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Interac is a payment system available in Canada that links directly to your bank account. Established in 1984, the service was first introduced as a debit card and a payment network. Of course, the online services made it an instant hit with online casinos, especially since it doesn’t share any of your personal account details with the recipient.

Linked with over 200 major Canadian banks, the service is easily accessible for everyone in the country and provides payment solutions for just about any business. Not only can you use the Interac debit card to pay in-store, but also their online services to send money to other users and complete online payments. At online casinos, you can complete deposits and withdrawals using the E-Transfer and Interac Online services.

Top Interac Casinos
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Jonny Jackpot
Jonny Jackpot
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Jackpot City
Jackpot City
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Captain Spins
Captain Spins
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Vegas Lounge
Vegas Lounge
50% Wager Free Cashback Bonus up to $400 *
Casino Tropez
Casino Tropez
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Buffalo Spins
Buffalo Spins
Win Up to 500 Free Spins on Buffalo Blitz *
Royal Vegas
Royal Vegas
100% Match Welcome bonus up to $1200 *
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Ruby Fortune
Ruby Fortune
$/€750 - 100% Match Bonus *
*T&Cs apply to each of the offers. Click “Sign Up” for more details. Please gamble responsibly! You must be 18+.

The goal of the service is simple, provide Canadians with an easy-to-use service that makes daily transactions easy, cost-effective, and most importantly, secure! They’ve achieved this by adding incredibly powerful SSL encryptions and fraud protection systems. This keeps your personal account details 100% secure while giving you easy access to online payments within seconds!

Top Interac Casinos

Interac is only available for Canadians that hold an account with one of the linked banks. Luckily, the service is available with all major banks, ensuring users can gain easy access by simply registering for online or mobile banking.

Since the service is easily available, secure and trusted, you’ll find many online brands accept the deposit and withdrawal method. However, to find the best Interac casinos, you’ll need to investigate their promotions, terms and conditions, games, security and more. We’ve done all of it for you and include expert casino reviews.

Below, we look at some of the best Interac casinos that are fully licensed and offer some of the best online gaming services. Read our casino reviews to learn more about their promotions, games and everything else you need to know.

Benefits of the Interac payment method

Interac remains one of the most secure and easy to use Canadian payment methods. Established bank in the mid-80s, the service first became available as a debit card to provide a safe and secure way of sending funds. The service is available to all Canadian citizens and links to over 200 banks in the country.

The modern service combines the benefits of a standard bank account with that of a web wallet. It takes the best of both worlds and allows you to benefit from instant transfers to other users, online stores and online casinos. The difference is that you don’t have to upload funds to Interac as it directly links to your bank account. Therefore, the funds are taken from your account and instantly sent to the recipient while keeping your personal details safe and secure as with web wallets.

The service is operated by Interac Association and Acxsys Corporation, which are non-profit organizations of merchants, credit unions, and trust companies to name just a few. Of course, this ensures the latest technology, services and security with all their transactions. In addition to these benefits, you’ll find Interac’s fees are much lower than that of competing web wallets. Most transactions include fees of less than CA$1.50 per transaction.

Since the service is run by organizations involved with the financial industry, you’ll also find it outperforms common web wallets in speed, features, and security as well.

Making Casino Deposits with Interac

Interac accounts are very easily accessible as over 200 Canadian banks are linked with the service. Therefore, an account with any linked bank will automatically grant access to the service. Simply register for mobile or online banking, find the Interac E-Transfer option and complete the easy setup process.

The Interac service makes it incredibly easy and secure to make deposits and even withdrawals. As expected, deposits clear instantly and can be used to activate welcome bonuses, free spins and any other promotion at the casino. To make your first deposit with Interac E-Transfer, follow these steps:

  • Create an account or log into one of our Interac Online Casinos.

Interac is not available at all Canadian online casinos. Therefore, you might need to create an account with one of our recommended brands where the payment method is accepted. Luckily, we have a great selection of top-rated online casinos that accept Interac for both deposits and withdrawals.

  • Visit the Casino’s Banking Page and Choose Interac

Once the Interac deposit method is selected, the casino might have additional requirements. If not, you can follow the steps as with a standard Interac transaction. The casino will provide an email address linked to their Interac account, which you’ll need to complete the transaction.

