Casinos vs lotteries

Lotteries Vs. Casinos: Who Give You More

Lotteries or Casinos? Which do you prefer? Well, if you haven’t made a decision yet, let’s know the inside story of lotteries and casinos. Who gives you more benefit? Who is more flexible when it comes to giving out winnings? Which has the best chance of winning? 

Should you choose one of the top online casinos that accept NZD or consider lotteries instead? Both lotteries and casinos attract an appreciable number of players every year. Both of the gaming industries are popular. But if you choose one, which one do you think is worth it? Let’s figure it out here. 

How Often Do Lotteries Payout

To understand this, you should be familiar with two words, the house advantage and the RTP, i.e., Return to Player. House advantage is the percentage of the game winnings that the lottery house or the online casino keeps with themselves. The return to the player, on the other hand, is the percentage each game carries. This percentage tells how likely the player can expect to win when a bet is placed.

For instance, most games in casinos provide 96% to 97% of RTP. This means on making a bet of $1 100 times, he can expect a return of $95 as winnings. The rest of the percentage, i.e., 5%, is termed the house advantage or the house edge. 

When it comes to lotteries vs. casinos, it is determined that lotteries have more house edge than casinos. This means lotteries keep more portion of winnings with themselves than casinos. 

The majority of the casino games have a low edge, even lower than 5%, with few exceptions like keno which have the normal edge of around 20% to 25%, which is still lower than lottery house edge. 

The house advantage in lotteries is as high as 40 to 60%. Slot games in casinos also garner a 2 to 15% low house edge. Table games like blackjack, baccarat, video poker, and others have the lowest house edge at just 1% to 3%. 

Chances That You Win The Lottery 

The chances of winning a lottery are pretty negligible. In a typical lottery, each player has to pick six numbers between 1 to 49. If the six numbers on the ticket match the ones drawn by the lottery, the person wins the jackpot irrespective of the order of the numbers. 

It seems quite possible, but the probability of this happening is very low as 1 in 13983816. As per the factorials and calculations, there are over a million ways to exactly match the number a player has fixed. However, since the order of the numbers is not considered, the probability is brought down to 13983816. This is still a significant number, and the chances of winning a lottery are slim. 

How Often Do Casinos Payout 

Do casinos pay out more on weekends or on a particular period? There are various myths relating to when you can win big at casinos and slot machines. The casino payouts are quite random and balanced out such that the casinos make the required earning, keep the player hooked to the game, and prevent them from abandoning it. 

In slot machines, the payout is set at 80:1. The slot machines are programmed to give payouts once in even 219 plays. The payout is not too high for players to achieve and not too low for the casinos to lose. 

Slot machines also provide payout depending on the spins. They are programmed to give jackpots on average once in every 10,000 spins. 

Chances That You Win At Online Casinos 

There are more chances of winnings at a casino than at a lottery. However, casinos winnings are small as compared to lottery winnings. 

As per research, only 13.5% of gamblers win at casinos. Also, the ratio between the big win and the big loss is large. Most online casino games are based on a Random Number generator that signifies that winning and losing are purely based on luck. 

The less the percentage of house advantage, the better are the player’s chances of winnings at online casinos. Gambling at online casinos is more about fun rather than winnings. The online casinos provide a variety of bonuses and promotions that allows the player to keep a balance between winnings and losses. The wagering requirement at the online casinos keeps your winnings locked up but still has a good chance of winnings if you play consistently with low stakes.  we test an review all the best NZ Minimum Deposit Casinos to find you the best deals and give you the very best chances of winning big.

Summary Of Who Gives You More Lotteries Or Casinos

People are fond of lotteries due to their big jackpots. You hit the right cord, and you can become a millionaire in no time. On the other hand, casinos are more about fun, you don’t lose big (if you play responsibly), and you do not win quite as big. 

Buying a lottery ticket means spending $100 at once with minimal chances of hitting the jackpot. At the same time, $100 at an online casino will provide you with a big welcome bonus at first, and then if you play for an hour or so, you win back $95. The reason is that the house advantage in online casinos is much lesser than lotteries. 

This also means the odds of winning at online casinos in New Zealand are higher than the lottery. For steady, enjoyable, and fun nights, casino games always leave behind the lotteries. The majority of games in a casino ranging from slot games, table games, dealer games, and others, keep the player hooked and have fun entirely. 

Frequently Asked Questions

You don’t have to move an inch to find the best casinos. The best casinos will come to you to launch their online casinos. You can find all about the best online casinos from the site. 
Kiwis, i.e., NZ players are open to all sorts of lotteries. The most popular lotteries available to NZ players include lotto, keno, Bullseye, Instant Kiwi, TeleBingo, Risk, Play 3, and many others. 
The best progressive jackpots can be found at NZ online casinos. For finding more about the best online casinos, visit our site for fair recommendations. 
NZ online casinos with active licenses and registration under reputed gambling authorities are safe to play. Always check for these two features to know the authenticity of an online casino in NZ. Alternatively, visit our sites for the safest NZ online casino reviews. 
Casinos bonuses are worth it to keep you going and playing for hours without actually making huge deposits. These bonuses help players start playing in an online casino without actually making the first deposit at times. 

Pros and Cons of Online casinos 


  • Allows players to have fun at the comfort of their home.
  • Gives you the advantage of a big welcome bonus along with other promotions.
  • Safe processing of transactions.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • Easy deposits and instant withdrawal of winnings.
  • Free from biases.
  • Majority of games at one place.
  • Live dealer games with virtual reality.


  • Lack of land-based casino vibes.
  • high wagering requirement.

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