September 21, 2017

Swedish online casino

Swedish Online Casino Revenue up by 3%

The Swedish Gambling Authority released figures that revealed the country’s market revenue is up by a massive 3% in the first half of the year.

Also documented in the statistics were the rise of ‘unregulated’ online gaming which had doubled since the same time last year.

Update of Online Casino Laws

To prevent any disarray and ensure Swedish betters are gaming in a safe and secure environment, the government will be updating the country’s gambling laws where gambling operators from around the world will need to hold a licence to do business within the country, which can be expected to be in place by 2019.

This will give Swedish online Casino users more of selection to choose from when it comes to overseas online casinos such as those from Denmark and the UK who can offer new and competitive promotions and bonuses to the player.

Reading into the break-down of the statistics, regulated online casino sites took in SEK8.4 billion, which is similar to last years’ takings.

The unregulated gambling operators managed to pull in a sizeable SEK2.7 billion in revenue, which is up 17% from last years’ figures alone.

Online Casino Capital

With the popularity of online casinos growing rapidly in Sweden, speculation is rife that Sweden will become the online casino capital of the world and attract gambling operators from across the world.

Given the fact the Swedes are particularly tech savvy, this may be a factor for the high usage of online gambling and a separation from land casinos. Online gambling content is heavily advertised within Sweden from foreign operators. Given the fact many online gaming websites are now mobile friendly friendly, this means the busy and technical minded Swedes can play some of their favourite games like online poker on the go.

Swedish television is also dense with online gambling advertising, with statistics proving that 10% of ads shown on Swedish television are from a foreign gambling operator.

On top of these figures, it was revealed that within a Swedish household, 2.3% of the income is spent on a state-run gambling market.

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