  • Enter your Online Banking App

In the banking app, navigate to the Interac E-Transfer option and enter the amount you’d like to deposit. You’ll need to meet the minimum deposit amount, which is available on the casino’s banking page. Note that some bonuses require a higher deposit, which is available in the promotional terms and conditions.

  • Complete the Transaction

In the banking app, you’ll also need to verify yourself by answering specific security questions. Without 100% accurate answers, the transaction won’t be successful, which is what makes Interac secure. Once complete, the transaction will be successful and the funds along with selected casino bonuses will appear in your account.

Online casinos linked with the Interac online service make it even easier to complete deposits. This is a direct portal to the Interac service that doesn’t require users to enter their mobile banking app or even online banking. Instead, you’ll follow these steps:

  • Select Interac at the Online Casino

Instead of providing their Interac details, a gateway is presented, and you can simply log in. Thereafter, your available bank accounts will appear, and you can simply choose the account you’d like to use for the deposit.

  • Complete the Transaction and Play

Once the account is selected and you’ve entered the amount, the funds are taken from your account instantly. This offers an even higher level of security as none of your personal details are given to the recipient. Instead, Interac becomes a “middle man” and provides only the required info to the casino.

How to Open an Account with Interac

Unlike most of the competitor web wallet services, there’s no need to go through the sign-up process. Instead, Interac is already linked with your bank and all you need to do is sign up for either mobile or online banking.

Once registered for mobile or online banking, you’ll find the Interac autodeposit options. This is a brilliant service for users at online casinos as it automatically adds the incoming funds to your account. This means there’s no need to answer security questions when your withdrawal arrives in your account.

There’s no need to provide Interac with any additional details about yourself or the account. The required details are collected from your bank, making it even easier to use the service. To finish setting up your E-Transfer account, simply verify your account by clicking the link in the email from Interac.

For the Interac online service, you’ll also need to sign up for mobile or online banking and link your account. This requires the same steps for the E-Transfer option, making it possible to deposit and withdraw at online casinos.

Summary of Interac Casinos

Interac is one of the most recommended deposit and withdrawal methods for Canadians. Not only does it make online casino transactions easy and fast, but it also allows you to transact with businesses and other users around the world.

Unlike most web wallets, Interac eliminates the need to send funds to another banking service or online wallet. Not only does this save on fees, but also offers better security since your bank account details are never shared.

Sign up with an Interac online casino today and see just how easy it is to make instant deposits and enjoy withdrawals directly into your bank account just as fast as web wallets.

Interac FAQ’s

Interac casinos are easily available in Canada, offering excellent gaming opportunities and services. We have a great selection of recommended Canadian online casinos that ensure the best gaming fairness, top-rated licenses, fair promotions and more.
Interac is only available in Canada in Canadian Dollars (CAD). Online casinos offer Interac as a deposit method and will provide CAD as a currency. Those that don’t offer CAD will convert your deposit into the available currencies.
Interac does apply fees to transactions, which are much lower than competing web wallets. Since they are operated by non-profit organizations, you’ll find the fees rarely exceed CA$1.50. In case of withdrawals, the casino usually covers the fees.
Yes, Interac is a brilliant choice to complete withdrawals. Since it’s linked to your bank account, the funds automatically clear without the need of answering security questions when using the E-Transfer option. Withdrawals are much faster than traditional debit card transactions and still do not share any of your personal details.

📋 Pros and Cons of using Interac

Interact e-Transfer has grown popular amongst Canadian players due to its endless advantages when making online casino payments. This payment method is surely a preferred digital payment solution for most online casino players, and we cannot deny the benefits it provides. Some of these benefits include and on the other hand, there are hardly any negative aspects when it comes to using Interac e-Transfer:


  • ✔️Highly Secure
  • ✔️Available with Over 200 Canadian Banks 
  • ✔️Can Activate Casino Bonuses
  • ✔️Easy for Deposits and Withdrawals
  • ✔️Keeps Personal Account Details Safe


  • ❌Not Available at All Canadian Casinos
  • ❌Online Available for Canadian Casinos

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