, like your address and payment method information. Social media logins simply remove the need to create a new username and password.

Best payment methods for social registration

Social registration is not integrated with the casino payment methods, so you will still need to choose a billing option. One of the drawbacks to social logins is that if your social media account is hacked, your accounts that use these logins may also be compromised. For this reason, a payment method that provides an extra measure of safety, like Interac for Canadians or Trustly for Europeans, are the best options. These payment methods act as a buffer between your bank account and your casino account.

If you are a Canadian player and have an account with one of the Interac-member banks, you can use this payment method to transfer money directly from your bank account into your casino account, without sharing your banking details with the casino. You have a double layer of security: the online security provided by your bank and the additional Interac authentication which sends you confirmation messages for your transactions.

If you are a European player, then Trustly is the best method to use. Like Interac, Trustly allows you to transfer funds from your own bank account directly to your casino account. It uses your bank logins but does not store this information or allow casinos to access it. It is a quick and easy payment process that adds an extra level of digital encryption to your online transactions.

How Quick Registration Works

Quick registration through payment methods is a new feature that is currently being developed by PayPal, one of the most innovative banking options online. In theory, the way this will work is that you will be able to use your login details for PayPal when you create your casino account, in the same way, that you can use your social media logins. Because this is a new process, it is unclear exactly how it will work, and what security measures PayPal will put in place to prevent hacking fraud.

The UK will be the first country to see the roll-out of the PayPal quick casino registration feature. Initially, this option will be available at no-card casinos and we predict that it will sweep through the online casino industry as the process is tested and trust begins to grow. It gives casinos another way to minimise the fuss of registration to get their players on board as quickly as possible – and an added benefit is that PayPal deposits at the casino will become even easier.

Using PayPal to log in to a casino account will have all the same benefits as using your social media account to login, but by its nature, a financial institution will have much more rigorous security systems in place than a social media site. This means that using PayPal to create your casino logins may be safer than using social media.

Which payments are best suited for quick registrations

At the time of writing, PayPal is the banking method that is leading the way in the quick registration field. The development of this quick way to create your casino account is still in its infancy, so there will be more payment methods that you can use in future. Because of this, PayPal is the obvious choice as your deposit or withdrawal method when you are having a session at your online casino. If you integrate your PayPal account with your casino account, deposits and withdrawals could be much simpler and quicker to process. In time, as more web wallets and online payment solutions offer the quick registration option, you may end up choosing the login method according to your preferred payment method. For now, though, PayPal is the one to choose.

Verdict – what the future of casino registrations could look like.

One of the drawbacks to using payment-method quick registration to login to your casino account is that this is new technology and there are not many casinos or payment methods that offer it yet. As PayPal leads the way, others will follow. The casino industry and the online banking industry are both fast-paced and innovative, and both aim to make their customers’ user experience as seamless as possible. Someday soon, quick registration through a variety of payment methods will become the norm and may just become the preferred way to sign into a new casino.

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