Technology News 2019

Online gambling has become very popular over the last two decades . These days, a casino enthusiast has a variety of interesting ways to play casino games online, both via their desktop and also via mobile gaming. Live Dealer Casinos have made it entirely possible for the player to sit comfortably at home whilst feeling as if in a real live casino, but that’s not all! Innovations like virtual reality, gesture control and augmented reality combined with incredible video resolutions and the best in sound quality are making online gambling even more exciting!

Facial Recognition

One of the most talked about up and coming trends that will soon impact the casino world is facial recognition. Powerful 3D cameras and scanners have the ability to create an exact image of the player, technology that will change the face of online casinos. New and developing technologies like Intel RealSense is designed to give machines and devices depth perceptions, and it’s becoming more and more possible to create custom made online Avatars with the players facial expressions, another powerful way to feel as if you ‘re in a real and live casino!

Gesture Recognition

Technology offers so many interesting and exciting ways to enjoy online gaming! There are many developments up ahead, like the ability to play with your hand alone or to interact with your controller without actually touching it. A 3D camera that keeps track of 22 points on your hand is on the horizon, so that you can use the natural movement of your hand to control different aspects of a game. Imagine being able to spin a roulette wheel with a simple gesture or wave your hand to fold or bet at a virtual poker table! Keep reading our pages for more ground breaking online casino developments!

Augmented Reality

Virtual reality and virtual reality headsets are already being used at some casinos, but just a step ahead is Augmented Reality. Instead of being confined to staring into a computer screen, Augmented Reality provides the illusion of a reality influenced by all the senses. Imagine playing casino games online and being surrounded by the sounds and lighting effects or seeing the dealer come through the screen to sit next to you! It will take time before these new technological advances become our every day reality but one thing’s for sure, in the near future players can expect an even more thrilling and fulfilling gambling experience.