Skrill vs Paysafecard

Paysafecard VS Skrill who will take the crown for best $1 deposit method

There are excellent benefits for both the PaySafe Card and Skrill web wallet options especially at our top $1 deposit casino Canada websites. In this guide, we look at both options and what sets them apart. We cover the details about how safe they are, the services you can use for them and how you can deposit just $1 with either option.

Benefits of using prepaid voucher to deposit $1

PaySafe Card is the world’s most well-known voucher system, which is available at the most popular $1 minimum deposit casinos. If you’ve had a look around Canadian online casinos and the payment methods available, you might have seen the well-known PaySafe Card logo in blue.

The PaySafe Card system is only available for deposits at online casinos. Since it uses a voucher system, it’s not possible for the casino to process withdrawals. Even with this “downside” the PaySafe Card option remains one of the most recommended ways to fund your casino account.

One of the biggest advantages of the PaySafeCard system is that none of your personal account details are needed at the casino. Thanks to the 16-digit voucher, you only need the voucher number to complete a deposit. You can head over to the PaySafeCard website and buy a card of various values to be used at online stores and online casinos.

On their website, you can choose from various voucher values, including $10, $25, $50 and even $100. You can buy just one of these vouchers or multiple ones to reach a specific amount or to make a larger deposit. Once you’ve purchased a card, you’ll receive the code, which you can then use at the casino to make a deposit.

PaySafe Card is a popular choice at our $1 deposit casinos, which is surprising as the lowest card value is $10. However, keep in mind that you can choose how much of the voucher you’d like to use at the casino, which is what makes this a brilliant payment system. So, if you buy a voucher of $10, you can choose to deposit $1 at the casino and keep the other $9 in the voucher.

To buy a PaySafe Card, you can use your bank account, a web wallet or even a bank transfer. Their website is incredibly secure with SSL encryptions and the latest firewall technology to protect your account details. At the casino, you only need to provide the voucher code, meaning none of your personal account details are ever required.

Simply keep your PaySafe Card code safe and ensure you choose a trusted online casino to eliminate any security risks.

Benefits of using e-wallets to deposit $1

Web wallets are tough competitors for any online payment systems as they combine the benefits of instant deposits, fast withdrawals and the highest levels of security. There are loads of web wallets to choose from, including popular choices such as EcoPayz Casinos, Neteller Casinos, Skrill Casinos, Interac Casinos and many others for Canadian players.

You’ll find more web wallet options at the best $1 deposit casino Canada sites, which gives players even more options to enjoy the latest in gaming. Unlike PaySafeCard, a web wallet can be seen as a secure portal that requires your account details when making a deposit. However, it still eliminates the need of providing bank details, which is already much safer.

To add money to one of our $1 deposit casinos, you’ll need an account with the web wallet of your choice. The sign-up process is quite quick and easy, but the verification process could take a few hours, which is required by some web wallets before you can make a larger deposit. Luckily, they are usually quite quick on the verification process, allowing you all the benefits from the very beginning.

Once you have an account, you’ll find deposit amounts start from as little as $10. As with PaySafe Card, this doesn’t mean that lower deposits aren’t possible as you also have the option of depositing any amount when using a web wallet. Simply choose the right $1 deposit online casino that accepts your web wallet and use their minimum deposit.

Making a deposit with a web wallet doesn’t include any fees with any of the top brands. You can deposit as often and as much as you’d like, even though some $1 low deposit casinos only make it possible to use the $1 deposit once.

The major difference between web wallets and PaySafe Card is the fact that withdrawals are possible with the same account when using a web wallet. This means the casino can use the same account details to pay your winnings into. This once again eliminates the need of any account details.

Withdrawal using web wallets are incredibly fast and secure. In fact, we now have loads of same day cashout casinos, which means you’ll have your money in your account within just 24 hours. Many web wallets now provide an account card that lets you swipe or even withdraw from an ATM.

Summary of using PaySafe Card and Web Wallets to deposit $1

A deposit of just $1 is a great way to get started with a new casino payment method. The risk is lowered, but the process remains the same, allowing you to make the first deposit and see just how easy and secure it is.

It’s important to consider that the PaySafe Card only provides deposit options, which means you might need a web wallet for withdrawals, or you need to supply your banking details to the casino. It doesn’t make sense to provide your bank details as that’s exactly what we’re trying to avoid with these payment portals.

On the other hand, web wallets can do both deposits and withdrawals, but you need to provide the details of your web wallet account. The payments are incredibly secure, and deposits are extremely fast at the latest online casinos. However, they aren’t as anonymous as the PaySafe Card system.

At the end of the day, it’s all about choosing the best security setup that suits your needs. For some players, both options might work by using PaySafe Card to deposit security and using web wallets to get your withdrawals faster and with an incredibly high level of security.

Frequently Asked Questions

The PaySafe Card system is available at just about any online casinos. However, this includes some brands that don’t offer the highest quality and fairness in gaming. Therefore, we recommend using a trusted casino reviewer such as ourselves. We ensure our PaySafe Card Casinos are 100% secure, licensed and offer only the finest games for your benefit.
There are many other ways to deposit at your favourite online casino without PaySafe Card. This includes credit cards, web wallets, debit cards and more. However, in terms of security and ease of use, the PaySafe Card option is tough to beat. It doesn’t provide any of your personal details with the casino, which means it can’t fall into the wrong hands.  
Skrill is a brilliant web wallet with highly secure transactions for both deposits and withdrawals. We provide a large selection of Skrill online casinos, which make it possible to deposit from as little as $1! Simply visit our casino reviews to find the best bonus and games with Skrill.
Players can use either of the web wallets or the PaySafe Card to activate promotions at the casino. Some might not allow certain web wallets, but we’ve already ensured our recommended brands make it possible to use the most popular banking methods and activate welcome bonuses, free spins and much more.  
For loads of other $1 deposit casinos use our website and find the most secure and trusted $1 deposit casino Canada sites. 

Pros and Cons of $1 Deposit Casinos


  • Lower Deposit Amount
  • Activate Bonuses with $1
  • Use Trusted Deposit Methods


  • Smaller Bonuses activate with Minimum Deposit
  • Bonuses might require higher deposit

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