Easy casino Deposits with Interac

Interac makes online casinos easy peasy for Canadian players 

Anything online these days requires online payments whether it is online shopping or ordering take-aways. Online casinos are no different and if you need to make transactions where money is involved, you need a payment method that is fast, easy, and safe. Interac allows Canadians do to exactly that, send money when and where they want and make quick payments, and get on with their lives. Deposits and withdrawals have never been easier in using Interac and Minimum Deposit Casinos Canada . We look at the benefits of using Interac casinos as well as the safety factor. Canadians deserve an easy way of transacting online and with Interac, they can do just that.

Benefits of using Interac

Interac helps you as a Canadian to take control of your money. It’s as simple as that. It is a payment product that is simple, instant, and secure which allows you to live your life with less stress. You can access your money anytime, anywhere, this is true convenience. Interac offers the transfer of funds between a Canadian online casino and a bank account without having to share excessive personal or financial information. You can do everything from one account, transfers, deposits, and receive payments, all of which make playing online easier. Instant deposits into your casino account let you play quicker. With instant casino withdrawals to match, the process is easy and fast when you use Interac. You can also keep an eye on your balance along the way. And all of this is as safe as possible which really sets your mind at ease and helps you focus on the important things, like which casino to hit next.

Lightning-fast Sign-ups at Casinos 

When you sign up at online casinos you need to fill in all the forms and verify everything which can take a while. But, when you use Interac, this process is much faster as verification happens super fast, and making your first deposit happens almost instantaneously. Interac is linked to your debit account which means that you need to have a real account with real money in order to use your Interac payment options. This proves that you are a real person and allows faster sign-up and creation of profiles with online casinos. Let Interac take the stress out of online transactions in online casinos and allow you to have the best online experience.

Interac keeps your banking details safe 

Interac Online is one of the safest and most secure online casino payment methods as it protects players and keeps their personal information private. This is great for players who are looking for a fast and secure way to pay for online transfers. All online institutions that accept payments via Interac, including online casinos, are bound by the Canadian Code of Practice for Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce. This builds the trustworthiness of those casinos and players can feel safe when making deposits and withdrawals online. The same technology used with Interac Debit and Interac Flash protects mobile payments done via the Interac debit card. Interac’s customers are protected by zero liability, touch ID verification, and a passcode.

Summary of Interac Casinos 

Interac is a well-known payment method that has been around for decades, it assists with transactions like deposits and withdrawals between an Interac online casino and a bank account without sharing substantial personal or financial information. Because Interac is associated with a debit card, players only have access to money that is currently in their bank account, this means that they cannot spend what they do not have. Online casinos can trust that the account holders are real which makes signing up faster and less painful. For simple, fast, and safe online transfers, online casinos and their players trust and use Interac. 

FAQs about Interac

Still have more questions, which is understandable. When it comes to your money, you want to, no, you have to know that it is being handled by the right institution. You and your money need to be safe. When you play in online casinos, you want peace of mind and all your questions laid to rest. Here are answers to a few frequently asked questions that will help you along the way.
As a Canadian, you have discovered the convenience and security of Interac when playing in online casinos and now, you are looking for more. If there is one thing easier than transacting with Interac, it is finding more Interac casinos, all you need to do is go to minimumdepositcasinos.org. Here you will find a vast array of casinos, from minimum deposit casinos Canada to country- or payment-specific casinos and everything in between. Simply scroll down the user-friendly site to find what you are looking for. You will find the latest and best information about online casinos, we do the searching, so you can have all the fun.

Online gambling in Canada is an activity that is becoming more popular with every passing year. One of the main reasons for this is the simple and easy accessibility that players have to online casino sites. Every online casino in Canada provides its players with several payment options. The vast majority of them have between three to five possibilities that players can pick from. The most common payment options in Canadian online casinos are:

Interac brings you a secure online payment method in e-transfer. Funds from a Canadian bank account can be transferred with e-transfer to another company, person, or online casino. There are more than 250 institutions, including the big five banks in Canada, that accept E-Transfers. These include Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto-Dominion Bank, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Bank of Montreal, Bank of Nova Scotia. This payment method safeguards sensitive financial information and assures a safe way to interchange money online. All you need to send or receive money is to simply enter an email address or phone number.  When using e-transfers with Interac online casinos, the casino will provide an email address and security question. By using this information, money can be sent from your bank account to the online casino. However, when you use Interact Online, payment cannot be done directly through the online casino. You need to log in to your bank account and then complete the transfer from there.
Absolutely! We at Minimum Deposit Casinos ensure that our selection of Interac casinos is based on thorough testing of each casino. To be featured on our site, they need to be the best as well as be the best at it. All our Interac casinos have reputable licenses and are perfectly legal and safe for Canadians. Reputable licenses include the MGA, UKGC, and Kahnawake licenses. For more information, check out the legal information on each casino’s site.

Pros and Cons of Interac Casinos


  • Free e-transfers depending on your bank account
  • Offered by all major Canadian banks
  • Fast and easy deposits and withdrawals
  • Protects sensitive information


  • Not available on all online casinos
  • Transfer limits

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